Towards an All-Hazards Approach to Emergency Preparedness and Response: Lessons Learnt from Non-Nuclear Events

Working Party on Nuclear Emergency Matters


Date Title Language(s)
2018 Towards an All-Hazards Approach to Emergency Preparedness and Response Lessons Learnt from Non-Nuclear Events EN
2013 International Short-term Countermeasures Survey – 2012 Update EN
2013 Summary of the Fourth International Nuclear Emergency Exercise (INEX‑4) – Exercise Conduct and Evaluation Questionnaires EN
2011 Practices and Experience in Stakeholder Involvement for Post‑nuclear Emergency Management EN | JP
2010 Strategic Aspects of Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Management – Planning for Effective Decision Making – Consequence Management and Transition to Recovery EN
2007 Experience from the Third International Nuclear Energy Exercise (INEX‑3) on Consequence Management EN | FR
2007 Strategy for Developing and Conducting Nuclear Emergency Exercises EN
2005 INEX 2000 Exercise Evaluation Report EN
2003 Indemnification of Damage in the Event of a Nuclear Accident Bilingual
2001 Experience from International Nuclear Emergency Exercices – The INEX‑2 Series EN | FR
2001 INEX‑2: Final Report of the Hungarian Regional Exercise Bilingual
2001 INEX-2: Final Report of the Canadian Regional Exercise Bilingual
2000 INEX-2: Final Report of the Finnish Regional Exercise Bilingual
2000 Monitoring and Data Management Strategies for Nuclear Emergencies EN | FR
1998 INEX-2: Final Report of the Swiss Regional Exercise Bilingual
1998 Nuclear Emergency Data Management EN
1997 Agricultural Aspects of Nuclear and/or Radiological Emergency Situations EN | FR
1995 The Implementation of Short Term Countermeasures After a Nuclear Accident (Stable Iodine, Sheltering and Evacuation) EN
1995 INEX‑1: An International Nuclear Emergency Exercise EN | FR
1993 Off-Site Nuclear Emergency Exercises / Exercises d'application hors site des plans d'urgence en cas d'accident nucléaire Bilingual
1989 Emergency Planning in Case of a Nuclear Accident: Technical Aspects Bilingual