The International Experimental Thermal HYdraulics Systems database

Database of Nuclear Reactor Thermal-Hydraulic Experiments

TIETHYS is the OECD NEA online database which allows users to identify thermal-hydraulic experimental systems relevant for validation of numerical models and computer codes for different type of reactors. The TIETHYS platform is flexible and is being continuously expanded to accommodate multiple designs.

The systems are arranged according to reactor types and specific scenario (e.g. large break LOCA for LWR) and by individual phases (blowdown, refill, reflood, etc.). They are also linked to relevant physical phenomena suitably replicated by the given experiment. This information was based initially on CSNI Code Validation Matrices (CCVM) documents held within the NEA Data Bank.

The tool gives access to facility descriptions, references and additional information at the IET (Integral Effects Test), SET (Single Effect Test), sub-channel and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) levels. Additionally, references describing the use of data for relevant code validation have been included when available. In addition, a pilot demonstration on how computer model development data can be collected and organized in TIETHYS, has been included for the Pressuriser component of LOFT.

TIETHYS will also address experimental needs of advanced reactors such as high temperature gas cooled reactors, molten salt reactors, liquid metal cooled reactors and CANDU reactors. The data structure, which is flexible, will be specific to reactor types. There are place holders for these designs and will be populated as relevant data and test descriptions become available.


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