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April 2024 Meetings, Hybrid meeting (Zoom, NEA Boulogne-Billancourt)

effdoc-1536 Measurement of fast neutron and photon spectra in the Tungsten mockup experiment at FNG A. Klix Monday 22 Fusion
effdoc-1537 Progress on Fe 56 evaluation H. Sjostrand Monday 22 Fusion
effdoc-1538 Progress Report on neutron-induced alpha-emission analysis V. Avrigeanu Monday 22 Fusion
effdoc-1539 Progress report on deuteron-induced reaction analysis M. Avrigeanu Monday 22 Fusion
effdoc-1540 Neutron NRT- and arc-dpa- displacement cross-sections for JEFF-4 A. Konobeev Monday 22 Fusion
effdoc-1541 R-matrix based evaluation of the Be10 system: status and developments H. Leeb Monday 22 Fusion
effdoc-1542 Preliminary study for a conceptual layout of a concrete shielding experiment D. Flammini Monday 22 Fusion
effdoc-1543 Testing of JEFF 4.0 T3 for fusion applications by JADE A. Bittesnich Monday 22 Fusion
effdoc-1544 S/U analysis of KFK iron sphere neutron and gamma benchmark I. Kodeli Monday 22 Fusion
jefdoc-2308 Nuclear data needs for molten chloride fast reactor design N. Linden Tuesday 23 Experiments
jefdoc-2309 Advances in the analysis of the PETALE program T. Ligonnet Tuesday 23 Experiments
jefdoc-2310 Status of the cross section measurements: 7Li(d,x)3H/7Be for High Priority Request List D. Koliadko Tuesday 23 Experiments
jefdoc-2311 Status of radiation-induced material damage development at NPI M. Ansorge Tuesday 23 Experiments
jefdoc-2312 Thermal Scattering Law Data of Zirconium Hydride I. Svajger Tuesday 23 TSL
jefdoc-2313 ENDF TSL generation from NCrystal: preliminary results J. Marquez Damian Tuesday 23 TSL
jefdoc-2314 Research Status of the Thermal Neutron Scattering Libraries for H2O, D2O H. Hyun Tuesday 23 TSL
jefdoc-2315 UO2 measurements with the VESUVIO detector at ISIS from room to 1700 K G. Noguere Tuesday 23 TSL
Processing & Machine Learning
jefdoc-2316 Feedbacks on Processing and Benchmarking for JEFF4-T3 O. Cabellos De Francisco Tuesday 23 Processing & Machine Learning
jefdoc-2317 Exploring TensorFlow for EXFOR database Evaluation R. Kunitomo Tuesday 23 Processing & Machine Learning
jefdoc-2318 Multigroup processing issue: U237, Am241 T. Gaines Tuesday 23 Processing & Machine Learning
jefdoc-2319 Reactivity loss and isotopic concentrations vs BU by using JEFF-4T3 and beyond D. Bernard Tuesday 23 Depletion
jefdoc-2320 Impact of JEFF4 test libraries on Post-Irradiated Experiments V. Vallet Tuesday 23 Depletion
jefdoc-2321 JEFF-4T3 and JEFF-4T3.0 burnup benchmarking R. Ichou Tuesday 23 Depletion
jefdoc-2322 Library comparaisons for a pincell model F. Malvagi Tuesday 23 Depletion
jefdoc-2323 Reinvestigation of the FRLDM: macroscopic and microscopic aspects D. Blondeau-Patissier, Azam Tuesday 23 Theory
jefdoc-2324 What can expect from microscopic calculations on k_eff ? D. Rochman Tuesday 23 Theory
jefdoc-2325 Modeling complex features in the fission of light actinides with GEF K. Schmidt Tuesday 23 Theory
jefdoc-2326 Realistic fission transmission coefficients in the statistical Hauser-Feshbach theory T. Kawano Tuesday 23 Theory
Decay Data
jefdoc-2327 Current status of decay data for JEFF 4 X. Mougeot Wednesday 24 Decay Data
jefdoc-2328 Beta shape studies for reactor applications A. Algora Wednesday 24 Decay Data
jefdoc-2329 Prospects for the 12C(n,cp) double-differential cross section measurement at high energies at n_TOF E. Pirovano Wednesday 24 Radioprotection
jefdoc-2330 What can spallation models offer between 20 and 200 MeV? J. David Wednesday 24 Radioprotection
jefdoc-2331 Radioprotection and medical applications: EURADOS benchmark for testing nuclear models M. Petit Wednesday 24 Radioprotection
jefdoc-2332 CCRI activities for fast and high energy neutron metrology A. Zimbal Wednesday 24 Radioprotection
ND Uncertainties
jefdoc-2333 Sensitivity/Uncertainty Core Analysis Using Stochastic Sampling J. Malec Wednesday 24 ND Uncertainties
jefdoc-2334 Nuclear data uncertainty quantification for the GU3 burnup sample L. Fiorito Wednesday 24 ND Uncertainties
jefdoc-2335 Uncertainty Quantification of Spent Fuel with Multifidelity Monte Carlo A. Alba_Jacas Wednesday 24 ND Uncertainties
jefdoc-2336 Fission yield uncertainty on the decay heat of a PWR UOx fuel pin using JEFF4T3.0 A. Brassart Wednesday 24 ND Uncertainties
jefdoc-2337 Towards an Extended Evaluation of C12 G. Bailey Wednesday 24 Evaluations
jefdoc-2338 Update of INDEN evaluation of structural materials R. Capotenoy Wednesday 24 Evaluations
jefdoc-2339 Developments of Dataeplorer for Nuclear Reaction Data in EXFOR and ENDF Formats S. Okumura Wednesday 24 Evaluations
jefdoc-2341 Actinides and fission products evaluations G. Noguere Wednesday 24 Evaluations
jefdoc-2342 Progress on Fe 56 evaluation H. Sjostrand Wednesday 24 Evaluations
jefdoc-2343 Adjustment of U & Pu isotopes for the JEFF4T3 library D. Rochman Wednesday 24 Evaluations
jefdoc-2344 SINBAD - Shielding Integral Benchmark Archive and Database O. Buss Thursday 25 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2345 On the Impact of the Fission Product Yield Data on PWR characteristics with Burnup A. Trkov Thursday 25 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2346 Benchmarking of JEFF4T3.0 using MORET6 R. Ichou Thursday 25 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2347 Feedback on AMPX processing and benchmarking of JEFF-4T3 using SCALE A. Jimenezcarrascosa Thursday 25 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2348 JEFF-4T3 Benchmarking with the ANSWERS codes T. Ware Thursday 25 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2349 Library comparaisons for natural elements F. Malvagi Thursday 25 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2350 First benchmarking results for JEFF-4t3 J. Bartos Thursday 25 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2351 Comparing JEFF-4T3 & ENDF/B-VIII.3 applied to molten salt experiment design in the JHR P. Cartercortez Thursday 25 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2352 Benchmarking of JEFF4T3 for fast reactor systems N. Garciaherranz Thursday 25 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2353 Feedback on Processing and Benchmarking for JEFF4-T3 C. Jouanne Thursday 25 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2354 Fast critical assembly benchmarking at AWE T. Gaines Thursday 25 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2355 ICSBEP Serpent Repository A. Holcomb Thursday 25 Benchmarking
JEFF-4 Status
jefdoc-2356 Proposals for JEFF-4 proton library A. Stankovskiy Thursday 25 JEFF-4 Status
jefdoc-2357 JEFF-4T3: Feedbacks and future plans D. Foligno Thursday 25 JEFF-4 Status
jefdoc-2358 JEFF Resources D. Foligno Thursday 25 JEFF-4 Status
jefdoc-2359 JEFF-4 Status + Discussion A. Plompen Thursday 25 JEFF-4 Status
Summary Record
jefdoc-2360 Summary record meeting April 2024 D. Foligno

November 2023 Meetings, Hybrid meeting (Zoom, NEA Boulogne-Billancourt)

effdoc-1518 Progress Report on neutron-induced activation evaluation and alpha-emission analysis V. Avrigeanu Monday 27 Fusion
effdoc-1519 Progress report on deuteron-induced reaction analysis M. Avrigeanu Monday 27 Fusion
effdoc-1520 Initial evaluation of triple alpha production from C12 G. Bailey Monday 27 Fusion
effdoc-1521 Proton activation data files for Ca, Cr, Fe, Ni, and Cu A. Konobeev Monday 27 Fusion
effdoc-1522 Data assimilation using Serpent2 and shielding benchmarks M. Hursin Monday 27 Fusion
effdoc-1523 Integral adjustment and fine structure treatment for fusion evaluations H. Sjostrand Monday 27 Fusion
effdoc-1524 Experimental benchmarking at JET in DTE2 with ITER materials L. Packer Monday 27 Fusion
effdoc-1525 Overview of JSI's fusion nuclear data benchmarking activities B. Kos Monday 27 Fusion
effdoc-1526 Feasibility of nuclear measurements in the Diagnostic Slim Cassette P. Filliatre Monday 27 Fusion
effdoc-1527 Status of radiation-induced material damage studies under the WPBB at NPI CAS M. Ansorge Monday 27 Fusion
effdoc-1528 Report on neutronics experiments at FNG D. Flammini Monday 27 Fusion
effdoc-1529 Measurements using VERDI detectors in the ENEA tungsten shielding benchmark experiment I. Stamatelatos Monday 27 Fusion
effdoc-1530 Spectra and reaction rates measurement on FNG tungsten mock-up assembly E. Novak Monday 27 Fusion
effdoc-1531 WPBB: Analysis of the Tungsten Shielding Benchmark H. Chohan Monday 27 Fusion
effdoc-1532 R-matrix based evaluation of neutron-induced reactions of Be9 H. Leeb Monday 27 Fusion
effdoc-1533 Validation of prompt gamma in Research Centre Rez E. Novak Monday 27 Fusion
effdoc-1534 Uncertainty in C-14 production from oxygen isotopes P. Kanth Monday 27 Fusion
effdoc-1535 UKAEA EUROfusion 2023 tasks - SUSD3D/XSUN-2023 I. Kodeli Monday 27 Fusion
Nuclear Data Uncertainties
jefdoc-2257 Nuclear data uncertainty propagation to reactivity feedbacks using conditional estimators L. Fiorito Tuesday 28 Nuclear Data Uncertainties
jefdoc-2258 Impact of statistical error and sensitivity coefficient correlations on the sandwich rule S. Panizo Tuesday 28 Nuclear Data Uncertainties
jefdoc-2259 SUSD3D/XSUN-2023 neutron/gamma sensitivity-uncertainty code package I. Kodeli Tuesday 28 Nuclear Data Uncertainties
jefdoc-2260 Processing of covariance matrix on resonance parameters P. Sole Tuesday 28 Nuclear Data Uncertainties
Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2261 Impact of TSL on the CREOLE benchmark V. Jaiswal Tuesday 28 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2262 Open discussion on TSL formats J. Marquezdamian Tuesday 28 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2263 SiC for reactor applications: from MF7 to ACE D. Roubtsov Tuesday 28 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2264 Thermal Scattering Law Data of Zirconium Hydride I. Svajger Tuesday 28 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2265 Progress in the analytical treatment of the resonance up-scattering effects A. Bengoechea_Fernandez Tuesday 28 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2266 ORNL TSL evaluations for polyethylene, polystyrene, and lucite K. Ramic Tuesday 28 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2267 Recent experiment on neutron-induced light-ion production in Cr and Fe at GANIL-NFS D. Tarrio Tuesday 28 Experiments
jefdoc-2268 New cross section measurements on Fe performed at GELINA G. Gkatis Tuesday 28 Experiments
jefdoc-2269 PETALE transmission experiments: First C/E comparison betweeen JEFF-3.3 and INDEN with SERPENT2 T. Ligonnet Tuesday 28 Experiments
jefdoc-2270 HARVEST-X: from analysis to reproduction of PETALE V. Lamirand Tuesday 28 Experiments
jefdoc-2273 VENUS-F: overview of the activities and experimental program F. Grimaldi Tuesday 28 Experiments
Feedbacks from Industry
jefdoc-2274 Summary of validation results using WIMS/PANTHER N. Slosse Wednesday 29 Feedbacks from Industry
jefdoc-2275 JEFF4-T2 impact on industrial simulations S. Ravaux Wednesday 29 Feedbacks from Industry
jefdoc-2276 Feedback on Processing and Benchmarking for JEFF4-T3. Tests on gamma production C. Jouanne Wednesday 29 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2277 Proposed Bi-209 file and its impact on MYRRHA A. Stankovskiy Wednesday 29 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2278 Important findings for the validation of nuclear data using the JEFF benchmarks suite V. Defrance Wednesday 29 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2279 Preliminary JEFF-4T3.0 benchmarking at IRSN R. Ichou Wednesday 29 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2280 JEFF-4T2- Iron spheres of diam. 20,30,50,100cm used for spatial and energy dependence analyse B. Jansky Wednesday 29 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2281 Fast spectrum reactivity worth measurements in STEK S. Vandermarck Wednesday 29 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2282 Benchmarking burnup calculations F. Malvagi Wednesday 29 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2283 Preliminary JEFF-4T3.0 burnup benchmarking R. Ichou Wednesday 29 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2284 Depletion benchmarking of test libraries on a 3x3 pin-cell model J. Malec Wednesday 29 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2285 Impact of JEFF4 test-libraries on PIE (isotopic concentrations and decay heat) V. Vallet Wednesday 29 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2286 The Duke IRPhE benchmark for depletion reactivity S. Vandermarck Wednesday 29 Benchmarking
Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2287 Olivier Bouland Memorial CEA Team Wednesday 29 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2288 Evaluations in the RRR beyond JEFF-4.0 S. Kopecky Wednesday 29 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2289 Developments of REST APIs and data retrieval interfaces for nuclear reaction expeirmental data S. Okumura Wednesday 29 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2290 BRC-evaluation for n+238U P. Romain Wednesday 29 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2291 Evaluation of actinide's resonance parameters using integral and energy dependent data M. Hursin Wednesday 29 Evaluation Methods
Fission Observables
jefdoc-2292 First experimental determination of the second-chance fission probability B. Fraisse Thursday 30 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2293 Multi-chance fission in the FIFRELIN code : application to the 235U(n,xnf) reaction M. Sabathe Thursday 30 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2294 New 235U(nth,f) mass yield measurement with the LOHENGRIN spectrometer A. Chebboubi Thursday 30 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2295 Fission Yields Evaluations of 239Pu Thermal Neutron Induced Fission: Proposal for JEFF-4T3 O. Serot Thursday 30 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2296 Test and Validation of new JEFF4T3 propositions for thermal neutron induced fission yields G. Kessedjian Thursday 30 Fission Observables
Decay Data
jefdoc-2297 TAGS data impact in decay heat calculations A. Algora Thursday 30 Decay Data
jefdoc-2298 Beta-decay of fission fragments with total absorption gamma-ray spectroscopy at IGISOL V. Guadilla_Gomez Thursday 30 Decay Data
jefdoc-2299 Towards a new release of the radioactive decay data sub-library (JEFF-4) M. Kellett Thursday 30 Decay Data
jefdoc-2300 DDEP collaboration status S. Leblond Thursday 30 Decay Data
jefdoc-2301 DDEP and BetaShape Status X. Mougeot Thursday 30 Decay Data
jefdoc-2302 Gas production cross sections: general and Fe-56 case G. Zerovnik Thursday 30 Processing
jefdoc-2303 Feedbacks on Processing and Benchmarking for JEFF4-T3 O. Cabellos de Francisco Thursday 30 Processing
JEFF-4 Status
jefdoc-2304 Uncertainty in C-14 production from oxygen isotopes P. Kanth Thursday 30 JEFF-4 Status
jefdoc-2305 JEFF-4T3 status D. Foligno Thursday 30 JEFF-4 Status
jefdoc-2306 Session summary + Discussion A. Plompen Thursday 30 JEFF-4 Status
Summary Record
jefdoc-2307 Summary Record of the November 2023 meeting D. Foligno

April 2023 Meetings, Hybrid meeting (Zoom, NEA Boulogne-Billancourt)

effdoc-1503 Progress Report on neutron-induced alpha-emission analysis V. Avrigeanu Monday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1504 Progress report on deuteron-induced reaction analysis M. Avrigeanu Monday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1505 Triple alpha production from C12: Fusion impact and evaluation needs G. Bailey Monday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1506 Progress on Fe56 evaluation H. Sjostrandk Monday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1507 Upgrades to the DT neutron generator laboratory of TUD A. Klix Monday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1508 Covariance matrices for arc-dpa and NRT displacement cross-sections A. Konobeev Tuesday 25 Fusion
effdoc-1509 Generation of sensitivity coefficients for fusion relevant benchmarks P. Griveaux Tuesday 25 Fusion
effdoc-1510 Validation of V, Si and Ni JEFF-4T cross sections G. Zerovnik Tuesday 25 Fusion
effdoc-1511 JADE nuclear data V&V tool D. Laghi Tuesday 25 Fusion
effdoc-1512 Investigation of the sensitivities to geometric data for the FNG WCLL fusion shielding benchmark K. Ambrozic Tuesday 25 Fusion
effdoc-1513 S/U pre-analysis of FNG Tungsten benchmark I.A. Kodeli Tuesday 25 Fusion
effdoc-1514 W Shielding Experiment at FNG: Preliminary ENEA results M. Angelone Tuesday 25 Fusion
effdoc-1515 UKAEA Contribution to the WPBB Tungsten Benchmark Experiment C. Nobs Tuesday 25 Fusion
effdoc-1517 Status of radiation-induced material damage - PALS measurements M. Ansorge Tuesday 25 Fusion
jefdoc-2215 Propagation of F-19 Uncertainties in Molten Salt Reactors S. Stjarnholm Tuesday 25 Plenary
jefdoc-2216 Development of a new module for processing covariance matrices in GAIA P. Sole Tuesday 25 Plenary
jefdoc-2217 Simultaneous measurement of the Pu-239 (n,gamma) and (n,fission) reaction cross sections D. Cano-Ott Tuesday 25 Plenary
jefdoc-2218 Update on nuclear data activities at the European Spallation Source J.I. Marquez Damian Tuesday 25 Plenary
jefdoc-2219 Activities at JRC-Geel S. Kopecky Tuesday 25 Plenary
jefdoc-2220 Experimental database of isomeric ratios and theoretical models A. Rodrigo Tuesday 25 Plenary
jefdoc-2221 Nuclear data for radiation protection M. Petit Tuesday 25 Plenary
jefdoc-2222 JEFF4T2 : processing and benchmarking using TRIPOLI-4 C. Jouanne Wednesday 26 Processing
jefdoc-2223 Angular distribution: LRF7 processing trails J-C. Sublet Wednesday 26 Processing
jefdoc-2224 Feedbacks on Processing and Verification for JEFF-4T2.2 M. Gonzalez Wednesday 26 Processing
jefdoc-2225 On a curious use of MT5 (n,anything) cross section since JEFF-3.2 V. Salino Wednesday 26 Processing
jefdoc-2226 Progress on Automated, Reproducible, Verified, and Automated ND Processing at the NEA A. Holcomb Wednesday 26 Processing
jefdoc-2227 Status of the NEA pipeline D. Foligno Wednesday 26 Processing
jefdoc-2228 Processing errors in JEFF-4T2.2 D. Foligno Wednesday 26 Processing
jefdoc-2229 JADE nuclear data V&V tool A. Valentine Wednesday 26 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2230 Benchmark results for JEFF-4t2 S. van der Marck Wednesday 26 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2231 Validation of INDEN evaluations and impact on JEFF-4T development R. Capote Wednesday 26 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2232 Nuclear data S/U analysis for IAEA CRP "Neutronics benchmark of CEFR start-up tests" A. Stankovskiy Wednesday 26 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2233 JEFF-4T2 benchmarking at IRSN R. Ichou Wednesday 26 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2234 Numerical benchmarks for evaluation comparisons R. Ichou Wednesday 26 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2235 Assessment of JEFF-4T2.2 performance for SFR simulation via data adjustment techniques A. Jimenez Carrascosa Wednesday 26 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2236 Towards benchmarking nuclear data on reactor models M. Hursin Wednesday 26 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2237 JEFF-4T2 Benchmarking with the ANSWERS codes T. Ware Wednesday 26 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2238 On the use of SEFOR experiments for testing JEFF4T2 N. Garcia Herranz Wednesday 26 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2239 Benchmarking and Validation with JEFF-4T2.2 M. Astigarraga Wednesday 26 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2240 The Neutrons For Science Facility X. Ledoux Thursday 27 Experiments
jefdoc-2241 Measurement of secondary gamma spectra using well moderated assembly T. Czakoj Thursday 27 Experiments
jefdoc-2242 Recently performed and planned experiments at CERN n_TOF A. Mengoni Thursday 27 Experiments
jefdoc-2243 Transport benchmark experiments using 252Cf source - Case of Fe, Cu,Ni M. Schulc Thursday 27 Experiments
jefdoc-2244 NACRE project, cross section measurements and evaluation M. Kerveno Thursday 27 NACRE
jefdoc-2245 NACRE project, fission yields measurements and evaluation O. Serot Thursday 27 NACRE
jefdoc-2246 NACRE project, decay data measurements and evaluation M. Fallot Thursday 27 NACRE
Fission Observables
jefdoc-2247 Update of 235U(nth,f) independent fission yield evaluation and news on 239Pu(nth,f) IFY G. Kessedjian Thursday 27 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2248 FALSTAFF@NFS : 235U(n,f) fission fragment characteristics D. Doré Thursday 27 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2249 The Fission Program at VAMOS++ D. Ramos Doval Thursday 27 Fission Observables
Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2250 JEFF-4.0 GNDS and hybrid forms J-C. Sublet Thursday 27 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2251 Progress on actinide evaluations G. Noguere Thursday 27 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2252 A new BRC evaluation for n+235U P. Romain Thursday 27 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2253 Evaluation methods A. Gook Thursday 27 Evaluation Methods
JEFF-4 Status
jefdoc-2254 The evolution of JEFF-4T2 D. Foligno Thursday 27 JEFF-4 Status
jefdoc-2255 Status of JEFF4 A. Plompen Thursday 27 JEFF-4 Status
Summary Record
jefdoc-2256 Summary Record of the April 2023 meeting D. Foligno

November 2022 Meetings, Hybrid meeting (Zoom, NEA Boulogne-Billancourt)

jefdoc-2170 Assessment of potential nuclear data biases through data assimilation using integral experiments A.J. Carrascosa Monday 21 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2171 Impact of new evaluations on MYRRHA neutronics A. Stankovskiy Monday 21 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2172 Calculation of Integral experiments with the MORET 5 code in support of the JEFF-4.0T2 nuclear data validation N. Leclaire Monday 21 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2173 Temperature dependence of reactivity: CREOLE and KRITZ benchmarks S. van der Marck Monday 21 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2174 New Data Library JEFF-4T1 experimental test by using nickel sphere and copper cube with Cf-252 B. Jansky Monday 21 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2175 Validation of Fe nuclear data using SINBAD benchmarks and neutron and gamma ND sensitivity - uncertainty analysis I. Kodeli Monday 21 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2176 H2O TSL and recent U5g/U8g AMS subthermal values impacts for depleted fuel inventory and reactivity D. Bernard Monday 21 Depletion
jefdoc-2177 Calculation parameters vs data in burnup calculations J. Malec Monday 21 Depletion
jefdoc-2178 Impact of JEFF4-T2 new data for reactivity calculations with burnup R. Ichou Monday 21 Depletion
jefdoc-2179 Impact of angular distributions in (alpha,n) neutron source calculations O. Bouland Monday 21 Depletion
Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2180 Improved TSL for light water based on recent time-offlight measurements at the SEQUOIA spectrometer V. Jaiswal Monday 21 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2181 Status of the WPEC/SG-48 activities G. Noguère Monday 21 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-21782 Status of the Am-241(n,g)Am-242g e1periment at JSI TRIGA reactor G. Zerovnik Tuesday 22 Experiments
jefdoc-2183 Cross section measurements of neutron elastic scattering on 54Fe G. Gkatis Tuesday 22 Experiments
jefdoc-2184 Status of radiation induced material damage experiments at NPI M. Ansorge Tuesday 22 Experiments
jefdoc-2185 The n_TOF NEAR Station for irradiation and activation measurements A. Mengoni Tuesday 22 Experiments
jefdoc-2186 Updated INDEN evaluations R. Capote Tuesday 22 Evaluations
jefdoc-2187 239Pu new evaluation P. Romain and H. Chau Tuesday 22 Evaluations
jefdoc-2188 New EXFOR parser and the IAEA-NDS website development S. Okumura Tuesday 22 Evaluations
jefdoc-2189 U238 RRR evaluation S. Kopecky Tuesday 22 Evaluations
jefdoc-2190 Status of actinides evaluations G. Noguère Tuesday 22 Evaluations
jefdoc-2191 Fitting the 235U fission cross section using Reich Moore formalism extended to fission O. Bouland Tuesday 22 Evaluations
Radioprotection and Dosimetry
jefdoc-2192 Eurados and WG6 C. Villagrasa Tuesday 22 Radioprotection and Dosimetry
jefdoc-2193 High energy MC models - potential impact on neutron dosimetry V. Mares Tuesday 22 Radioprotection and Dosimetry
jefdoc-2194 Nuclear data needs M. Petit Tuesday 22 Radioprotection and Dosimetry
Nuclear Data Uncertainties
jefdoc-2195 Impact of various source of covariance information on integral parameters uncertainty M. Hursin Wednesday 23 Nuclear Data Uncertainties
jefdoc-2196 ND uncertainties and adjustments using deterministic and Monte-Carlo methods and PWR measurements V. Salino Wednesday 23 Nuclear Data Uncertainties
jefdoc-2197 Assessment of FY covariances for JEFF-4.0 L. Fiorito Wednesday 23 Nuclear Data Uncertainties
jefdoc-2198 Toward a new 238U (n,inl) evaluation F. Claeys Wednesday 23 Nuclear Data Uncertainties
Fission Observables
jefdoc-2199 Prompt fission observable characteristics for a wide range of fissioning systems calculated by TALYS S. Okumura Wednesday 23 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2200 Prompt fission neutron spectra in the 235U(n,f) reaction B. Mauss Wednesday 23 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2201 Accurate delayed neutron yield measurements for U235, U233 and Pu239 in the thermal energy range P. Leconte Wednesday 23 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2202 Benchmarking of fission yield evaluations based on summation calculations and DN yield measurements D. Belverge Wednesday 23 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2203 Status on the 235U(nth,f) FY evaluation : tests and validations G. Kessedjian Wednesday 23 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2204 New accurate measurements of 235U (nth, f) mass yields on LOHENGRIN spectrometer M. H. Quenault Wednesday 23 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2205 Test of models for isotopic yield evaluation and their impact on the covariance analysis S.M. Cheikh Wednesday 23 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2206 First results on 235U(n_th,f) independent isotopic fission yields using prompt gamma rays at FIPPS P. Herran Wednesday 23 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2207 Mass yields evaluation of 239Pu(nth,f): preliminary results O. Serot Wednesday 23 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2208 The UK fission product yield database - progress towards release R. W. Mills Wednesday 23 Fission Observables
JEFF-4 Status
jefdoc-2209 Summary of the sessions A. Plompen Wednesday 23 JEFF-4 Status
jefdoc-2210 JEFF-4 evolution: from JEFF-3.3 to JEFF-4T2 D. Foligno Wednesday 23 JEFF-4 Status
jefdoc-2211 Processing files with LRF7 option for the reconstruction of the MF4, pros and cons O. Cabellos Thursday 24 Processing
jefdoc-2212 Format validation of the ENDF files in JEFF libraries with a new tool G. Schnabel Thursday 24 Processing
jefdoc-2213 NEA Processing Pipeline: ENDF-utility codes, NJOY, and PREPRO D. Foligno Thursday 24 Processing
jefdoc-2214 NEA Processing Pipeline: AMPX A. Holcomb Thursday 24 Processing
effdoc-1487 Progress report on deuteron-induced reaction analysis M. Avrigeanu Thursday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1488 Progress report on neutron-induced alpha-particle emission analysis V. Avrigeanu Thursday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1489 Spectrometry and reaction rate measurement at the WCLL mock-up in FNG Frascati June2022 E. Novak Thursday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1490 Status of the Tungstene-Shielding Experiment at FNG M. Angelone Thursday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1491 VERDI detectors for the tungsten shield benchmark I. E. Stamatelatos Thursday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1492 Feasibility assessment for BB nuclear detector invessel integration P. Filliatre Thursday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1493 Status report on the neutron-induced light-ion production measurements at NFS A. Prokofiev Thursday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1494 Sensitivity analysis for a breeder blanket mock-up experiment using multi-step simultaneous sampling J. Malec Thursday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1495 Proton activation data files for targets from C to P A. Konobeev Thursday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1496 Progress of decay2020 library developement G. Bailey Thursday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1497 Validation of Fe nuclear data using SINBAD benchmarks and neutron and gamma ND sensitivity - uncertainty analysis I. Kodeli Thursday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1498 Gamma flux sensitivity and uncertainty analysis I. Kodeli Thursday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1499 R-matrix analysis of neutron-induced reactions of Be9 H. Leeb Thursday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1500 Evaluation of Fe56 H. Sjostrand Thursday 24 Fusion
Summary Record
jefdoc-2363 Summary record meeting November 2022 D. Foligno

April 2022 Meetings, Hybrid meeting (Zoom, Château de La Muette)

jefdoc-2116 Integral experiments at VENUS A. Kochetkov Monday 25 Experiments
jefdoc-2117 New integral experiments in LR-0 Rez M. Kostal Monday 25 Experiments
jefdoc-2118 Integral experiments at the JSI Triga reactor L. Snoj Monday 25 Experiments
jefdoc-2119 Simulation of radiation damage in W, Mo, Fe using high energy protons, fission, and fusion neutrons O. Ogorodnikova Monday 25 Experiments
Nuclear Data Uncertainties
jefdoc-2120 SANDY application to JEFF-4.0 L. Fiorito Monday 25 ND Uncertainties
jefdoc-2121 Impact of nuclear data uncertainties for advanced reactors N. Garcia-Herranz Monday 25 ND Uncertainties
jefdoc-2122 Towards an exact Bayesian inference of the prompt fission neutron observables D. Regnier Monday 25 ND Uncertainties
Fission Observables
jefdoc-2123 Isomeric ratio measurements with the LOHENGRIN spectrometer A. Chebboubi Monday 25 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2124 Recent progress of TALYS for the description of fission observables S. Okumura Monday 25 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2125 Overview of the results obtained within the SOFIA experimental campaigns A. Chatillon Monday 25 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2126 Recent FY evaluations with the emphasis on Cs137, Eu153 and Nd148 R. Mills Monday 25 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2127 Status on Fission Yield Evaluations for JEFF-4 O. Serot Monday 25 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2128 Impact of the new 235-U thermal fission yields evaluation and covariances on decay heat applications V. Vallet Monday 25 Fission Observables
Decay Data
jefdoc-2129 Assessment of Decay Data for reactor applications A. Algora Monday 25 Decay Data
jefdoc-2130 Beta decay of fission fragments with isomeric states: the case of 96Y V. Guadilla Gomez Monday 25 Decay Data
jefdoc-2131 DDEP workshop S. Leblond Monday 25 Decay Data
jefdoc-2132 LWRs fuel pins calculations: JEFF-x D. Bernard Monday 25 Depletion
effdoc-1471 Status of the work for neutron displacement cross-sections for JEFF-4T0 A. Konobeev Tuesday 26 Fusion
effdoc-1472 Progress report on evaluation of fast-neutron induced alpha-emission V. Avrigeanu Tuesday 26 Fusion
effdoc-1473 Progress report on analysis of deuteron-induced reactions on structural materials M. Avrigeanu Tuesday 26 Fusion
effdoc-1474 Update on decay2020 development and V&V G. Bailey Tuesday 26 Fusion
effdoc-1475 Online neutron meaurement systems in fission reactors: applicability to breeding blankets of DEMO P. Filliatre Tuesday 26 Fusion
effdoc-1476 Preparation of neutron and photon spectra measurements in the Tungsten shielding assembly A. Klix Tuesday 26 Fusion
effdoc-1477 Status of the Tungsten shielding experiment M. Angelone Tuesday 26 Fusion
effdoc-1478 Measurements of neutron-induced light-ion production at NFS (progress report) A. Prokofiev Tuesday 26 Fusion
effdoc-1479 Justification of Fe(n,a) measurement, XSUN news I. A. Kodeli Tuesday 26 Fusion
effdoc-1480 Validation of JEFF-4T evaluations for isotopes of V and Si using fusion shielding benchmarks G. Zerovnik Tuesday 26 Fusion
effdoc-1481 Effect of He production due to fusion neutrons on T retention in W and Eurofer O. Ogorodnikova Tuesday 26 Fusion
effdoc-1482 Compatibility of the MCNP code with deuteron libraries and the parameterization for breakup reaction V. Lopez Ochoa Tuesday 26 Fusion
jefdoc-2133 Processing and bechmarking of JEFF40T1, JENDL5 and TENDL21 libraries with TRIPOLI-4 Monte Carlo Code C. Jouanne Tuesday 26 Processing
jefdoc-2134 JEFF-4.0T1 processing trails and landmarks J-C. Sublet Tuesday 26 Processing
Theory and Models
jefdoc-2135 Determination of scattering kernels in KeV energy range R. Dagan Tuesday 26 Theory and Models
jefdoc-2136 Charged-particle optical potentials proved besides the stability line V. Avrigeanu Tuesday 26 Theory and Models
jefdoc-2137 Analysis of the deuteron activation of neutron-rich Mo nuclei M. Avrigeanu Tuesday 26 Theory and Models
jefdoc-2138 Feedback on 239-Pu neutron-induced cross sections from recent work below 12MeV O. Bouland Tuesday 26 Theory and Models
jefdoc-2139 Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis for MYRRHA L. Fiorito Wednesday 27 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2140 Feedback on JEFF-4T1 on a selection of critical experiments N. Leclaire Wednesday 27 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2141 V&V of JEFF-4T and FENDL-3.2a iron cross sections against shielding benchmarks/td> I. A. Kodeli Wednesday 27 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2142 V&V of JEFF-4.0T1 by means of JADE software M. Fabbri Wednesday 27 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2143 First results of criticality safety benchmark calculations using JEFF-4T1 S. van der Marck Wednesday 27 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2144 Processing and benchmarking of the JEFF-4T1 library in the frame of SCALE Code System A. Jimenez Carrascosa Wednesday 27 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2145 HMT11: Feedback on JEFF-4T0 and JEFF-4T1 G. Noguere Wednesday 27 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2146 Analysis of the ESFR model with JEFF-4T1 F. Alvarez Velarde Wednesday 27 Benchmarking
Machine Learning
jefdoc-2147 Lasso Monte Carlo for Nuclear Data Uncertainty Propagation in Burn-up Calculations A. Jacas Arnau Wednesday 27 Machine Learning
jefdoc-2148 Bayesian Data Fusion of Imperfect Fission Yields J. Pei Wednesday 27 Machine Learning
jefdoc-2149 Automated Bayesian network generation for large scale evaluations G. Schnabel Wednesday 27 Machine Learning
jefdoc-2150 Teaching the nuclear data pipeline within GRE@T-PIONEeR EU/H2020 project O. Cabellos Wednesday 27 Machine Learning
Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2151 Thermal scattering law for Hydrogen Fluoride V. Jaiswal Wednesday 27 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2152 Thermal Scattering Law Calculations at University of Sharjah I. Alqasir Wednesday 27 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2153 Mixed elastic format for ZrH2 G. Noguere Wednesday 27 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2154 On Possible Gaps in Nuclear Data for MSR Applications: mostly TSL D. Roubtsov Wednesday 27 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2155 Development of thermal scattering kernels for sodium hydroxide E. Klinkby Wednesday 27 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2156 Advances in cold moderator scattering kernel development at the European Spallation Source D. Dijulio Wednesday 27 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2157 New mathematical platform for a better insight of the physical phenomena regarding TSL R. Dagan Wednesday 27 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2158 NCrystal - release 3.0 announcement T. Kittelmann Wednesday 27 Thermal Scattering Law
Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2159 n_TOF resonance parameters in ENDF-6 format E. Dupont Thursday 28 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2160 New evaluations for Fe, Cr and Cu from INDEN R. Capote Thursday 28 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2161 ND Evaluation work at IRSN L. Leal Thursday 28 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2162 Summary of recent revision of the 238-Pu low-energy neutron cross sections O. Bouland Thursday 28 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2163 A TALYS based evaluation system for the fast energy range - application to Fe56 H. Sjostrand Thursday 28 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2164 JEFF-4.0T1 verification processes on the ENDF-6 form J-C. Sublet Thursday 28 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2165 Status of REFIT T. Ware Thursday 28 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2166 R-matrix based description of reactions in light nuclear systems: account of non-binary channels H. Leeb Thursday 28 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2167 RRR evaluation for U-238 and Mo S. Kopecky Thursday 28 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2168 Xe-135g thermal neutron cross sections - presentation A. Plompen Thursday 28 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2169 Xe-135g thermal neutron cross sections - report A. Plompen Thursday 28 Evaluation Methods
Summary Record
jefdoc-2362 Summary record meeting April 2022 D. Foligno

November 2021 Meetings, Hybrid meeting (Zoom, Château de La Muette)

Fission Observables
jefdoc-2053 JRC Geel : nuclear fission research at GELINA and MONNET S. Oberstedt Monday 22 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2054 New results on prompt gamma-rays multiplicity V. Piau Monday 22 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2055 Evaluation of fission product yields and their covariance matrices S. Chiba Monday 22 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2056 Test of models for isotopic yields evaluation S. M. Cheikh Monday 22 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2057 Prompt fission neutron of 239Pu : new high accuracy measurement of nubar and PFNS J. Taieb Monday 22 Fission Observables
jefdoc-2058 Recent experiments at ILL for measuring delayed neutrons induced by thermal fission B. Geslot Monday 22 Fission Observables
Nuclear Data Uncertainties
jefdoc-2059 Mathematical verification of JEFF-3.3 and ENDF/B-VIII.0 covariance data I. Kodeli Monday 22 Nuclear Data Uncertainties
jefdoc-2060 WPNCS SG7-10 activities on nuclear data uncertainty estimation on depletion calculations for the ARIANE GU3 benchmark R. Ichou Monday 22 Nuclear Data Uncertainties
jefdoc-2061 Impact of JEFF-3.3, ENDF/B-VIII.0 and JENDL-4.0 uncertainties on PIE isotopic compositions and decay heat D. Rochman Monday 22 Nuclear Data Uncertainties
jefdoc-2062 WPEC/SG46 TAR exercise: preliminary results O. Cabellos Monday 22 Nuclear Data Uncertainties
jefdoc-2063 Decay Heat: ND uncertainty propagation (methodology, impact of FY correlations and focus on the 239Np/endf/Decay Data) and CLAB experimental validation D. Bernard Monday 22 Nuclear Data Uncertainties
Decay Data
jefdoc-2064 The BetaShape code to calculate accurate beta and neutrino spectra and their usefulness for JEFF X. Mougeot Monday 22 Decay Data
jefdoc-2065 Advances in beta spectra measurements at the LNHB S. Leblond Monday 22 Decay Data
jefdoc-2066 The future JEFF-4 Radioactive Decay Data sub-library M.A. Kellett Monday 22 Decay Data
jefdoc-2067 TAGS measurements for reactor applications: recent results A. Algora Monday 22 Decay Data
jefdoc-2068 TAGS measurements and neutrino applications M. Fallot Monday 22 Decay Data
jefdoc-2069 Beta-delayed neutrons: IAEA CRP and reference database V. Dimitriou Monday 22 Decay Data
jefdoc-2070 Opening remarks M. Kerveno Tuesday 23 Experiments
jefdoc-2071 16O(n,alpha) and nat-Fe transmission experiments at nELBE A. Junghans Tuesday 23 Experiments
jefdoc-2072 Inelastic measurements with GAINS and GRAPhEME at GELINA A. Negret Tuesday 23 Experiments
jefdoc-2073 Review of new transmission and capture data available for JEFF4 S. Kopecky Tuesday 23 Experiments
jefdoc-2074 The lastest n-TOF measurements for JEFF and prospects D. Cano-Ott Tuesday 23 Experiments
jefdoc-2075 Am-241 neutron activation measurements at JSI TRIGA reactor G. Zerovnik Tuesday 23 Experiments
Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2076 INDEN evaluation of major actinides: U-235, U-238, U-233, and Pu-239 R. Capote Tuesday 23 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2077 Evaluation at IRSN L. Leal Tuesday 23 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2078 Nuclear data evaluation with Bayesian networks G. Schnabel Tuesday 23 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2079 New TENDL/JEFF evaluations for the isotopes of Ag, Pm, Eu and Lu A. Koning Tuesday 23 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2080 JRC Geel evaluation work S. Kopecky Tuesday 23 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2081 n_TOF data available for JEFF-4 E. Dupont Tuesday 23 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2082 The recent ENDF/B-VIII efforts D. Brown Tuesday 23 Evaluation Methods
jefdoc-2083 JEFFlab evaluations G. Noguere Tuesday 23 Evaluation Methods
Machine Learning
jefdoc-2084 Opening remarks O. Cabellos Tuesday 23 Machine Learning
jefdoc-2085 EXFOR and outliers A. Koning Tuesday 23 Machine Learning
jefdoc-2086 Using ML and various integral responses to identify unconstrained physics spaces in nuclear data D. Neudecker Tuesday 23 Machine Learning
jefdoc-2087 Using Gaussian Processes for the evaluation of Fe-56 H. Sjöstrand Tuesday 23 Machine Learning
jefdoc-2088 Deep Learning applied to capture cross section data analysis A. Sanchez-Caballero Tuesday 23 Machine Learning
jefdoc-2089 Using Neural approaches to refine photo-reaction section evaluation R. D. Lasseri Tuesday 23 Machine Learning
jefdoc-2090 Calculation of the kritz-LWR-RESR-004 benchmark with MORET 5 CODE N. Leclaire Wednesday 24 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2091 Testing of the JEFF-3.3 with IRPhEP/LWR KRITZ Benchmark O. Cabellos Wednesday 24 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2092 Selection of Pu239 and TSL for JEFF-4.0, based on random sampling and criticality benchmarks D. Rochman Wednesday 24 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2093 Updates to the NEA Nuclear Data and Sensitivity Tool (NDaST) I. Hill Wednesday 24 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2094 Observations based on benchmarking results for JEFF-4T0 S. Van der Marck Wednesday 24 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2095 Nuclear data recommendations from sensitivity calculations done in EURAD EU project F. Alvarez Velarde Wednesday 24 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2096 Nuclear data for chloride fast reactors T. Taylor Wednesday 24 Benchmarking
jefdoc-2097 Impact of Doppler calculation in SEFOR Benchmark due to the differences between JEFF-3.3 and JEFF-3.1.1 A.Jiménez-Carrascosa Wednesday 24 Benchmarking
Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2098 Thermal Scattering Cross-Sections for Hydrogen Fluoride V. Jaiswal Wednesday 24 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2099 NJOY+NCrystal: Update of the Code and Thermal Scattering Library J. I. Marquez Damian Wednesday 24 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2100 Thermal Neutron Scattering Evaluation for Polyethylene from RPI/ORNL/ESS K. Ramic Wednesday 24 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2101 Thermal Scattering Law activities at CEA/DES Cadarache G. Noguere Wednesday 24 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2102 WPEC Subgroup (SG) 48: Advances in Thermal Scattering Law Analysis A.Hawari Wednesday 24 Thermal Scattering Law
jefdoc-2103 Nuclear reaction modelling of neutron scattering on fissile targets R. Capote Wednesday 24 Theory
jefdoc-2104 Nuclear level density constraints (and the neutron resonance rabbit hole) G. Nobre Wednesday 24 Theory
jefdoc-2105 DRC modeling for nuclear data evaluations A. Mengoni Wednesday 24 Theory
jefdoc-2106 Modeling of direct and pre-equilibrium reactions : focus on spin distributions M. Dupuis Wednesday 24 Theory
jefdoc-2107 Processing of JEFF ND libraries for the SCALE Code System and testing with criticality experiments A. Jimenez-Carrascosa Thursday 25 Processing
jefdoc-2108 Nuclear Data Processing Code FRENDY Version 2 K. Tada Thursday 25 Processing
jefdoc-2109 Processing covariances for WPEC/SG46 TAR Exercise O. Cabellos Thursday 25 Processing
jefdoc-2110 On the use of Bayesian Model Averaging in nuclear data evaluations E. Alhassan Thursday 25 Processing
jefdoc-2111 Comparison of Burnup Calculations for ND Validation Activities O. Cabellos Thursday 25 Depletion
jefdoc-2112 Investigations on the kinf results with burnup using recent JEFF libraries R. Ichou Thursday 25 Depletion
jefdoc-2113 The huge (and unknown) 135mXe(n,gamma) xs and the 239Pu(n_th,f)153Eu FY in JEFF-4.0 (and JEFF-3.3) and their impact on LWR-Xe poisoning peak and on the reactivity loss versus burnup respectively D. Bernard Thursday 25 Depletion
jefdoc-2114 Impact of new INDEN evaluations in depletion A. Trkov Thursday 25 Depletion
JEFF-4 Status
jedoc-2115 JEFF survey results & status A. Plompen Thursday 25 JEFF-4 Status
. Summary Experiments session M. Kerveno Thursday 25 JEFF-4 Status
. Summary Fission Observables session O. Serot Thursday 25 JEFF-4 Status
. Summary Decay-Data session A. Algora / M. Kellet Thursday 25 JEFF-4 Status
. Summary ND Uncertainties session R. Ichou / C. De Saint Jean Thursday 25 JEFF-4 Status
. Summary Evaluation Methods session D. Rochman / L. Leal Thursday 25 JEFF-4 Status
. Summary Machine Learning session O. Cabellos Thursday 25 JEFF-4 Status
. Summary Benchmarking session N. Leclaire Thursday 25 JEFF-4 Status
. Summary Thermal Scattering Law session J. I. Marquez Damian Thursday 25 JEFF-4 Status
. Summary Theory session S. Hilaire Thursday 25 JEFF-4 Status
. Summary Processing session O. Cabellos Thursday 25 JEFF-4 Status
. Summary Depletion session D. Bernard Thursday 25 JEFF-4 Status
. Summary Fusion session D. Leichtle Thursday 25 JEFF-4 Status
JEFF Fusion + EUROFusion
effdoc-1452 Progress report on evaluation of deuteron-induced reaction data for 98,100Mo, and alpha emission data M. Avrigeanu Wednesday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1453 Improved modelling of alpha-particle emission spectra in nucleon induced reactions A. Konobeev Wednesday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1454 Benchmarking of Fe-56 evaluations at EPFL M. Hursin Wednesday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1455 Progress on evaluation of Fe 56 H. Sjöstrand Wednesday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1456 Beta Spectra Library: Applicability and Applications for Fusion G. Bailey Wednesday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1457 R-matrix description of light nuclear systems including breakup H. Leeb Wednesday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1458 Measurement of tritium production rates in a neutronics mockup of the WCLL breeding blanket A. Klix Wednesday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1459 ND-related fusion activities at JSI in 2021 G. Zerovnik Wednesday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1460 The WCLL experiment : final results M. Angelone Wednesday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1461 SUSD3D/XSUN-2021 updates and verification of JEFF-3.3 and ENDF/B-VIII.0 covariance data I. Kodeli Wednesday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1462 FNG-WCLL benchmark: possible reasons for 197Au vs. 186W(n,g) C/E discrepancies from a S/U point of view I. Kodeli Wednesday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1463 Pre-analysis of the tungstene shielding experiment D. Flammini Wednesday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1464 FNG-W benchmark: S/U pre-analysis of Configurations 5 and 6 I. Kodeli Wednesday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1465 Neutron beams at the NFS facility: first runs and experiences A. Prokofiev Wednesday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1466 Neutron flux measurements in the BB P. Filliatre Wednesday 24 Fusion
effdoc-1467 Analysis of neutron-induced alpha-emission on isotopes of interest with A~90 (Zr, Nb, Mo) V. Avrigeanu Wednesday 24 Fusion
Summary Record
jefdoc-2361 Summary record meeting November 2021 D. Foligno

April 2021 Meetings, via Zoom

JEFF Fusion + EUROFusion
effdoc-1447 Evaluation of H-emission beyond TALYS-2.0 in deuteron interaction with structural materials Marilena AVRIGEANU ROMANIA Apr. 2021
effdoc-1448 Alpha-emission consistent analysis of interest for Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, and Zn activation evaluations Vlad AVRIGEANU ROMANIA Apr. 2021
effdoc-1449 R-matrix formalism of Glöckle type for three-body channels Helmut LEEB AUSTRIA Apr. 2021
effdoc-1445 Gaussian Processes for treatment of model defects in the fast energy range. Henrik SJOSTRAND SWEDEN Apr. 2021
effdoc-1444 Benchmarking of the Tantalum evaluated neutron data Stanislav SIMAKOV GERMANY Apr. 2021
effdoc-1446 Evaluation of fission products yields for n+Ta-181 reaction at energies up to 200 MeV Alexander KONOBEEV GERMANY Apr. 2021
effdoc-1443 Beta-Neutrino Spectra from complex nuclear inventories Greg BAILEY UNITED KINGDOM Apr. 2021
effdoc-1439 Tritium production rate measurement in the WCLL blanket mockup Axel KLIX GERMANY Apr. 2021
effdoc-1440 Results of WCLL mock-up experiment Davide FLAMMINI ITALY Apr. 2021
effdoc-1442 Measurements of neutron-induced light-ion production at NFS (progress report) Alexander PROKOFIEV SWEDEN Apr. 2021
effdoc-1441 Preliminary assessment of the TENDL-2021 beta deuteron library Patrick SAUVAN SPAIN Apr. 2021
effdoc-1450 SINBAD cross-section benchmarking activities Ivo KODELI UK Apr. 2021
effdoc-1451 Material damage studies Mitja MAJERLE CZECH REPUBLIC Apr. 2021
JEFF Plenary
jefdoc-2047 A theoretical challenge to the ternary fission based on antisymmetrized molecular dynamics Satoshi CHIBA JAPAN Apr. 2021
jefdoc-2033 Nuclear Data activity at CEA/BRC and the road to JEFF-4 Cyrille DE SAINT JEAN FRANCE Apr. 2021
jefdoc-2046 Atomic scale Monte-Carlo simulations of neutron diffraction experiments on UO2 up to 1664 K Shuqi XU FRANCE Apr. 2021
jefdoc-2035 Thermal scattering cross section developments at IRSN Vaibhav JAISWAL FRANCE Apr. 2021
jefdoc-2036 Towards an exact Bayesian inference of nuclear data David REGNIER FRANCE Apr. 2021
jefdoc-2037 Need of precise nuclear structure data for reactor studies: a NEEDS/NACRE initiative. Greg HENNING FRANCE Apr. 2021
jefdoc-2038 235U(nth,f) fission yield evaluation Gregoire KESSEDJIAN FRANCE Apr. 2021
jefdoc-2039 Normalization of 16O(n,a) CS data based on the measurement at GELINA Sebastian URLASS GERMANY Apr. 2021
jefdoc-2040 The new O-16, Fe-56 and Rh-103 files Luiz Carlos LEAL FRANCE Apr. 2021
jefdoc-2034 The new oxygen file Arjan PLOMPEN EC/JRC Apr. 2021
JEFF Processing, Verification, Benchmarking and Validation
jefdoc-2041 Overview of Processing, Verification and Benchmarking activities at UPM Oscar CABELLOS SPAIN Apr. 2021
jefdoc-2045 Scattering kernels in view of different applications Ron DAGAN GERMANY Apr. 2021
jefdoc-2042 Verification of free atom scattering cross sections Jose Ignacio MARQUEZ DAMIAN ARGENTINA Apr. 2021
jefdoc-2043 Burn-up calculations using VESTA 2.2 on the UAM pin cell benchmark Raphaelle ICHOU FRANCE Apr. 2021
jefdoc-2044 Validation of iron cross sections using PCA replica shielding benchmarks Ivo KODELI UK Apr. 2021
jefdoc-2048 JADE, a test suite for fusion libraries Marco FABBRI F4E Apr. 2021
jefdoc-2049 Dragon pin-cell calculations with JEFF libraries Mathieu HURSIN SWITZERLAND Apr. 2021
jefdoc-2050 Calculations with Pu-239 files Tim WARE UK Apr. 2021
jefdoc-2051 PST-034 : What may be learned from a closer look? Arjan PLOMPEN EC/JRC Apr. 2021
Summary Record
jefdoc-2052 Summary record meeting April 2021 D. Foligno

November 2020 Meetings, via Zoom

JEFF Fusion + EUROFusion
effdoc-1421 Status of the WCLL mock-up at FNG Maurizio ANGELONE ENEA ITALY Nov.2020
effdoc-1422 Tritium production rate measurements in the WCLL breeder blanket mockup Axel KLIX KIT GERMANY Nov.2020
effdoc-1423 Activation Foil Measurements and analysis of WCLL Experiment Chantal NOBS UKAEA UNITED KINGDOM Nov.2020
effdoc-1424 Measurement of the 17O(n,p17N) cross section at FNG Mario PILLON ENEA ITALY Nov.2020
effdoc-1425 Simulation of fusion neutron damage in tungsten, molybdenum and iron Olga OGORODNIKOVA MEPHI RUSSIA Nov.2020
effdoc-1426 Calculated and Measured Spectra of 14 MeV Neutron Generator Evzen NOVAK CVR CZECH REPUBLIC Nov.2020
effdoc-1427 Progress report on development for setup for gas-production measurements Alexander PROKOFIEV Uppsala University SWEDEN Nov.2020
effdoc-1428 Development of thick-target correction algorithms in nuclear data measurements Erik ANDERSSONSUNDEN Uppsala University SWEDEN Nov.2020
effdoc-1429 Updates for decay_2020 library Olga VILKHIVSKAYA UKAEA UNITED KINGDOM Nov.2020
effdoc-1430 Progress Report on evaluation of fast-neutron induced alpha emission data Vlad AVRIGEANU NIPNE ROMANIA Nov.2020
effdoc-1431 Progress Report on evaluation of deuteron-induced reaction data of structural materials Marilena AVRIGEANU NIPNE ROMANIA Nov.2020
effdoc-1432 TENDL 2017 library processing: 211 groups neutron uncertainty file and ACE deuteron files Patrick SAUVAN UNED SPAIN Nov.2020
effdoc-1433 Summary of Task PMI-7.4-T003 Dimitri ROCHMAN PSI SWITZERLAND Nov.2020
effdoc-1434 R-matrix method for the evaluation of neutron-induced reaction of light nuclei: Three-body channels Helmut LEEB TU Wien AUSTRIA Nov.2020
effdoc-1435 SUSD3D S/U code updates Ivan-Alexander KODELI IJS SLOVENIA Nov.2020
effdoc-1436 Status of the n+181Ta evaluation Alexander KONOBEEV KIT GERMANY Nov.2020
effdoc-1437 New evaluation methods addressing model defects and data inconsistency Henrik SJOSTRAND Uppsala University SWEDEN Nov.2020
effdoc-1438 Status and benchmarking of the deuteron induced H-3 and Be-7 production cross sections in Lithium Stanislav SIMAKOV KIT GERMANY Nov.2020
JEFF Processing, Verification, Benchmarking and Validation
jefdoc-2005 Conception and implementation of a nuclear data evaluation pipeline Georg SCHNABEL IAEA UN Nov.2020
jefdoc-2010 Criticality and shielding benchmarks using JEFF-3.3, ENDF/B-VIII, JENDL-4.0, TENDL-19 and CENDL-3.2 Cedric JOUANNE CEA FRANCE Nov.2020
jefdoc-2012 An introduction to GitLab and its features Daniela FOLIGNO NEA OECD Nov.2020
jefdoc-2015 Importance of using different integral benchmarks to provide valuable feedback to the evaluation process Oscar CABELLOS UPM SPAIN Nov.2020
jefdoc-2016 Results for the PCA Pressure Vessel Facility Benchmark Steven C. VAN DER MARCK NRG NETHERLANDS Nov.2020
jefdoc-2017 On the use of criticality and depletion benchmarks for verification of nuclear data Luca FIORITO SCK-CEN BELGIUM Nov.2020
jefdoc-2020 A Continuous-Integration approach for the management, processing and benchmarking of nuclear data evaluations Franco MICHEL-SENDIS NEA OECD Nov.2020
jefdoc-2021 Demo of the Phase I Isotopic V&V pipeline in GitLab Daniela FOLIGNO NEA OECD Nov.2020
jefdoc-2022 Integral Performance of Improved INDEN evaluations Andrej TRKOV IJS SLOVENIA Nov.2020
jefdoc-2024 Propagation of nuclear data uncertainties to fuel cycle studies Aris VILLACORTA SKARBELI CIEMAT SPAIN Nov.2020
jefdoc-2025 Highlighting the need of differential and integral data for Hf, Mo and Pb in criticality safety Nicolas LECLAIRE IRSN FRANCE Nov.2020
JEFF Plenary
jefdoc-2002 Influence of detailed presentation of energy dependence of angular distributions in RRR on integral observables in fast neutron systems Vladimir PRONYAEV - RUSSIA Nov.2020
jefdoc-2003 Evaluation of covariance data by T6 Satoshi CHIBA Tokyo Tech JAPAN Nov.2020
jefdoc-2004 Analog simulation and kinematics of gamma cascades Camilo CORDERO RAMIREZ CEA FRANCE Nov.2020
jefdoc-2006 Status of TENDL and its role for JEFF-4 Arjan KONING IAEA UN Nov.2020
jefdoc-2007 Discussion of isotopic FY correlation assessment based on the JEFF libraries Gregoire KESSEDJIAN CEA FRANCE Nov.2020
jefdoc-2008 New evaluation work by IRSN in JEFF-4T0 Luiz Carlos LEAL IRSN FRANCE Nov.2020
jefdoc-2009 New evaluation work by CEA in JEFF-4T0 Gilles NOGUERE CEA FRANCE Nov.2020
jefdoc-2011 Oxygen transmission measurement at nELBE Arnd JUNGHANS HZDR GERMANY Nov.2020
jefdoc-2013 UK Fission Yield database and review of important nuclides Robert W. MILLS NNL UNITED KINGDOM Nov.2020
jefdoc-2014 JEFF-3.3 uncertainties on PIE samples Dimitri ROCHMAN PSI SWITZERLAND Nov.2020
jefdoc-2018 The contents of JEFF-4T0 neutron test library Daniela FOLIGNO NEA OECD Nov.2020
jefdoc-2019 Announcement of WONDER-2021 Olivier SEROT CEA FRANCE Nov.2020
jefdoc-2023 Measurement of (n,xng) reactions on high activity actinides with GRAPhEME at GELINA Francois CLAEYS CEA - IN2P3/IPHC FRANCE Nov.2020

April 2020 Meetings, via Zoom

jefdoc-2001 Summary record of the JEFF Co-ordination Group Franco Michel-Sendis NEA OECD April 2020
jefdoc-2000 VESTA-2.2 burnup calculations using JEFF-3.3 Raphaelle Ichou IRSN France April 2020
jefdoc-1999 Testing JEFF-3.3 in full core calculations on plant data using WIMS/panther Christophe Schneidesch Tractebel Belgium April 2020
jefdoc-1998 Pu-239 JEFF-3.3 data trends in MONK10 benchmark calculations Tim Ware Jacobs UK April 2020
jefdoc-1997 Overview of shielding and kinetics benchmarks suitable for ND validation Ivo Kodeli UKAEA UK April 2020
jefdoc-1996 UOX and MOX single fuel pins depletion trends with JEFF-3.2 and 3.3 David Bernard CEA France April 2020
jefdoc-1995 On General ND requirements for depletion calculation Gasper Zerovnik JRC EC April 2020
jefdoc-1994 Target Accuracy Assessment for MYRRHA Pablo Romojaro SCK CEN Belgium April 2020
jefdoc-1993 Overview of the implemented workflow for JEFF-4 files selection and testing using GitLab Daniela Foligno NEA OECD April 2020
jefdoc-1992 Scope status and perspectives of ND V&V at NEA Data Bank Franco Michel-Sendis NEA OECD April 2020
jefdoc-1991 Feedbacks on JEFF-3.3 Evaluation Oscar Cabellos UPM Spain April 2020

November 2019 Meetings, NEA Headquarters, Paris, France

JEFDOC-1990 Summary Record of the JEFF CG meeting Franco Michel-Sendis NEA OECD Nov. 2019
JEFDOC-1989 On DB/NDS testing and benchmarking proposed programme Franco Michel-Sendis NEA OECD Nov. 2019
JEFDOC-1988 Intercomparison of criticality benchmarking Isabelle Duhamel IRSN France Nov. 2019
JEFDOC-1987 P&V of JEFF-3.3 by using FRENDY code Oscar Cabellos UPM Spain Nov. 2019
JEFDOC-1986 V&V framework for fusion nuclear data and analysis Dieter LEICHTLE KIT Germany Nov. 2019
JEFDOC-1985 On Vesta 2.2 depletion calculations Raphaelle ICHOU IRSN France Nov. 2019
JEFDOC-1984 Gamma production for inelastic scattering using TRIPOLI-4, MCNP and PHITS Camilo CORDERO-RAMIREZ CEA France Nov. 2019
JEFDOC-1983 Measurement of the C-13 absorption cross section via neutron irradiation and AMS Robert Mills NNL UK Nov. 2019
JEFDOC-1982 235 U(nth,f) Fission Yield evaluation - status and perspectives Gregoire KESSEDJIAN LPSC France Nov. 2019
JEFDOC-1981 Experimental validation of TSL Gilles NOGUERE CEA France Nov. 2019
JEFDOC-1980 Iterative Bayesian Monte Carlo for nuclear data evaluation Erwin ALHASSAN PSI Switzerland Nov. 2019
JEFDOC-1979 Potential use of FIFRELIN for future evaluations in JEFF-4 Olivier SEROT CEA France Nov. 2019
JEFDOC-1978 Advanced modeling of neutron induced reactions on actinides Roberto CAPOTE IAEA UN Nov. 2019
JEFDOC-1977 Neutron inelastic scattering: what can we learn from microscopic models Marc DUPUIS CEA France Nov. 2019
JEFDOC-1976 Towards more reliable evaluations on the basis of microscopic models Stephane GORIELY ULB BELGIUM Nov. 2019
JEFDOC-1975 Introduction to the modeling session Stephane HILAIRE CEA France Nov. 2019
JEFDOC-1974 Welcome, status of the JEFF-3.3 paper and JEFF-4.0 Arjan PLOMPEN JRC EC Nov. 2019

April 2019 Meetings, NEA Headquarters, Paris, France

JEFDOC-1973 Summary Record of the JEFF Co-ordination Group meeting Franco Michel-Sendis NEA OECD April 2019
JEFDOC-1972 The new TENDL-2019 nuclear data library Dimitri Rochman PSI Switzerland April 2019
JEFDOC-1971 Decay heat calculations with JEFF Lydie Giot Subatech France April 2019
JEFDOC-1970 PVBV development platform for JEFF-4 Luca Fiorito SCK-CEN Belgium April 2019
JEFDOC-1969 Validation of actinide nuclear data based on reactivity worth experiments in a UO2-LWR spectrum Pierre Leconte CEA France April 2019
JEFDOC-1968 Comparison of JEFF-3.3 and ENDF/B-VIII.0 in PWR simulations Agustin Ardura UPM Spain April 2019
JEFDOC-1967 Nuclear data improvements requested for reactor dosimetry applications Nicolas Thiollay CEA France April 2019
JEFDOC-1966 Estimation method of the sensitivity coefficients using linear regression Ryota Katano JAEA Japan April 2019
JEFDOC-1965 Measurement of the nud and time constants in the cold neutron induced fission of 235U at ILL Daniela Foligno CEA France April 2019
JEFDOC-1964 Hafnium data for description of criticality with safety control rod Anton Roehrmoser TU München Germany April 2019
JEFDOC-1963 Evaluations in the Resolved Resonance Range Gilles Noguere CEA France April 2019
JEFDOC-1962 Nuclear data evaluations at IRSN Luiz Leal IRSN France April 2019
JEFDOC-1961 JRC Contributions to JEFF-3.3 Stefan Kopecky JRC-Geel EC April 2019

November 2018 Meetings, NEA Headquarters, Paris, France

JEFDOC-1960 Summary Record of the JEFF Co-ordination Group meeting L. Fiorito
JEFDOC-1959 Status of Thermal Scattering in Light Water - memo J.-I. Marquez Damian
JEFDOC-1958 Status of Thermal Scattering in Light Water J.-I. Marquez Damian
JEFDOC-1957 Measurement of neutron leakage spectra from Iron spheres with Cf-252 neutron source in the centre – enlarged data for SINBAD B. Jansky
JEFDOC-1956 Shielding problems: validation against accelerator experiments in SINBAD A. Stankovskiy
JEFDOC-1955 Recent progress in the SINBAD database I.-A. Kodeli
JEFDOC-1954 Reexamining the role of the (n,γf) process in low-energy fission: application to (n + 239Pu) O. Bouland
JEFDOC-1953 WPNCS-SG3 Benchmark on the Effect of Temperature on the Keff for WPR Assemblies: UPM Preliminary Results O. Cabellos
JEFDOC-1952 Calculation of Integral experiments with the MORET 5 code in support of the JEFF-3.3 and ENDF/B-VIII.0 nuclear data validation N. Leclaire
JEFDOC-1951 JEFF Processing, Verification, Benchmarking and Validation O. Cabellos
JEFDOC-1950 Activities related to Decay Data and Fission Yields within SANDA R. Jacqmin
JEFDOC-1949 Strategy for the future fission yield evaluations O. Serot
JEFDOC-1948 Estimation of Delayed Fission Yield Covariance Informationand Corresponding Uncertainty to Improve Nuclear Data of 235U, 238U, 239Pu and 241Am T. Cordier
JEFDOC-1947 Recent results on thermal neutron induced fission yields of 241Pu with the LOHENGRIN spectrometer G. Kessedjian
JEFDOC-1946 Comparative study between experiment, evaluation and GEF K.-H. Schmidt
JEFDOC-1945 New total absorption Gamma Ray Spectroscopy and their impact M. Fallot
JEFDOC-1944 Beta decay calculations at LNHB X. Mougeot
JEFDOC-1943 Evaluation and adjustment of p+Co59 using TALYS code system E. Alhassan
JEFDOC-1942 Correlation U-Pu from measured boron letdown curve D. Rochman
JEFDOC-1941 Inelastic scattering on 232Th: measurements by gamma spectroscopy E. Party
JEFDOC-1940 Experimental validation of thermal scattering laws G. Noguere
JEFDOC-1939 Charged particle calculation with the CONRAD code C. De Saint Jean
JEFDOC-1938 Nuclear data measurements at JRC Geel S. Kopecky
JEFDOC-1937 NEA use of modern technology for the support of JEFF-4 L. Fiorito
JEFDOC-1936 TENDL approach for an evaluation of the  Ni isotopes A. Koning
JEFDOC-1935 HEIR-0.2: High-Energy Nuclear Data with Cutting Edge Models M. Fleming
JEFDOC-1934 JEFF-4, the new JEFF mandate A. Plompen

April 2018 Meetings, CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain

JEFDOC-1932 Summary Record of the JEFF Co-ordination Group meeting Franco Michel-Sendis
JEFDOC-1933 JEFF-3.3 criticality benchmarks using TRIPOLI-4 Monte Carlo code Cedric JOUANNE
JEFDOC-1931 MORET 5 integral results with JEFF-3.3 Nicolas LECLAIRE
JEFDOC-1930 JEFF-3.3 processing at IRSN Raphaelle ICHOU
JEFDOC-1929 JEFF-3.3 for GEANT4 - Implementation and verification Emilio MENDOZA
JEFDOC-1928 HEIR-0.1: a High Energy INCL-based Residual library for GeV activation with FISPACT-II Michael FLEMING
JEFDOC-1927 Fission decay heat verification and validation of JEFF-3.3, ENDF/B-VIII.0, GEFY-6.1.2 and JENDL-4.0u Michael FLEMING
JEFDOC-1926 Validation of JEFF-3.3 and ENDF/B-VIII.0 on SCK-CEN projects Alexey STANKOVSKIY
JEFDOC-1925 Updates on the NDEC verification tool Luca FIORITO
JEFDOC-1924 NEA DB Nuclear Data Services Franco Michel-Sendis
JEFDOC-1923 Summation calculations and validation with integral experiments Adrian SANCHEZ CABALLERO
JEFDOC-1922 Update on TAS measurements Alejandro ALGORA
JEFDOC-1921 Recent TAGS Results and Impact on Decay Heat and Antineutrino Spectra Muriel FALLOT
JEFDOC-1920 Discrepancy analysis on criticality benchmark results with various libraries Cedric JOUANNE
JEFDOC-1919 Analysis of the JEFF-3.3 library for the UQ of Gen-IV reactor concepts Pablo ROMOJARO
JEFDOC-1918 Iron-56, problem with the cross section in neutron energy region around 300 keV Bohumil JANSKY
JEFDOC-1917 Upgraded SEANAP-PWR core simulator with JEFF-3.3: Impact of ND uncertainties for PWR cycle operation Oscar CABELLOS
JEFDOC-1916 the impact of new evaluations on minor actinides in view of final repository investigations Ron DAGAN
JEFDOC-1915 Study of the intermediate structures in the neutron-induced fission cross section Esther LEAL CIDONCHA
JEFDOC-1914 Parameter and model effects: mixing TALYS and EMPIRE Dimitri ROCHMAN
JEFDOC-1913 Testing of resonance parameters by transmission measurements Stefan KOPECKY

November 2017 Meetings, NEA Headquarters, Paris, France

JEFDOC-1912 Summary Record of the JEFF Co-ordination Group meeting, Franco Michel-Sendis
JEFDOC-1911 ENEA-Bologna Data processing and validation activities using broad group cross section libraries, Massimo Pescarini
JEFDOC-1910 Current status of verification and processing development (NDEC), Luca Fiorito
JEFDOC-1909 Checking the resolved resonance region in EXFOR database, Gottfried Berton
JEFDOC-1908 Integral data assimilation on U235 & U238 nuclear data and impact on FCA-IX spectral indices to REAS, Virginie Huy
JEFDOC-1907 Comparison of neutron spectra measurements on Iron benchmarks , Bohumil Jansky
JEFDOC-1906 Reflector experiments in CROCUS: PETALE, Vincent Lamirand
JEFDOC-1905 MORET 5 integral results with JEFF-3.3T3, Nicolas Leclaire
JEFDOC-1904 JEFF-3.3 criticality benchmarking , Oscar Cabellos
JEFDOC-1903 Nuclear Data Adjustment based on the interpretation of PIE with the DARWIN2.3 package, Axel Rizzo
JEFDOC-1902 From fission yield measurements to evaluation: status on statistical methodology for the covariance, Brieuc Voirin
JEFDOC-1901 Resonance induced fission of 235U, Franz Josef Hambsh
JEFDOC-1900 FIPPS : Interest in Gas Filled Magnet filter for fission yields and decay data, Grégoire Kessedjian
JEFDOC-1899 The latest UKFY evaluation , Robert Mills
JEFDOC-1898 Managing Nuclear Data files as a database: NEA services in development, Franco Michel-Sendis
JEFDOC-1897 Correlations in nuclear data from integral constraints, Dimitri Rochman
JEFDOC-1896 Covariances For JEFF4, Cyrille de Saint Jean
JEFDOC-1895 Neutron Resonance Analysis for JEFF-4, Gilles Noguere
JEFDOC-1894 IRSN resonance evaluations , Luiz Leal
JEFDOC-1893 User’s Criticality Safety needs, Luiz Leal
JEFDOC-1892 (TBC) User’s Needs for fission reactors and fuel cycle, Cyrille de Saint Jean
JEFDOC-1891 JEFF user's needs for ADS, Alexey Stankovskiy
JEFDOC-1890 Nuclear data needs for fusion in the PPPT/EUROfusion programme, Ulrich Fischer
JEFDOC-1889 JEFF-4, setting the objectives, Arjan Plompen
JEFDOC-1888 A comparison of JEFF-3.3(T4), ENDF/B-VII.1 and JENDL-4.0u covariance data, Bernard Erasmus
JEFDOC-1887 Checking, processing and verification of nuclear data covariances, Oscar Cabellos
JEFDOC-1886 Potential sources of uncertainties in nuclear reaction modeling, Eric Bauge
JEFDOC-1885 239Pu: Nu uncertainties and Benchmarks, Benjamin Morillon
JEFDOC-1884 Nuclear Data in Euratom WP 2018 , Enrique Gonzalez
JEFDOC-1883 Modeling of surrogate reactions: 240Pu(a,a')240Pu*, Oliver Bouland
JEFDOC-1882 Elastic scattering cross sections measurements at GELINA, Elisa Pirovano
JEFDOC-1881 Target preparation and characterization, Goedele Sibbens
JEFDOC-1880 Influence of systematic uncertainties, Cyrille de Saint Jean
JEFDOC-1879 Fission neutrons at JRC (TAA activity) , Stephan Pomp
JEFDOC-1878 Fission Fragment measurements at IGISOL, Stephan Pomp
JEFDOC-1877 Uncertainty of critical parameters, Alexey Stankovskiy
JEFDOC-1876 Recommendations of MYRRHA-relevant nuclear data for JEFF , Alexey Stankovskiy
JEFDOC-1875 Modern statistical tools for global model assessments, Georg Schnabel
JEFDOC-1874 Development of advanced experimental techniques on spallation, Jose Benlliure
JEFDOC-1873 Measurement of (n,xn) reaction cross sections on actinides, Gilbert Belier
JEFDOC-1872 Validation of improved data libraries, Ivo Kodeli
JEFDOC-1871 TAGS results for decay heat and reactor antineutrino spectrum with DTAS (1), Victor Guadilla
JEFDOC-1870 Use of thin target stacks for neutron capture measurements, Carlos Guerrero Sanchez
JEFDOC-1869 New techniques and detectors for fission cross section measurements, Nicola Colonna
JEFDOC-1868 U-235(n,g) cross section measurement with fission tagging, Daniel Cano Ott
JEFDOC-1867 A new electron detection setup for neutron inelastic measurements, Alexandru Negret
JEFDOC-1866 Planned experiments with the Medley setup at GANIL-NFS, Diego Tarrio
JEFDOC-1865 Design Studies of a new experimental ADS facility, Marco Ripani
JEFDOC-1864 Announcing JEFF-3.3 release, Arjan Plompen
JEFDOC-1863 CHANDA TAA and SV programmes, Franz-Josef Hambsch
JEFDOC-1862 The WPEC High Priority Request List, Emmeric Dupont
JEFDOC-1861 Pile oscillations in Minerve, Pierre Leconte
JEFDOC-1860 Burn-up impact on nuclear data sensitivity and uncertainty for reactors safety, Raphaelle Ichou
JEFDOC-1859 Large scale evaluation of minor actinide cross section, Ron Dagan
JEFDOC-1858 Evaluations of Fe isotopes, Luiz Leal
JEFDOC-1857 Methods for propagating nuclear data uncertainties, Bernard Erasmus
JEFDOC-1856 Minimization of uncertainties due to the physics model, Jose Benlliure

April 2017 Meetings, OECD Headquarters, Paris, France

ReferenceTitle Name
JEF/DOC-1855 Summary Record of the JEFF Co-ordination Group meeting, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1854 Iron Nuclear Data Testing Using SINBAD Shielding Experiments I. Kodeli
JEF/DOC-1853 JEFF-4 Iron Evaluation Luiz LEAL
JEF/DOC-1852 Testing JEFF-3.3T3 in TOF Shielding Benchmarks K. Takise, O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1851 Validation of the latest JEFF and ENDF Evaluations by Iron Spheres with 14 MeV pulsed and 252Cf sources S.P. Simakov,  U. Fischer
JEF/DOC-1850 Neutron Spectra Measurement and Calculations using Data Library JEFF-4.0T0  in Iron Benchmark Assemblies B. Jansky,  J. Rejchrt and A. I. Blokhin
JEF/DOC-1849 Nuclear data feedback on structural, moderating and absorbing materials through the MAESTRO experimental programme in MINERVE Pierre Leconte
JEF/DOC-1848 Testing of JEFF-3.3T3 on the UAM single pin L. Fiorito, A. Stankovskiy
JEF/DOC-1847 Application of JEFF-3.2/JEFF-3.3T to neutronic calculations of SCK-CEN facilities A. Stankovskiy,  L. Fiorito
JEF/DOC-1846 Analysis of recent 235U and 238U evaluations using the Big Ten and LMT-006 benchmarks Bor Kos et al.
JEF/DOC-1845 Benchmarking JEFF-3.3Ti and other libraries with some criticality-safety cases D. Rochman
JEF/DOC-1844 Testing JEFF-3.3T3 in the Computational  PHASE-VII Benchmark O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1843 Testing JEFF-3.3T3 in ICSBEP Benchmarks O. Cabellos,  F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1842 Overview of NEA activities on Processing JEFF-3.3T3 O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1840 JEFF-3.3T13 Processed Covariances: Uncertainty Propagation Analysis  and Comparison J. Dyrda, O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1839 JEFF3.3T, covariances for nu and PFNS B. Morillon et al.
JEF/DOC-1838 Covariance matrices of the neutron thermal scattering law of light water for reactor applications J. P. Scotta et al.
JEF/DOC-1837 U235 Resonance Parameter Covariance Matrix for JEFF-3.3 calculated with the CONRAD code G. NOGUERE et al.
JEF/DOC-1836 Covariance matrix and cumulative fission yields of the neodymium isotopes at the thermal energy from the analysis of the PROFIL trends with the GEF results G. NOGUERE et al.
JEF/DOC-1835 157Gd and 155Gd (n,g) xs Project: From new measurements to new evaluations Federico Rocchi
JEF/DOC-1834 Developments in Nuclear Data Files Testing and Handling tools at NEA F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1833 238U JEFF3.3T1 library Why RR, UR and File3 from GEEL Impacts BIGTEN’s keff when Added to JEFF3.3T1 ? L. Leal
JEF/DOC-1832 Nuclear Data Evaluation Work at IRSN L. Leal
JEF/DOC-1830 New experiments as key to high quality neutron multiplicities F.-J. Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1829 Beta Decay Studies for Applications A. Porta
JEF/DOC-1828 Prompt Fission Gamma Spectra and Multiplicities for JEFF-3.3 O. Serot
JEF/DOC-1827 EXPERIMENAL PROGRAMME ON NUCLEAR DATA AT ILL : From Lohengrinto FIPPS spectrometers G. Kessedjian
JEF/DOC-1826 FALSTAFF SPECTROMETER: Status of development D. Doré, L. Thulliez
JEF/DOC-1825 A new UK fission yield evaluation – UKFY3.7 R.W. Mills
JEF/DOC-1824 INTEGRAAL @GELINA for inelastic scattering validation P. Leconte
JEF/DOC-1823 ZEPHYR Zero-power Experimental Physics Reactor – A new critical facility @ CEA Cadarache P. Leconte
JEF/DOC-1822 The CANDELLE project: Neutron calibration of lithium-enriched thermo-luminescent dosimeters @ PEREN for gamma-heating measurements P. Leconte
JEF/DOC-1821 SPECTRAL Project : Spectrométrie Neutronique Rapide Large Bande L. Dioni
JEF/DOC-1820 GEF - Comparison with new data K.-H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1819 Surrogate-reaction studies, present status and perspectives B. Jurado
JEF/DOC-1818 NEEDS/NACRE/EEDIN; Study of (n, xn γ) reactions. Status and prospects of the EEDIN collaboration G. Henning
JEF/DOC-1817 Recent results and perspectives using PPACs for fission measurements L. Audouin
JEF/DOC-1816 n_TOF@CERN: Recent developments, planned experiments F. Gunsing
JEF/DOC-1815 Measurements relevant for JEFF from experiments with the LICORNE neutron source J.N. Wilson
JEF/DOC-1813 NEA High Priority Request List (HPRL) for Nuclear Data E. Dupont
JEF/DOC-1812 From JEFF-3.3 to JEFF-4.0 A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1811 The NEEDS/NACRE project le Noyau Au Cœur du RéactEur M. Kerveno, C. De Saint Jean
JEF/DOC-1810 NEEDS – Preparing for a New Project Cycle R. Jacqmin, A. Bidaud

November 2016 Meetings, OECD Headquarters / NEA Headquarters, Paris, France

JEF/DOC-1809 Summary Record of the JEFF Co-ordination Group meeting, F. Michel-Sendis, NEA
JEF/DOC-1808 Re-analysis of the Copper benchmark experiment using JEFF-3.3T2 library, Maurizio ANGELONE, ENEA
JEF/DOC-1807 ASPIS-Iron88 benchmark results using different cross-section evaluations including JEFF-3.3T2, Ivo KODELI, IJS, Slovenia
JEF/DOC-1806 Restoring the 8-group delayed neutron data in JEFF-3.3, Daniela FOLIGNO, CEA Cadarache
JEF/DOC-1805 Analysis of dynamic reactivity by Monte Carlo methods: the impact of nuclear data, Andrea ZOIA, CEA Saclay
JEF/DOC-1804 Benchmarking of JEFF33T3 on experimental reactors, Pierre TAMAGNO, CEA Cadarache
JEF/DOC-1803 KAERI benchmarking for JEFF-3.3T2 (TBC), Do Heon KIM, KAERI
JEF/DOC-1802 PSI benchmarking for JEFF-3.3T2 and T2+, Dimitri ROCHMAN, PSI
JEF/DOC-1801 Use of integral experiments in support to the validation of JEFF-3.3t1 nuclear data evaluation, Nicolas LECLAIRE, IRSN
JEF/DOC-1800 JEFF-3.3T2 and new U-238, O-16 and water s(a,b) benchmarking at IRSN , Raphaelle ICHOU, IRSN
JEF/DOC-1799 Feedback on JEFF-3.3T2 using the GALILEE code, Cedric JOUANNE, CEA Saclay
JEF/DOC-1798 UKAEA Activities on Processing, Verification and Benchmarking , Michael FLEMING, UKAEA
JEF/DOC-1797 Overview of NEA activities on ICSBEP input verification, Ippei ENOKIDA, NEA
JEF/DOC-1796 Testing JEFF-3.3T2 with ICSBEP benchmarks, Oscar CABELLOS, NEA
JEF/DOC-1795 Mass yields in the heavy mass region from 239Pu(n_therm,f) reaction , Olivier SEROT, CEA Cadarache
JEF/DOC-1794 Progress Report on the GEF code,Karl-Heinz SCHMIDT
JEF/DOC-1793 Comparison of Decay Heat Estimated by Recently Available Fission Product Yield Data for Actinides, Do Heon KIM, KAERI
JEF/DOC-1792 Production and release of the new JEFF-3.3 Radioactive Decay Data Library, Mark KELLETT, CEA Saclay
JEF/DOC-1791 The new UKFY3.7/UKFY3.7A fission yield library - details and testing, Robert MILLS, UKNNL
JEF/DOC-1790 Progress towards a new international standard for storing nuclear data, Fausto MALVAGI, CEA Saclay
JEF/DOC-1789 CIELO Pu-239 data testing with NDAST tool, Ian HILL, NEA
JEF/DOC-1788 Restoring the 8-group delayed neutron data in JEFF-3.3, Pierre TAMAGNO, CEA Cadarache
JEF/DOC-1787 Neutron spectra measurement and benchmark calculations using iron CIELO data, Bohumil JANSKY, CVREZ
JEF/DOC-1786 A new proposal for WPEC SG 44, Cyrille DE SAINT JEAN, CEA Cadarache
JEF/DOC-1785 A comparison of JEFF-3.3T2 and ENDF/B-VII.1 covariance data, Bernard ERASMUS, NRG, Petten
JEF/DOC-1784 Update on JEFF-3.3 T2+ corrections, Dimitri ROCHMAN, PSI
JEF/DOC-1783 TSL evaluations from Bariloche, Jose Ignacio MARQUEZ DAMIAN, CAB, Argentina
JEF/DOC-1782 Work on JEFF-3.3 T2+ O-16 evaluation by IRSN, Luiz LEAL, IRSN
JEF/DOC-1781 JEFF-3.3T evaluations and PFNS, Benjamin MORILLON, CEA DAM
JEF/DOC-1780 The U-238 RRR/URR evaluation work from JRC-Geel, Arjan PLOMPEN, EC/JRC Geel
JEF/DOC-1779 An online tool for visualising nuclear data, Jonathan SHIMWELL, UKAEA
JEF/DOC-1778 Verification of the EXFOR and ENDF Databases, Gottfried BRETON, SCM, France
JEF/DOC-1777 EXFOR: status and new developments, overview of NEA activities. , Oscar CABELLOS, OECD NEA
JEF/DOC-1776 Overview of n-TOF measurements and data, Frank GUNSING, CEA Saclay
JEF/DOC-1775 Status of CHANDA transnational access, Franz Josef HAMBSCH, EC/JRC Geel
JEF/DOC-1774 Investigation of the fission process at JRC-Geel, Franz Josef HAMBSCH, EC/JRC Geel

April 2016 Meetings, OECD Headquarters, Paris, France

JEF/DOC-1773 Covariance information in JEFF-3.3T1, O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1772 JEFF-3.3T1 processed covariances : uncertainty propagation analysis and comparison, J. Dyrda
JEF/DOC-1771 Ni59 cross section evaluation: covariance focus, P. Helgesson
JEF/DOC-1770 Covariance work on U238, Pu239, Pu240 for JEFF-3.3, C. de Saint Jean
JEF/DOC-1769 New TAS Data for reactor antineutrino and decay heat, M. Fallot
JEF/DOC-1768 Covariance Matrix for JEFF-3.3. Hf isotopes, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1767 Study of the energy dependence of the cumulative FY of Nd isotopes with GEF for the interpretation of PROFIL experiments, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1766 Isotopic U235(n,f) FY measured with SOFIA, L. Grente
JEF/DOC-1765 GEFY Random Files, K.-H.Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1764 Generation and propagation of thermal and fast neutron induced FY covariance matrices, N. Terranova
JEF/DOC-1763 Correlations of U235(n,f) prompt neutron emission and FF properties, F.-J. Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1762 Bayesian Monte Carlo and Experimental Uncertainties, M. Fleming
JEF/DOC-1761 Summary Record of the JEFF Co-ordination Group meeting, April 2016, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1760 JEFF-3.3-T1 benchmarking and validation for criticality safety at PSI, M. Pecchia
JEF/DOC-1759 JEFF-3.3-T1 processed covariances: uncertainty propagation, analysis and comparison, J. Dyrda
Testing of JEFF-3.3T1 on the UAM single pin, L. Fiorito
Testing of JEFF-3.3t0 on the UAM single pin, L. Fiorito and A. Stankovskiy
JEF/DOC-1757 Covariance information in JEFF-3.3-T1, O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1756 JEFF-3.3-T1 processing and testing for ASTRID and MYRRHA, P. Romojaro-Otero
JEF/DOC-1755 JEFF-3.3-T1 benchmarking at KAERI, D.H. Kim, Y.O. Lee
JEF/DOC-1754 Benchmarking JEFF-3.3-T1 with some criticality safety cases, D. Rochman
JEF/DOC-1753 Benchmarking of new IRSN evaluations, R. Ichou
JEF/DOC-1752 Preliminary Analysis of JEFF-3.3-T1 benchmarking, P. Tamagno
JEF/DOC-1751 Processing JEFF-3.3-T1 into ACE CE files with NJOY2012.50, A. Stankovskiy
JEF/DOC-1750 Processing and benchmarking JEFF-3.3T1 library, W. Haeck, R. Ichou
JEF/DOC-1749 JEFF-3.3-T1 UKAEA's processing steps and processed forms, J.-Ch. Sublet
JEF/DOC-1748 Summary of processing JEFF-3.3-T1 with NDEC at NEA, C.J. Diez
JEF/DOC-1747 Evaluation of Ni-59 including (n, alpha), (n,p) and complete uncertainty information, P. Helgesson
JEF/DOC-1746 Nuclear Data File Management at the NEA, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1745 U-235 Resonance evaluation at IRSN, L. Leal
JEF/DOC-1744 Status of JEFF, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1743 Cr-52 evaluation for JEFF-3.3, P. Pereslavtsev
JEF/DOC-1742 Cu-53,65 high energy nuclear data evaluations for JEFF-3.3, P. Pereslavtsev
JEF/DOC-1741 A new evaluation for O-16 from thermal to 6 MeV, L. Leal
JEF/DOC-1740 Tests in RRR and URRR, S. Kopecky
JEF/DOC-1739 Comments on JEFF-3.3-T1 library, C. Jouanne, M. Coste-Delclaux
JEF/DOC-1738 Tripoli-4 benchmarking on JEFF-3.3-T1 library, C. Jouanne, M. Coste-Delclaux
JEF/DOC-1737 SINBAD shielding and IRPHE benchmark analysis for nuclear data evaluation, I. Kodeli
JEF/DOC-1736 U-235,238 and Pu-239 JEFF-3.3-T1 evaluations, B. Morillon
JEF/DOC-1735 Changing C-nat file from JEFF-3.2 to JENDL-4.0, C.J. Diez
JEF/DOC-1734 Origin of files in JEFF-3.3-T1, C.J. Diez
JEF/DOC-1733 Zr-92,94 irradiation for neutron flux dosimetry by (n,g) reaction, V. Sergeyeva
JEF/DOC-1732 Overview of changes from JEFF-3.2 to JEFF-3.3-T1, D. Rochman
JEF/DOC-1731 General remarks related to the evaluation procedures, D. Rochman

November 2015 Meetings, Institut Curie, Paris, France

JEF/DOC-1730 Summary Record of the JEFF Co-ordination Group meeting, December 2015, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1729 Introduction to JEFF/WG on Benchmarking and Validation, O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1728 Validation of ALPEH2 depletion code on various benchmarks, A. Stankovskiy
JEF/DOC-1727 Use of the NDaST tool for Benchmarking and Validation, J. Dyrda
JEF/DOC-1726 SANDY, a Monte Carlo based Sensitivity and Uncertainty code, L. Fiorito
JEF/DOC-1725 Experience in development and use of SINBAD, ICSBEP and IRPHE databases, I. Kodeli
JEF/DOC-1724 Use of integral experiments for the assessment of a new U-235 evaluation, R. Ichou
JEF/DOC-1723 General Purpose Verification and Validation for Nuclear Observables, M. Fleming (J.-Ch. Sublet)
JEF/DOC-1722 Validation of Effective Kinetics Parameters, P. Leconte
JEF/DOC-1721 Nuclear Data Work at IRSN, L. Leal
JEF/DOC-1720 Fission cross section evaluation : How can we do better? L. Leal
JEF/DOC-1719 Handling Nuclear Data at NEA, O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1718 Progress on VERDI spectrometer and prompt fission neutron and gamma measurements, F.-J. Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1717 Achievable precisions with the LOHENGRIN spectrometer, A. Chebboubi
JEF/DOC-1716 Fission studies with the LICORNE neutron source, J. Wilson
JEF/DOC-1715 IAEA evaluations within CIELO, A. Koning
JEF/DOC-1714 Consistent covariance data for FY, O. Serot
JEF/DOC-1713 The JEFF project, status and near term prospects, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1712 High-precision FY data from GEF, K.-H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1711 Isotopic FY in inverse kinematics, F. Farget
JEF/DOC-1710 NFS Status, X. Ledoux
JEF/DOC-1709 Surrogate reaction studies via simultaneous fission and gamma decay measurements, B. Jurado
JEF/DOC-1708 Upgrades and plans for forthcoming SOFIA experiments, J. Taieb
JEF/DOC-1707 Measurements of fission fragment beta decay properties throuh TAS, A. Porta
JEF/DOC-1706 U-238 Evaluation, RRR, URR and Fast regions, Y.-O. Lee
JEF/DOC-1705 Recent Progress of DD&FY at KAERI, Y.-O. Lee
JEF/DOC-1704 TENDL covariance files for JEFF, D. Rochman
JEF/DOC-1703 Workplan for JEFF-3.3 proposed covariances, C. de Saint Jean
JEF/DOC-1702 Covariance matrix for TSL of H in H2O, C. de Saint Jean
JEF/DOC-1701 Filling the gap of covariance for JEFF-3.3, C. de Saint Jean
JEF/DOC-1700 A gaseous proton recoil detector, P. Marini
JEF/DOC-1699 Processing the JEFF-3.2 library, W. Haeck
JEF/DOC-1698 Introduction to JEFF/NEEDS workshop on fission data measurements and evaluation, R. Jacqmin
JEF/DOC-1697 Processing JEFF-3.2 with AMPX, C.J. Diez
JEF/DOC-1696 General purpose multi-physics processing steps, J.-Ch. Sublet
JEF/DOC-1695 Recent results of fission measurements at nTOF, L. Audouin
JEF/DOC-1694 Further improvement of (n,p) and (n,g) using TALYS, A. Konobeyev
JEF/DOC-1693 Proposition of corrections and evaluation rules for the next JEFF releases, D. Rochman
JEF/DOC-1692 What is required to go from JEFF-3.2 to 3.3, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1691 Recent developments of the GEF code: FY and prompt gammas, K.-H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1690 Bayesian Monte Carlo method for FY covariances, D. Rochman
JEF/DOC-1689 The Sofia Experiment, L. Grente
JEF/DOC-1688 BetaShape: A code for calculating Beta Spectra, X. Mougeot (M. Kellett)
JEF/DOC-1687 Updated JEFF-3.2 Decay Data Library - Status, M. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1686 New JEFF Fission Yields and Testing Plans, R. Mills

April 2015 Meetings, Institut Curie, Paris, France

JEF/DOC-1685 Summary Record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, April 2015, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1684 Large scale Bayesian nuclear data evaluation with consistent model defects, G. Schnabel
JEF/DOC-1683 Uncertainty treatment with CASMO : PSI point of view D. Rochman
JEF/DOC-1682 On the use of Monte Carlo for resonance parameter evaluation, C. de Saint Jean
JEF/DOC-1681 Monte Carlo Uncertainites, A. Koning
JEF/DOC-1680 New infrastructure for studies of transmutation and fast systems concepts, M. Ripani
JEF/DOC-1679 Study of (n,xn) reactions on various materials, P. Chudoba
JEF/DOC-1678 Angular distribution of gamma-rays from inelastic scattering, M. Dietz
JEF/DOC-1677 Technical developments for neutron inelastic cross section measurements, C. Borcea
JEF/DOC-1676 New setup for measuring (n,xn) cross sections, G. Henning
JEF/DOC-1675 Preliminary results from the SOFIA-2 experiment, G. Belier
JEF/DOC-1674 An integral experiment for U238(n,n') validation at CALIBAN, P. Leconte
JEF/DOC-1673 Am and Tc pile-oscillation experiments, P. Leconte
JEF/DOC-1672 Determination of 241Am/237Np capture cross section at 2200 m/s from measurements with cold neutrons, G. Zerovnik
JEF/DOC-1671 Neutron time-of-flight and energy relation for thick and thin Li-glass detectors, S. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1670 Study of prompt neutron/gamma emission in fission with LICORNE, M. Lebois
JEF/DOC-1669 Neutron capture cross section measurements of fissile materials, D. Cano
JEF/DOC-1668 Total Absorption Spectroscopy measurements of nuclei interesting for reactor antineutrino spectra and decay heat calculations, A. Porta
JEF/DOC-1667 Beta delayed neutron yield measurements for reactor technology, J.L. Tain
JEF/DOC-1666 Total Absorption Measurements for reactor applications, A. Algora
JEF/DOC-1665 Evaluation Technique for Light Nuclei , H. Leeb
JEF/DOC-1664 MCSEN Sensitivity/Uncertainty analyses for Cu experiment, R. Perel
JEF/DOC-1663 Evaluation of gas production data for nuclides from Z=12 to Z=83 , A. Konobeev
JEF/DOC-1662 Overview of experimental activities (F4E grant), M. Angelone
JEF/DOC-1661 Overview of fusion activities related to JEFF, U. Fischer
JEF/DOC-1660 Beta-eff sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of MYRRHA, I. Kodeli
JEF/DOC-1659 Sensitivity and Uncertainty analysis of nuclear data for MYRRHA, P. Romojaro Otero
JEF/DOC-1658 SCK-CEN contribution to Task 10.1, A. Stankovskiy
JEF/DOC-1657 Advanced techniques for spallation and fission reactions, J. Benlliure
JEF/DOC-1656 Contribution of PSI to WP11, D. Schumann
JEF/DOC-1655 FALSTAFF: Spectrometer for Fission Studies, F. Farget
JEF/DOC-1654 WP11 Progress from SCK-CEN, A. Stankovskiy
JEF/DOC-1653 An introduction to WP11 assessing uncertainties for the MYRRHA target, S. Leray
JEF/DOC-1652 Uncertainties in fission yields and application to the fuel cycle and decay heat, R. Mills
JEF/DOC-1651 Merging TALYS and GEF for fission yield calculations, S. Pomp
JEF/DOC-1650 UPM contributions to CHANDA WP9, O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1649 Covariance Matrix Evaluation for Independent Fission Yields, N. Terranova
JEF/DOC-1648 Generation of fission yield covariances to correct discrepancies in the JEFF fission yield library, L. Fiorito
JEF/DOC-1647 Isotopic Fission Yields from Compound Nuclei Produced in Transfer Reaction, F. Farget
JEF/DOC-1646 Development of an isobaric beam at ILL for fission and decay heat measurements, G. Kessedjian
JEF/DOC-1645 Status of Medley @ NFS, S. Pomp
JEF/DOC-1644 Investigation of systematic uncertainties associated to cross sections normalization with respect to (n,p) elastic, L. Mathieu
JEF/DOC-1643 FIFRELIN, A tool for the study of fission observables, O. Litaize
JEF/DOC-1642 Modeling and evaluation of fission quantities with GEF, K.H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1641 Development and testing of the new JEFF-3.2 Fission Yields Library, R. Mills
JEF/DOC-1640 Production of the new JEFF-3.2 Decay Data Library, M. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1639 Development of a new Nuclear Data Sensitivity tool at NEA, J. Dyrda
JEF/DOC-1638 Development of a new Nuclear Data Evaluation Cycle at NEA Data Bank, C.J. Diez
JEF/DOC-1637 Validation of FISPACT-II Decay Heat Predictions for LWR Spent Fuel, M. Fleming
JEF/DOC-1636 Neutron induced fission yield measurements at IGISOL, H. Penttila
JEF/DOC-1635 Experimental measurement of isotopic fission yields using relativistic inverse kinematics, A. Chatillon
JEF/DOC-1634 A surrogate-reaction based method to determine neutron-induced reaction cross-sections, S. Oberstedt
JEF/DOC-1633 Neutron production facilities at the National Physical Laboratory, P. Salvador Castaneira
JEF/DOC-1632 Time of flight measurements at the new nELBE facility, A. Junghans
JEF/DOC-1631 Measurement of the 240Pu(n,f) at n_TOF EAR-2, A. Tsinganis
JEF/DOC-1630 Challenging fission measurements at EAR2 @ n_TOF. New C6D6 detectors for capture measurements, N. Colonna
JEF/DOC-1629 Support to NFS and n_TOF equipment (status of WP7), F. Gunsing
JEF/DOC-1628 Introduction to the CHANDA Transnational Access Program, F.J. Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1627 Contribution of PSI to WP3, D. Schumann
JEF/DOC-1626 Target preparation within CHANDA WP3, G. Sibbens
JEF/DOC-1625 JEFF and horizontal Nuclear Data activities at NEA, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1624 Introduction to JEFF, R. Jacqmin
JEF/DOC-1623 Introduction to CHANDA, E. Gonzalez Romero

November 2014 Meetings, NEA offices, France

JEF/DOC-1622 Summary Record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, November 2014, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1621 Implementing a Nuclear Data Cycle at the NEA Data Bank, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1620 The Pu-239 evaluation from WPEC-SG34, C. de Saint-Jean
JEF/DOC-1619 JEFF-3.2 feedback and fixes, C. Jouanne
JEF/DOC-1618 Nuclear Systems and Scenarios: A Unifying Project of NEEDS, A. Bidaud
JEF/DOC-1617 Surrogate methods for short lived actinides XS measurements, B. Jurado
JEF/DOC-1616 Measurement of the 233U(n,g) cross section in the Resonance Range, L. Matthieu
JEF/DOC-1615 Experimental study of inelastic scattering of U238 : from measurement to theoretical description for the evaluation, M. Kerveno
JEF/DOC-1614 The SOFIA+ Experiment, L. Audouin
JEF/DOC-1613Decay Power Uncertainty of PWR irradiated fuel, D. Lecarpentier
JEF/DOC-1612 Development of a spectrometer for the characterisation of actinide fission fragments, S. Panebianco
JEF/DOC-1611 Measurement of fission product yields of actinides needed for fuel cycle studies: use of Gas Filled Magnet spectrometer at the Lohengrin spectrometer of ILL, A. Chebboubi
JEF/DOC-1610 The CIELO U-235 Evaluation, P. Romain
JEF/DOC-1609 Nuclear data evaluation of actinides: Cross sections and PFNS, R. Capote
JEF/DOC-1608 SCK-CEN experience from processing, benchmarking and application of JEFF-3.2, A. Stankovskiy
JEF/DOC-1607 Overview of the IRMM activities in Nuclear Data, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1606 Prompt neutron and gamma-ray emission in fission, F.-J. Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1605 Total Absorption Spectroscopy (TAS) measurements for reactor neutrino and decay heat calculation, A. Porta
JEF/DOC-1604 Measurement developments on 16O(n,alpha)13C, F.-R. Lecolley
JEF/DOC-1603 Up-scattering and crystal lattice effects in neutronic calculations : Needs for measurements in cold and hot conditions, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1602 Review of Recent International Activities on Neutron Thermal Scattering in past JEFF meetings, O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1601 The thermal scattering law data files for JEFF, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1600 Extraction of Data from GEF model for JEFF-3.2, D. Mountford
JEF/DOC-1599 Study of ENDFB7r1 covariance matrix through a Monte Carlo generated sensitivity matrix, M. Garcia-Martinez
JEF/DOC-1598 The JEFF-3.2 Radioactive Decay Data Library, M. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1597 Using GEF model for the evaluation of fission-fragment yields, K.-H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1596 Combined non-model and model evaluation of Np-237 using Bayesian method, V. Pronyaev
JEF/DOC-1595 Secondary gamma spectra calculations for Fe and Ni spheres using different nuclear data libraries, B. Jansky
JEF/DOC-1594 Perturbation/sensitivity calculations with the Monte Carlo code Serpent, M. Aufiero
JEF/DOC-1593 Progress report on Co59(n,g)Co60 and Fe54(n,p)Mn54 for dosimetry and activation calculations, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1592 Progress report on Eu154 build up for DARWIN applications, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1591 JEFF-3.2 fission yields and future plans, R. Mills
JEF/DOC-1590 Final verification and validation of JEFF-3.2, J. Kopecky

April 2014 Meetings, NEA offices, France

JEF/DOC-1589 Minutes of the JEFF Measurements, Evaluation, Processing and Benchmarking Working Group and the JEFF Joint Session, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1588 Minutes of the JEFF Decay Data and Fission Yields working group meeting, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1587 Summary Record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, April 2014 (Draft), F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1586 Improvements of the fission modeling for evaluated cross-sections, P. Tamagno
JEF/DOC-1585 Activation data at intermediate energies: cross-sections of reactions with emission of heavy cluster, A. Konobeyev
JEF/DOC-1584 Improvement of the tritium formation ways, O. Serot
JEF/DOC-1583 JEFF-3.2T3 benchmarking - Criticality experiments to full reactor calculations, Y. Peneliau
JEF/DOC-1582 The CERES Phase I experiment: integral feedback on thermal nuclear data of Pu239 and Pu240, P. Leconte
JEF/DOC-1581 Research Activity of Decay and Fission Yield Data in KAERI, C.-S.Gil
JEF/DOC-1580 Fission yield measurements at the renoved IGISOL-4 facility, H. Penttila
JEF/DOC-1579 Correlation of prompt fission neutron emission with fission fragment properties in 252Cf(SF), F.J. Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1578 NAUSICAA project : new cross sections evaluation for thermal neutrons, Y. Calzavara
JEF/DOC-1577 Development of the next JEFF fission yield library, R. Mills
JEF/DOC-1576 The experimental program at IRMM and its relation with JEFF, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1575 Validation of activation cross sections in large libraries, J. Kopecky
JEF/DOC-1574 Uncertainty in PWR parameter calulations. Needs for nuclear data improvement, A. Santamarina
JEF/DOC-1573 Validation and evaluation of nuclear data with GEF, K.H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1572 Assessment of the GEF model, K.H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1571 GEF - an approach to fission based on fundamental laws of physics and mathematics, K.H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1570 Covariances from GEF for evaluation, K.H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1569 Calculation of decay heat with the GEF fission yields, C. Amouroux
JEF/DOC-1568 Calculation of the delayed neutron yields with the GEF fission yields, C. Amouroux
JEF/DOC-1567 Progress towards the JEFF-3.2 Radioactive Decay Data Sub-library, M. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1566 Impact of fission yield covariance data in burn-up calculations, O. Cabellos

November 2013 Meetings, NEA offices, France

JEF/DOC-1565 Summary Record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, November 2013, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1564 Summary Record of the JEFF working group meeting on Nuclear Data Measurements, Evaluation, Processing and Benchmarking, and the Joint JEFF meeting, November 2013 F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1563 Summary Record of the JEFF Decay Data and Fission Yields meeting, November 2013 F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1562 Processing and benchmarking of the JEFF32T4 (JEFF-3.2) library (February 2014 Update), O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1561 Status of GEF code - November 2013, K.H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1560 Estimating the covariance matrix for measured data, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1559 JEFF Covariance Working Group Proposed Objectives, C. de Saint Jean
JEF/DOC-1558 Needs for innovative systems (MYRRHA), A. Stankovskiy
JEF/DOC-1557 Needs for fusion facilities (ITER, IFMIF, DEMO), U. Fischer
JEF/DOC-1556 Needs for Gen-IV reactors (ASTRID), R. Jacqmin
JEF/DOC-1555 CHANDA WP on target and update on CACAO status, C.-O. Bacri
JEF/DOC-1554 Overview of the ANDES and CHANDA European programmes, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1553 Summary of ERINDA workshop and perspectives, E. Grosse
JEF/DOC-1552 Analysis of MERCI decay heat measurement, J.-C. Jaboulay
JEF/DOC-1551 Measurements in Minerve, R. Jacqmin
JEF/DOC-1550 Determining inaccessible neutron-induced cross sections with the help of surrogate reactions, B. Jurado
JEF/DOC-1549 Results of the 232Th(n,f) fission-fragment angular distribution and status of the measurement of the 231Pa(n,f) cross section, L. Tassan Got
JEF/DOC-1548 (n,xng) reaction cross-section measurements on actinides at GELINA, A. Bacquias
JEF/DOC-1547 Measurement of the 233U(n,g) cross section, L. Mathieu
JEF/DOC-1546 The Decay Data Evaluation Project, M. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1545 Gamma de-excitation above Sn: what TAS measurements can provide, A. Algora
JEF/DOC-1544 TAS measurements for reactor antineutrinos and decay heat calculations, A. Porta
JEF/DOC-1543 Prompt fission gamma-ray measurements, F.-J.Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1542 Development of the LICORNE neutron source and measurements of prompt fission gamma-rays, M. Lebois
JEF/DOC-1541 Development of a Gas Filled Magnet spectrometer for the measurement of fission yields at LOHENGRIN, A. Chebboubi
JEF/DOC-1540 Measurement of fission yields at LOHENGRIN, O. Serot
JEF/DOC-1539 Development of the FALSTAFF spectrometer for the determination of fission-fragment characteristics and neutron multiplicity, D. Dore
JEF/DOC-1538 The SOFIA and SOFIA2 experiments at GSI, T. Gorbinet
JEF/DOC-1537 Isotopic fission-fragment yields and fission probabilities using surrogate reaction in inverse kinematics at GANIL, O. Delaune
JEF/DOC-1536 Motivation and Objectives for JEFF-4, R. Jacqmin
JEF/DOC-1535 Model-based calculation of delayed neutron emission with coupled TALYS/GEF, K. Kern
JEF/DOC-1534 Tests on JEFF-32T3 library, C. Jouanne
JEF/DOC-1533 Progress of measurements at IRMM, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1532 Free Gas Resonant Scattering Transfer implementation in THERMR, C. Mounier
JEF/DOC-1531 New methodology to process cross-sections at IRSN (GAIA), G. Ferran
JEF/DOC-1530 Validation of New KAERI actinide evaluations for JEFF, D.H. Kim
JEF/DOC-1529 Generation of PFNS covariance matrices using the CONRAD code, L. Berge
JEF/DOC-1528 Methods of realistic covariances evaluations in creation of the complete uncertainties of evaluated, V. Pronyaev
JEF/DOC-1527 Detecting Gamma Production Inconsistencies in Nuclear Data with TRIPOLI-4, F. Malouch
JEF/DOC-1526 New resonance shape analysis of the 1st resonance of Pu240 with the CONRAD code for thermal reactor, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1525 New measurements needed to update JEFF evaluations and remove compensation of the neutron cross sections, V. Pronyaev
JEF/DOC-1524 Propagation of U235-238, Pu239 and STL Nuclear Data Uncertainties for PWR core analysis, O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1523 Cumulative yields of Xe-134 from the thermal fission of Pu-239, O. Serot
JEF/DOC-1522 Nd fission yields for fast neutrons on U-235 : new trends from PROFIL and PROFIL-2 experiments, E. Privas
JEF/DOC-1521 Improved spontaneous fission half-lives for Pu-240, Pu-242, F.-J. Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1520 Generation of Fission Yield covariance data and application to Fission Pulse Decay Heat calculations, C.J. Diez
JEF/DOC-1519 Reference data for the evaluation of gas production cross-sections in proton induced reactions, A. Konobeyev
JEF/DOC-1518 Nuclear Data Developments at the Nuclear Data Section of IAEA, S. Simakov
JEF/DOC-1517 Validation of activation reactions in JEFF-3.2-T3, J. Kopecky
Processing and Validation of the neutron cross-section test library JEFF-3.2-T3, O. Cabellos

April 2013 Meetings, NEA offices, France

JEF/DOC-1515 Summary Record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, April 2013 (Draft), F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1514 Summary Record of the JEFF working group meeting on Nuclear Data Measurements, Evaluation, Processing and Benchmarking, and the Joint JEFF/EFF meeting, April 2013 F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1513 Summary Record of the JEFF Decay Data and Fission Yields meeting, April 2013 F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1512 Evaluation of covariances and PFNS with Bayesian approach, C. de Saint Jean
JEF/DOC-1511 JEFF Covariance WG - introduction, C. de Saint Jean
JEF/DOC-1510 Consistent TMC and BFMC for actinides, E. Bauge
JEF/DOC-1509 Covariance matrices in nuclear data evaluation, H. Leeb
JEF/DOC-1508 Covariances for the TENDL library
JEF/DOC-1507 Improvement of U238 inelastic scattering Xs for an accurate calculation of large reactors, A. Santamarina
JEF/DOC-1506 Progress of the experimental programme at IRMM, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1505 Benchmarking of JEFF-3.2T2, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1504 Tests on JEFF32T2 library, C. Jouanne
JEF/DOC-1503 Neutron inelastic cross section on 238U, P. Romain
JEF/DOC-1502 Interpretation of the OSMOSE program: validation of actinide nuclear data for LWR applications, P. Leconte
JEF/DOC-1501 Extension and validation of the GEF code to multi-chance fission, K.-H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1500 Decay heat validation of TENDL-2012, J.-Ch. Sublet
JEF/DOC-1499 How we can improve nuclear data evaluations using neural network simulation techniques, A. Konobeyev
JEF/DOC-1498 Fission fragment yield for 234U(n,f) up to 5 MeV, F.-J. Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1497 Time-of-flight measurements at n_TOF, F. Gunsing
JEF/DOC-1496 Resonance Region of O-16, Fe-56, and U-235 for the CIELO Project, L. Leal
JEF/DOC-1495 Uncertainty propagation of fission product yield data in spent fuel inventory calculations, R. Mills
JEF/DOC-1494 UKPADD6.12: An Evaluated Decay Data Library for Nuclear Applications, R. Perry
JEF/DOC-1493 Recent Progress of Nuclear Data Activities in Korea, Y.O. Lee

November 2012 Meetings and Nuclear Data Workshop, NEA offices, France

JEF/DOC-1492 Summary Record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, November 2012, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1491 Summary Record of the JEFF working group meeting on Nuclear Data Measurements, Evaluation, Processing and Benchmarking, and the Joint JEFF/EFF meeting, November 2012, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1490 Summary Record of the JEFF Decay Data and Fission Yields meeting (DRAFT), November 2012, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1489 Activation measurements at the Fast Neutron Laboratory of NPI, M. Majerle
JEF/DOC-1488 The status of low energy data for deuterium, oxygen and hydrogen (rev. Feb. 4, 2013), A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1487 High-energy nuclear data measurements at TSL, A.V. Prokofiev
JEF/DOC-1486 MAESTRO : Measurement of the thermal capture cross section of Mn55, Co59, Vnat and Rh103, P. Leconte
JEF/DOC-1485 CEA-2012 : New uranium and plutonium evaluations and benchmarking, B. Morillon
JEF/DOC-1484 Decay radiation and cumulative yields for primary fission yields from GEF, K. Kern
JEF/DOC-1483 Integral nuclear data measurements at Cadarache, P. Leconte
JEF/DOC-1482 Status of ENDF Project, M. Herman
JEF/DOC-1481 Improved MOX fuel calculations using new plutonium and americium evaluations, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1480 Fission yield measurements at GANIL, C. Rodríguez
JEF/DOC-1479 STEFF:SpecTrometer for Exotic Fission Fragments, E. Murray
JEF/DOC-1478 TENDL4JEFF: New nuclear data evaluations for all Ga, Ge, As, Se, Br, Kr, Rb, Sr, Y and Zr isotopes, A. Koning
JEF/DOC-1477 U-235 Resolved Resonance Evaluation for Intermediate Energy Benchmark Calculations, L. Leal
JEF/DOC-1476 Beta-eff sensitivity-uncertainty analysis and its use for nuclear data evaluation and validation, I. Kodeli
JEF/DOC-1475 Verification and comparison of Elemental Evaluated Data of a Selection of Structural Materials for JEFF-3.2T2, I. Kodeli
Adjusting the result of a model calculation to partial experimental data exemplified at the case of the prediction of the GEF code for fission-fragment yields, K.H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1473 Needs for new neutron data measurements, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1472 Recent Evaluations of Cd, W, and Au, S. Kopecky
JEF/DOC-1471 Differential measurements at n_TOF, F. Gunsing
JEF/DOC-1470 Status of n_TOF/EAR2, F. Gunsing
JEF/DOC-1469 Cross-section measurements using the surrogate technique, J. Wilson
JEF/DOC-1468 Fission yield measurements at Lohengrin, G. Kessedjian
JEF/DOC-1467 Measurement of the fission mass yields of 241Am (2nth,f) at the Lohengrin mass spectrometer, C. Amouroux
JEF/DOC-1466 SOFIA, A new and original programme on fission yield measurements, A. Chatillon
JEF/DOC-1465 Decay data measurements, A. Algora/M. Fallot
JEF/DOC-1464 Integral xs measurements at Proteus, G. Perret
JEF/DOC-1463 Status of GUINEVERE programme at SCK/CEN, A. Billebaud
JEF/DOC-1462 Measurements at Frascati Neutron Generator, M. Angelone
JEF/DOC-1461 Radioactive targets and actinide chemistry at CACAO, C.O. Bacri
JEF/DOC-1460 Information on new European Projects, M. Bé
JEF/DOC-1459 Processing of JEFF-3.1.2 library for M.C calculations, A. Blokhin
JEF/DOC-1458 Intercomparison of neutronic calculations for Zebra and BFS-62-3A critical assembly experiments, E. Mitenkova
JEF/DOC-1457 Towards a Coordinated International Evaluated Library - Goals / Progress, M. Chadwick
JEF/DOC-1456 The nat C(n,g) cross section and its impact on results of criticality calculations on BR1, C. Díez
JEF/DOC-1455 Activities of nuclear data evaluations on several actinides, H.I. Kim
JEF/DOC-1454 Selection and validation of capture and fission data for JEFF-3.2T2, J. Kopecky
JEF/DOC-1453 Publication of the IAEA "Updated Decay Data Library for Actinides", M. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1452 Q values for Spontaneous Fission Decay by H. Lawledge, R.W. Mills
JEF/DOC-1451 Delayed neutron calculations using JEFF-3.1.1 and other files, R.W. Mills
JEF/DOC-1450 Fission yield covariance: a proposed method based upon experimental data, R.W. Mills
JEF/DOC-1449 Update on the GEF code - recent developments and future plans, K.-H. Schmidt

April 2012 Meetings, NEA offices, France

JEF/DOC-1448 Summary Record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, April 2012, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1447 Summary Record of the JEFF working group meeting on Nuclear Data Measurements, Evaluation, Processing and Benchmarking, and the Joint JEFF/EFF meeting, April 2012, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1446 Summary Record of the JEFF Decay Data and Fission Yields meeting, April 2012, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1445 Proposal on JEFF covariance Working Group, C. De Saint Jean
JEF/DOC-1444 Proposal for a WPEC subgroup on Fission Yield Evaluation, R. Mills
JEF/DOC-1443 Fission yields modelling activities at KIT based on GEF and TALYS-1.4, K. Kern
JEF/DOC-1442 Comparison of TALYS-1.2 and TALYS-1.4 using (p,x) data and other problems, A. Konobeev
JEF/DOC-1441 Discrepancies in U-238 and Th-232 evaluations, P. Ribon
JEF/DOC-1440 Validation of JEFF-3.1.1 thermal and epithermal actinides neutron induced XS through MELUSINE-PIE, D. Bernard
JEF/DOC-1439 JEFF-3.1.1/BRC09 comparison on a selected set of ICSBEP/IRPHE and CEA benchmarks, Y. Peneliau
JEF/DOC-1438 TENDL-2011 processing and criticality assemblies benchmarking, J. Ch. Sublet
JEF/DOC-1437 Ongoing beta-delayed neutron measurements with BELEN-4pi neutron counter, J. L. Tain
JEF/DOC-1436 Processing of the JEFF-3.1.2 Cross Section Library into various formats (ACE, PENDF, GENDF, MATXSR and BOXER) for testing purposes, O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1435 Calculations of fission pulse neutron emission with JEFF-3.1.1. and ENDF/B-VII.1, O. Cabellos
JEF/DOC-1434 EXFOR database and retrieval developments. Beta-delayed neutron emission evaluation - V. Semkova
JEF/DOC-1433 From average parameters to statistical resolved resonances, D. Rochman
JEF/DOC-1432 Pu-239 Resonance Evaluation, L. Leal
JEF/DOC-1431 An ENDF-6 compatible evaluation for Cd-isotopes in the RRR, S. Kopecky
JEF/DOC-1430 Discussion on neutron multiplicity corrections, F.-J. Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1429 Neutron Cross Section Evaluations of Minor Actinides, H.I. Kim
JEF/DOC-1428 Extrapolation with Padé approximants - application to average cross sections in the URR, P. Ribon
JEF/DOC-1427 Proposal for the Utilization of the Total Cross Section Covariances and its Correlations with Channel Reactions, A. Bidaud
JEF/DOC-1426 The Au capture cross section in a quasi-Maxwellian spectrum of kT≈25 keV, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1425 Processing and use of MF5 and MF6 in ENDF Files, C. Jouanne
JEF/DOC-1424 Activation Product Decay Data: UKPADD6.11, A.L. Nichols, R.J. Perry
JEF/DOC-1423 Prompt-neutron and prompt-gamma emission from a general description of the fission process, K.H. Schmidt, B. Jurado

November - December 2011 Meeting, NEA offices, France

JEF/DOC-1422 Summary Record of the JEFF Decay Data and Fission Yields meeting, Dec. 2011, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1421 Summary Record of the JEFF working group meeting on Nuclear Data Measurements, Evaluation, Processing and Benchmarking, and the Joint JEFF/EFF meeting, Nov. 2011, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1420 Summary Record of the JEFF Scientific Co-ordination Group meeting, Dec. 2011, F. Michel-Sendis
JEF/DOC-1419 Summary of 2nd GEDEPEON-JEFF Nuclear Data Week, A. Plompen
JEF/DOC-1418 Comments on Peelle's Pertinent Puzzle, H. Leeb
JEF/DOC-1417 Summary of recent IAEA meeting on inelastic and capture reactions on major actinides, M.A. Kellett
JEF/DOC-1416 Dosimetry data and related needs, C. Destouches
JEF/DOC-1415 Experimental validation of Nb and Co cross section data in the 20-35 MeV range, M. Majerle
JEF/DOC-1414 Monte Carlo simulation of prompt fission gamma emission, D. Regnier
JEF/DOC-1413 Needs in fission product period re-evaluations to improve the decay heat uncertainty, J.-Ch. Benoit
JEF/DOC-1412 CALENDF-2010 Status, J.C. Sublet
JEF/DOC-1411 Fission fragment properties from 234U(n,f), F.-J. Hambsch
JEF/DOC-1410 Development of fission product yield covariance matrices, R. Mills
JEF/DOC-1409/A New CEA-2012 Evaluation File and ICSBEP Pu benchmarks, Y. Peneliau (presented by G. Noguere)
JEF/DOC-1409/B Contribution to the URR analysis for JEFF, G. Noguere
JEF/DOC-1408 Application of the JEFF-3.1.1 library for fast reactor benchmark testing, E. Mitenkova
JEF/DOC-1407 Processing of the JEFF-3.1.1 library for Monte Carlo calculation, A. Blokhin
JEF/DOC-1406 Differences between JEFF-3.1.1 and JENDL-4.0 cross sections when processed with CALENDF, W. van Rooijen
JEF/DOC-1405 Prior structural material library, D. Neudecker
JEF/DOC-1404 New gamma emission spectra from neutron radiative capture, S. Ravaux
(In Memory of John Rowlands) Solid state effect in accurate Doppler calculation, A. Santamarina
JEF/DOC-1402(In Memory of John Rowlands) Development of the Doppler broadened scattering kernel, R. Dagan
JEF/DOC-1401(In Memory of John Rowlands) The Pre-JEFF years, C. Dean
JEF/DOC-1400In Memory of John Rowlands, Participants to the JEFF Project
JEF/DOC-1399Neutron libraries validation against correlated integral benchmarks, E. Ivanov
JEF/DOC-1398Prompt neutron and gamma emission in GEF, K.-H. Schmidt
JEF/DOC-1397Evaluation of cross-sections for n and p induced reactions on W producing hazardous radionuclides in the energy range up to 3 GeV, A. Konobeev
JEF/DOC-1396Pile-oscillation measurements of the Gd-nat capture cross section, P. Leconte
JEF/DOC-1395Nuclear Data Needs for the Neutronics Design of the MYRRHA Fast Spectrum Irradiation Facility, A. Stankovskiy
JEF/DOC-1394Recent progress of nuclear data evaluation and validation efforts at KAERI, C.-S. Gil

Last reviewed: 10 May 2017