Forsmark 1 & 2 BWR Stability Benchmark

The purpose of this benchmark was to compare different time series analysis methods that could be applied to the study of BWR stability. It was a follow-up activity of the Ringhals 1 Stability Benchmark. While the Ringhals 1 Stability Benchmark included both time domain and frequency domain calculation models to predict stability parameters, the new activity was focused on the analysis of time series data by means of noise analysis techniques in the time domain.

A first meeting of participants in the benchmarks was held from 18-19 February 1999 at the Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear, Madrid. A total of 17 participants from 8 countries and 13 organisations attended. It was agreed that the major objective was met, namely to verify that different methods give the same answer. The applicability and reliability of the different methods were investigated. The six cases chosen for this study were relatively difficult and were really addressing the limits of the methods. Use of a full set of data could be the subject of a different investigation involving reactor physics. The final report was submitted to the NSC and the CSNI/PWG2 for review in the autumn 1999 and was published. For detailed information see NEA/NSC/DOC(99)9.


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