NEA Data Bank Nuclear Data Services: NRDC

The Nuclear Reaction Data Centres Network (NRDC)

The NEA Data Bank provides nuclear data services as part of the Nuclear Reaction Data Centres Network (NRDC). This is a world-wide co-operation of nuclear data centres, under the auspices of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

More information about the NRDC and recent status of EXFOR compilations can be found on:

The NRDC objectives and tasks are to:

  • compile experimental nuclear data and bibliographic information;
  • collect evaluated nuclear data;
  • exchange nuclear data of all types with other data centres;
  • promote the development of special purpose evaluated data files;
  • develop common formats for computerised exchange of nuclear data;
  • co-ordinate the development of computer software for managing and disseminating nuclear data;
  • document current and future data needs in order to be able to meet changing user demands.

The NRDC includes two types of data centres:

  • Core centres provide co-ordinated, worldwide customer services covering the entire range of nuclear data services. Data compiled and collected at these centres is exchanged on a regular basis and therefore is identical in content (to within a few weeks);
  • Specialised centres provide an essential complement to the core centres by assuming responsibility for the collection and dissemination of data of a specialised type or application. These centres do not normally provide the entire range of services offered by the core centres.
Core nuclear data centres
Centre name Location Service scope
NDS logo NDSIAEA Nuclear Data Section Vienna IAEA member countries, in particular, developing countries
NEA logo NEADB OECD/NEA Data Bank Paris NEA Data Bank member countries
NNDC logo NNDCUS National Nuclear Data Center Brookhaven United States of America and Canada
CJD logo CJDRussian Nuclear Data Center Obninsk Countries of the former Soviet Union
Specialised nuclear data centres
Centre name Location
*The data centre has no specific nuclear data website, hence a link to the host institute is provided.
CAJaDNuclear Structure and Nuclear Reaction Data Centre Moscow
CDFECentre for Experimental Photonuclear Data Moscow
CIAEChinese Nuclear Data Centre* Beijing
ATOMKINuclear Data Group of the ATOMKI Institute* Debrecen
JCPRGJapan Charged-Particle Nuclear Reaction Data Group Sapporo
RFNCAll Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics - VNIIEF Sarov
JAEA NDCNuclear Data Center of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency Tokai-mura
UkrNDCUkrainian Nuclear Data Center Kiev
KAERINuclear Data Center of the Korean Atomic Energy Institute Taejon

Last reviewed: 10 March 2017