JEFF Radioactive Decay Data and Fission Yields Libraries

Radioactive decay data (RDD) forms an integral part of the nuclear data requirements for nuclear applications. The JEF-2.2 library has been extensively used over the past 10 years or more and contains high quality data for 2345 nuclides covering the needs of most reactor-based calculations. However as energy ranges increase and new applications emerge, the nuclear data required also evolve. Hence the need for the current release of a new JEFF-3.1.1 decay data library containing many more nuclides (3852 in fact, from 0-nn- 1 (the neutron) to 111-Rg-272 (the recently named Roentgenium)).

The fission yield (FY) libraries include independent and cumulative yields for neutron-induced fission of 232Th, 233,234,235,236,238U, 237,238Np, 238,239,240,241,242Pu, 241,242m,243Am, 243,244,245Cm and spontaneous fission of 242,244Cm and 252Cf. The data represent a development of the UKFY3 file, which was itself developed from earlier UK evaluations.


This is a prototype fission product yields library for neutron, proton, deuteron, alpha particle, photon, and spontaneous fission

Last reviewed: 27 October 2010