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Workshop on Core Monitoring for Commercial Reactors: Improvements in Systems and Methods

The workshop on Core Monitoring for Commercial Reactors: Improvements in Systems and Methods (CoMoCoRe'99) was organised jointly by Vattenfall AB, ABB Atom and the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate and was held on 4-5 October 1999 in Stockholm. It was chaired by T. Lefvert. The main objective was to discuss how instrumentation, methods and models used in core monitoring (CM) could be validated, or, if needed, improved and further developed to provide more reliable and/or detailed information on local power in the core and on other parameters indirectly affecting fuel duty as e.g. the core decay ratio in a BWR. Another important objective was to show how the core monitoring system can be used to support reactor operation in normal and anticipated transient modes and to supply data used to derive initial key core parameters for transient- and accident analysis. It dealt with applications for all commercial LWR types, including VVER.

The workshop was attended by about sixty participants from 30 organisations representing 15 countries. Twenty-three papers were presented in four technical sessions. The technical sessions included:

Major trends observed include: Some conclusions:

More rigorous methods to combine information from measured and calculated data should also be very useful in future CM systems.

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