Symposium on Nuclear Reactor Surveillance and Diagnostics

This symposium is a follow-up to SMORN VI, which was held in Gatlinburg, U.S.A., in 1991. It bought together 113 papers related to techniques of surveillance and diagnostic of components in nuclear primary systems, from the sensor itself to the processing techniques of information: the sessions were devoted to the validation and surveillance of sensors, acoustic leak detection, thermohydraulic measurements and boiling detection, loose part detection, structure vibrations, operation experience of reactors and of their surveillance systems, advanced signal processing, such as the use of neural networks, monitoring of BWR stability, physical parameters estimation, neutronics studies and analytical techniques.

The proceedings of the SMORN VII Symposium contain the WANO report of the world survey on 'Practices of Surveillance in Nuclear Power Plants', reports on the benchmarks on loose part detection and on neural networks. The chairmen's summaries of each session have been included at the beginning of the papers for their session.