Nuclear Data Services by Data Type

Nuclear Reaction Data

Evaluated Data

Evaluated data sets are produced through the process of critical comparison, selection renormalization and averaging of the available experimental data, normally complemented by nuclear model calculations.

Evaluated libraries are files of evaluated data which, appropriately processed, form the input data to computations for a wide variety of nuclear science and technology applications. Each of these evaluated libraries may consist of individual evaluated data sets for several hundred isotopes or elements. An index with descriptions of available evaluated nuclear data general and special purpose libraries is found on the link below:

Experimental Data

EXFOR is the name given to the database containing experimental reaction data. In addition to storing the data and it's bibliographic information, experimental information, including source of uncertainties, is also compiled.

The data presently included in the EXFOR database include:

Bibliographic Data

Bibliographic reaction data are entered into the CINDA database.

Nuclear Structure Data

Nuclear structure data refer to the properties of single nuclei, as opposed to reaction data which deals with the properties of a nucleus interacting with radiation or another nucleus.

Numerical Data

Numerical data related to nuclear structure are available in the ENSDF and NUDAT databases.

Bibliographic Data

Bibliographic information on nuclear structure is found in the NSR database. The experimental and evaluated information stored in the numerical databases, such as NUDAT and ENSDF, have been compiled on the basis of the result of experiments and reviews published in a variety of scientific journals and reports. The bibliographic databases contain cross references between the information stored in the numerical databases and the original articles on which these data are based.

Last reviewed: 10 March 2016