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Database Description
Evaluated data
Evaluated data
Contains a large number of evaluated data libraries, including the latest version of JEFF, JENDL, ENDF/B, BROND, CENDL and many more, see detailed description on the JANIS webpage. All evaluated libraries in original ENDF format are available from the NEA repository.
Experimental data EXFOR
Experimental data
Contains neutron-induced, as well as charged-particle and photon-induced experimental data. In addition to storing the data and its bibliographic information, experimental information, including source of uncertainties, is also compiled.
Bibliographic data
The Computer Index of Nuclear Data contains bibliographical references to measurements, calculations, reviews and evaluations of neutron and charged particle reactions and other microscopic data; it includes cross-references to the EXFOR data base of numerical reaction data.
Nuclear structure data
The Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File database contains evaluated structure information, including nuclear level properties, radiations, radioactive decay, and reaction data for all known nuclides. For masses A ≥ 45, this information is documented in the Nuclear Data Sheets; for A < 45 ENSDF is based on compilations published in the journal Nuclear Physics.
Nuclear structure data
The NUclear DATa database contains evaluated data of adopted levels and gammas, ground and metastable state properties, nuclear half-lives, decay radiations, thermal neutron cross-section data, and resonance integrals.
Bibliographic data
The Nuclear Science References database contains bibliographic information on low and intermediate energy nuclear physics, covering the period 1910 to the present.

* ENSDF, NUDAT and NSR databases are hosted by the National Nuclear Data Center, BNL, USA.

Last reviewed: 10 March 2016