CNRA Forum on the Fukushima Accident: Insights and Approaches

8 June 2011
OECD Conference Centre
Paris, France

General information

As a result of the Fukushima accident, the safety of all nuclear power plants world-wide has come under close scrutiny. Regulatory bodies and industry have been called upon to affirm the safety of its nuclear power plants, regardless of type. During the 5th Review meeting of the Convention of Nuclear Safety this year in Vienna, it was clear that further collaborative discussions dedicated to the emerging lessons learnt would be beneficial in identifying ways to combine efforts internationally for improved understanding of the event and move forward in an effective and efficient manner.

The Forum on the Fukushima Accident will take place on Wednesday, 8 June 2011 at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris, France.

It will provide an invaluable early opportunity for the exchange of information on the implications to safe operation of nuclear power plants and the approaches taken by countries around the world following the Fukushima accident. Ultimately, it is expected that the forum will allow speakers, based on the opinions raised and discussions, to provide their vision of the path forward with respect to policy and other challenges which need to be addressed in order to assure continued safe operation of nuclear power plants as we move forward. 

All countries with operating nuclear power plants have embarked on assessments of the plants in areas that were immediately evident from the Fukushima accident. Many of the reviews include an evaluation of the ability to withstand severe accident situations related, among others, to:

Additionally, the CNRA has established a senior-level task group to exchange information on national activities and look at generic implications of the event. The task group will identify areas where an in-depth evaluation would be of benefit and can be undertaken by CNRA or CSNI working groups, or by new task groups to address gaps that are not within the scope of an existing working group.

Last reviewed: 2 May 2011