WPRS Expert Group on Uncertainty Analysis in Modelling (EGUAM)


The Expert Group provides advice to the WPRS and the nuclear community on the scientific development needs (data and methods, validation experiments, scenario studies) of sensitivity and uncertainty methodology for modelling of different reactor systems and scenarios.

The main activity will be focused on uncertainties in modelling LWR transients. In this context the objectives will be:
To determine modelling uncertainties for reactor systems under steady-state and transient conditions, quantifying the impact of uncertainties for each type of calculation in the multi-physics analysis, i.e.:

For each of these types of calculation the major sources of uncertainty will be determined, arising from:

To develop and test methods for combining the above sources of uncertainty for each type of calculation so as to yield uncertainty assessment for the coupled multi-physics analyses. Also, to develop a benchmark framework which combines information from available integral facility and NPP experimental data with analytical and numerical benchmarking:
  • where available, experimental data will be used to test the individual types of calculation as well coupled multi-physics simulations.
  • Recent/current activities

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    Meetings, workshops and conferences

    WPRS and associated Expert Group meetings are held approximately every twelve months. The 16th meeting of the WPRS (WPRS-16) and associated Expert Group meetings took place during the week of February 18th 2019 at the OECD Headquarters, Boulogne-Billancourt, France. The next meetings will be held during the week of Feb 17th 2020. More about WPRS meetings.


    For more information, please contact wprs@oecd-nea.org.

    For more information on activities managed/supported by the NSC, please contact Tatiana Ivanova.

    Last reviewed: 18 March 2020