CNRA Forum on the Fukushima Accident: Insights and Approaches

8 June 2011
OECD Conference Centre
Paris, France



The Forum sessions will be divided into an Opening Session, two Discussion Sessions: Insights and Approaches, and a Concluding Session on international co-operation.

Opening session

This will include presentations by the NEA and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to provide a framework of Forum and a perspective of the current situation and the role of international cooperation.

Discussion sessions

There will be two main discussion sessions,

For each session, first there will be a few presentations, followed by a panel and open discussion with the audience. In each session, there will be mostly representatives from regulatory bodies, but also industry to provide different perspectives on the discussion topic.

Moving forward and international co-operation Session

As the capstone session of the forum, panellists will provide their vision and insights on the policy decisions and the path forward for the resolution of challenges. From this session, issues will be identified for further CNRA and CSNI activities and for input to the upcoming IAEA ministerial conference on Fukushima.


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Forum venue

The Forum will be held at the OECD Conference Centre. 2, rue André Pascal, 75775 Paris Cedex 16, France.  The site is easily accessible by public transport:


 Line C - Henri Martin Station


 Line 9 - La Muette station


 Line 63 - Octave Feuillet stop


 Line 52 - La Muette Boulainvilliers stop


 Line PC1 - Porte de la Muette stop

Hotel reservation information

Hotel accommodations will be at the discretion of the Participant. Nearby hotels can be found here.

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