The Process of Regulatory Authorisation (English-Japanese version) 規制認可のプロセス
Bilingual, 148 pages, published: 08/29/07
NEA#6279, ISBN: 978-92-64-99028-9
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Other language(s):
- Français: Le processus d'autorisation réglementaire 
- English: The Process of Regulatory Authorisation 
In parallel to the work carried out by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) to review the broad principles of protection, the NEA Committee on Radiation Protection and Public Health (CRPPH) has examined how radiological protection could be better implemented by governments and/or regulatory authorities. To this end, the CRPPH has developed a concept that it calls “the process of regulatory authorisation”. It is described in detail in this report, and is intended to help regulatory authorities apply more transparently, coherently and simply the broad recommendations of the ICRP to the real-life business of radiological protection regulation and application. The CRPPH recognises the importance of an appropriate level of stakeholder involvement in the process of regulatory authorisation.