Working Party on International Nuclear Data Evaluation Co-operation (WPEC)

The NEA's nuclear data evaluation co-operation activities involve the following evaluation projects: ENDF (United States), JENDL (Japan), ROSFOND/BROND (Russia), JEFF (other Data Bank member countries) and CENDL (China) in close co-operation with the Nuclear Data Section of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The working party was established to promote the exchange of information on nuclear data evaluations, measurements, nuclear model calculations, validation, and related topics, and to provide a framework for co-operative activities between the participating projects. The working party assesses nuclear data improvement needs and addresses these needs by initiating joint evaluation and/or measurement efforts.

WPEC mandate (last updated January 2020):

Chair: Osamu IWAMOTO (JAEA, Japan)

WPEC meetings

Expert Groups

 B Recommended Definition of a General Nuclear Database Structure GNDS-1.9 (2020)
  Chair: D. Brown  
 C High Priority Request List (HPRL)  
  Chair: E. Dupont  


 50 Developing an Automatically Readable, Comprehensive and Curated Experimental Reaction Database Status: Starting
  Co-ordinators: A. Lewis and D. Neudecker
Monitor: A. Koning
 49 Reproducibility in Nuclear Data Evaluation Status: Ongoing
  Co-ordinators: D. Rochman and M. Herman
Monitors: D. Brown, O. Iwamoto and A. Koning
 48 Advances in Thermal Scattering Law Analysis Status: Ongoing
  Co-ordinator: G. Noguère
Monitor: A. Hawari
 47 Use of Shielding Integral Benchmark Archive and Database for Nuclear Data Validation Status: Ongoing
  Co-ordinator: I. Kodeli
Monitors: O. Cabellos, L. Leal
 46 Efficient and Effective Use of Integral Experiments for Nuclear Data Validation Status: Ongoing
  Co-ordinators: M. Salvatores and G. Palmiotti
Monitors: A. Plompen and M. Herman
 45 Validation of Nuclear Data Libraries (VaNDaL) Project Status: Ongoing
  Co-ordinators: M. White and D. Bernard
Monitor: A. Trkov
 44 Investigation of Covariance Data in General Purpose Nuclear Data Libraries Status: Closing
  Co-ordinators: V. Sobes and C. de Saint Jean  
 43 Code infrastructure to support a modern general nuclear database (GND) structure Status: Closing
  Co-ordinators: J. Conlin and C. Mattoon
Monitor: F. Malvagi
 42 Thermal Scattering Kernel S(α,β): Measurement, Evaluation and Application Volume 42 (2020)
  Co-ordinator: G. Noguère
Monitor: A. Hawari
 41 Improving nuclear data accuracy of Am-241 and Np-237 capture cross-sections Volume 41 (2020)
  Co-ordinator: H. Harada   
 40 Collaborative International Evaluated Library Organisation (CIELO) Pilot Project Volume 40 (2019)
  Co-ordinator: M. Chadwick   
 39 Methods and approaches to provide feedback from nuclear and covariance data adjustment
 for improvement of nuclear data files
Status: Closed
  Co-ordinators: G. Palmiotti and M. Salvatores   
 38 Beyond the ENDF format: A modern nuclear database structure Status: Closed
  Co-ordinator: D. McNabb   
 37 Improved fission product yield evaluation methodologies Status: Closed
  Co-ordinator: R.W. Mills   
 36 Evaluation of experimental data in the resolved resonance region Status: Closed
  Co-ordinator: P. Schillebeeckx   
 35 Scattering angular distribution in the fast energy range Status: Closed
  Co-ordinator: T. Kawano   
 34 Coordinated evaluation of Plutonium-239 in the resonance region Volume 34 (2014)
  Co-ordinator: C. De Saint-Jean   
 33 Methods and issues for the combined use of integral experiments and covariance data Volume 33 (2013)
  Co-ordinators: G. Palmiotti and M. Salvatores   
 32 Unresolved resonance treatment for cross section and covariance representation Volume 32 (2011)
  Co-ordinator: L. Leal   
 31 Meeting nuclear data needs for advanced reactor systems Volume 31 (2014)
  Co-ordinator: H. Harada   
 30 Improvement of accessibility and quality of the EXFOR database Volume 30 (2011)
  Co-ordinator: A. Koning   
 29 Uranium-235 capture cross section in the keV to MeV energy region Volume 29 (2011)
  Co-ordinator: O. Iwamoto   
 28 Processing of covariance data in the resonance region Volume 28 (2020)
  Co-ordinator: M. Dunn   
 27 Prompt photon production from fission products Status: Completed
  Co-ordinator: R. Jacqmin   
 26 Uncertainty and target accuracy assessment for innovative systems using recent covariance data evaluations Volume 26 (2008)
  Co-ordinator: M. Salvatores   
 25 Assessment of fission product decay data for decay heat calculations Volume 25 (2007)
  Co-ordinator: T. Yoshida   
 24 Covariance data in the fast neutron region Volume 24 (2011)
  Co-ordinator: M. Herman   
 23 Evaluated data library for the bulk of the fission products Volume 23 (2009)
  Co-ordinator: P. Oblozinsky   
 22 Nuclear data for improved LEU-LWR reactivity predictions Volume 22 (2006)
  Co-ordinator: A. Courcelle   
 21 Assessment of neutron cross-section evaluations for the bulk of fission products Volume 21 (2005)
  Co-ordinator: P. Oblozinsky   
 20 Covariance matrix evaluation and processing in the resonance region Volume 20 (2006)
  Co-ordinator: T. Kawano   
 19 Activation cross-sections Volume 19 (2005)
  Co-ordinator: A. Plompen   
 18 Epithermal capture of Uranium-235 Volume 18 (1999)
  Co-ordinator: C. Lubitz   
 17 Status of pseudo-fission product cross-sections for fast reactors Volume 17 (1998)
  Co-ordinator: H. Gruppelaar   
 16 Effects of shape differences in the level densities of three formalisms on calculated cross-sections Volume 16 (1998)
  Co-ordinators: C.Y. Fu and M. Chadwick   
 15 Cross-section fluctuations and self-shielding effects in the unresolved resonance region Volume 15 (1995)
  Co-ordinator: F. Fröhner   
 14 Processing and validation of intermediate energy data files Volume 14 (2000)
  Co-ordinator: A. Koning   
 13 Intermediate energy data Volume 13 (1998)
  Co-ordinators: A. Koning and T. Fukahori  
 12 Nuclear models to 200 MeV for high-energy data evaluations Volume 12 (1998)
  Co-ordinator: M. Chadwick   
 11 Subgroup cancelled  
 10 Evaluation method of inelastic scattering cross-sections for weakly absorbing fission-product nuclides Volume 10 (2001)
  Co-ordinator: M. Kawai   
 9 Fission neutron spectra Volume 9 (2003)
  Co-ordinator: D. Madland   
 8 Present status of minor actinide data Volume 8 (1999)
  Co-ordinator: T. Nakagawa and H. Takano   
 7 Nuclear data standards Volume 7 (2006)
  Co-ordinator: A. Carlson   
 6 Delayed neutron data Volume 6 (2002)
  Co-ordinator: A. d'Angelo   
 5 Plutonium-239 fission cross-section between 1 and 100 keV Volume 5 (1994)
  Co-ordinator: E. Fort   
 4 Uranium-238 capture and inelastic cross-sections Volume 4 (1999)
  Co-ordinator: M. Baba   
 3 Actinide data in the thermal range Volume 3 (1994)
  Co-ordinator: H. Tellier and H. Weigmann   
 2 Generation of covariance files for Iron-56 and natural Iron Volume 2 (1994)
  Co-ordinator: H. Vonach   
 1 Comparison of evaluated data for Chromium-52, Iron-56 and Nickel-58 Volume 1 (1992)
  Co-ordinator: C.Y. Fu   

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