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If you have any questions about Nuclear Data topics, or need help finding the nuclear physics data you are looking for, please contact:

Work area: Experimental data (EXFOR), bibliographical data (CINDA), HPRL, evaluated data, EFF, WPEC Integral benchmarks, criticality safety, JEFF
Name:   Franco MICHEL-SENDIS

Please note: The contact persons above are only for nuclear physics data, e.g. cross section evaluations, experimental measurements, the JEFF project, EXFOR/CINDA, etc. For questions about computer programs, please send an e-mail to . For questions about JANIS, please send an e-mail to . Other specific queries regarding, for example, nuclear power generation or radioactive waste issues, should be addressed to the appropriate contact person found under the relevant division section of the main NEA webpage or by mailing our where the email will be sent to the most relevant person.

For queries relating to Computer Program Services please see Computer Program Services (CPS) Contacts.

Last reviewed: 2 December 2017