In-core instrumentation and core assessment

Proceedings of a Specialists' Meeting
Mito-shi, Japan, 14-17 October, 1996


This Specialists' Meeting on In-core Instrumentation and Reactor Core Assessment is the fourth in a series initiated by the NEA Committee on Reactor Physics and continued by the NEA Nuclear Science Committee. The first meeting was held in Fredrikstad, Norway, in 1983, the second at Cadarache, France, in 1988 and the third in Pittsburgh, USA in 1991.

The purpose of the meeting was to review the improvements in the methods used to gather and interpret information on the conditions of the reactor core. Thirty-nine papers were presented in six sessions covering radiation sensors, safety analysis, system and validation, other miscellaneous measurements, core monitoring and core performance. One hundred and nine participants from nineteen countries and International Organisations attended the meeting.

Participation from non-OECD countries was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Working Group on Nuclear Power Plant Control and Instrumentation (IWGNPPCI) of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The NEA wishes to thank the authors and session chairmen for their contribution to the success of the meeting. It also wishes to express its appreciation to the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI) for arranging and hosting the meeting.

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Summary: Oldrich Erben, Chairman

An On-line Adaptive Core Monitoring System
J.A. Verspeek, J.C. Bruggink, J. Karuza (The Netherlands)

A Benefit Assessment of Using In-core Neutron Detector Signals in
Core Protection Calculator System (CPCS)

S. Han, S-J. Park, P-H. Seong (Korea)

Computer Based Core Monitoring System
P. Swaminathan, P. Sreenivasan (India)

Analytical Evaluation of the Uncertainty of On-line Axial Power Distribution
Measurement with the Four-section Ex-core Detector

J. Matsumoto, K. Seki, Y. Komano (Japan)


Summary: W.A. Boyd, Chairman

TOPRE & HOTPOINT In-core Monitoring Systems for WWER-440
Nuclear Power Plants

T. Polák, O. Erben (Czech Republic)

The Extended On-line Core Monitoring Technology with the Latest
VERONA-u Version

F. Adorján, L. Bürger, I. Lux, J. Végh, Z. Kálya, I. Hamvas (Hungary)

Application of the Core Surveillance System SCORPIO at Sizewell B
Ø. Berg, M. McEllin, M. Javadi (Norway and UK))

RINGHALS 2 Core Monitoring Experience
T. Andersson, Ø. Berg, K. Romslo (Norway)

Experience and Evaluation of Advanced On-line Core Monitoring System

N. Fujitsuka, H. Tanouchi, Y. Imamura, D. Mizobuchi, T. Kanagawa,
M. Masuda (Japan)

The BEACON On-line Core Monitoring System: Functional Upgrades and Applications
W.A. Boyd, R.W. Miller (USA)


Summary: Øivind Berg, Chairman

Reactor Internals Vibration Monitoring in Korean Nuclear Power Plant
T-R. Kim, S-H. Jung, J-H. Park, S. Choi (Korea)

Utilisation of Self-powered Neutron Detectors for Reactivity Control
V. Borissenko (Ukraine)

On-line Estimation of Local and Total Core Flow Rate by Neutron Noise Analysis in BWR
M. Mori, S. Kanemoto, M. Enomoto, S. Ebata (Japan)

Space-dependent Dynamics of PWR
T. Suzudo, E. Türkcan, J. Verhoef (Japan and The Netherlands)


Summary: Jean-Pierre Trapp, Chairman

Direct Experimental Tests and Comparison between Sub-miniature
Fission Chambers and SPND for Fixed In-core Instrumentation of LWR

G. Bignan, J.C. Guyard, C. Blandin, H. Petitcolas (France)

Characteristics of Self-powered Neutron Detectors Used in Power Reactors
W.H. Todt (USA)

High Temperature Fission Chambers: State-of-the-art
J-P. Trapp, S. Haan, L. Martin, J-L. Perrin, M. Tixier (France)

Application of the Gamma Thermometer as BWR Fixed In-core
Calibration System

R. Raghavan, C.L. Martin, A.L. Wirth, T. Itoh, Y. Goto, R. Arai (USA and Japan)

Experience with Fixed In-core Detectors at Seabrook Station
J.P. Gorski, R.J. Cacciapouti (USA)

NAJA: A New Non-destructive Automatic On-line Device for Fuel Assembly
Characterisation and Core Loading Conformity Control

G. Bignan, D. Janvier (France)


Summary: Joachim Runkel, Chairman

Some New Optical Techniques for Reactor Instrumentation
M. Nakazawa (Japan)

Development of a Distributed Monitoring System for Temperature and
Coolant Leakage

F. Jensen, E. Takada, M. Nakazawa, H. Takahashi, T. Iguchi, T. Kakuta,
S. Yamamoto (Japan and Sweden)

In-core Measurements of Reactor Internals Vibrations by Use of
Accelerometers and Neutron Detectors

J. Runkel, E. Laggiard, D. Stegemann, P. Heidemann, R. Blaser, F. Schmid,
H. Reinmann (Germany and Switzerland)

Overview and Future Development of the Neutron Sensor Signal
Self-validation (SSV) Project

J-C. Trama, A. Bourgerette, E. Barat, B. Lescop (France)

Fuel Rod Performance Measurements and Re-instrumentation Capabilities
at the Halden Project

O. Aarrestad, H. Thoresen (Norway)



Summary: Masaharu Kitamura, Chairman

Application of Process-monitoring Techniques to Neutron Noise
Signals from Simulated-coolant-boiling Experiements

H. Schoonewelle, T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, J.E. Hoogenboom (The Netherlands)

Stochastic Pattern Recognition Techniques and Artificial Intelligence
for Nuclear Power Plant Surveillance and Anomaly Detection
L.G. Kemeny

Theoretical Modelling of Fuel Assembly Vibrations for VVER-type Reactors
V. Kinelev, S. Perov, V. Sulimov (Russia)

Impact of Core Inertial Properties on Dynamic Characteristics of
WWER-1000 Reactor Barrels

V. Gribkov (Russia)


Summary: Erdinc Türkcan, Chairman

Monitoring the State of the Coolant in a Boiling Water Reactor
G. Roston, R. Kozma, M. Kitamura (Japan and Argentina)

Decay Ratio Studies in BWR and PWR using Wavelet
Ö. Ciftcioglu, E. Türkcan (The Netherlands and Turkey)

ALPES, a Demonstrator for On-line Core Temperature Visualising and Processing
A. Lebrun, J-P. Trapp, S. Sala (France)

New Neutron-temperature Noise Methods and their Experimental Check
on the Reactor VVER-1000

V.I. Pavelko, D.F. Gutsev (Russia)

Reactor Thermal/Hydraulic Processes Monitoring and Aid to Diagnosis,
Using Acoustical Signal and On-line Calculations

K.N. Proskouriakov (Russia)


Summary: Shigeru Kanemoto, Chairman

Development of a Real-time Plant Simulation System for BWRs
K. Tominaga, S. Arita, Y. Ishii, H. Sano (Japan)

Investigation of the Pellet-cladding Interaction Related Issues Including Fuel Rod
Failure by Methods for Identification System with Distributed Parameters

S. Utenkov (Russia)

A Technical System to Improve the Operational Monitoring of the Ukranian
Nuclear Power Plant Zaporozh’ye (Unit 5)

M. Beyer, H. Carl, P. Schumann, A. Seidel, F-P. Weiß, J. Zschau,
K. Nowak (Germany)

ANNEX 1. List of participants