Proceedings of the Specialists' Meeting
on the Nucleon Nucleus Optical Model up to 200 MeV

13-15 November 1996
Bruyères-le-Chatel, France

Organised by the Nuclear Science Committee of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency and the Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique, Bruyères-le-Chatel
with the collaboration of the International Atomic Energy Agency

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Summary and conclusions, D. Madland

Introductory Overview: The Nuclear Optical Model, P. Hodgson

Average Effective Interaction Strength of First Nucleon-Nucleon Collision in Multistep Reactions, M. Avrigeanu

A Semi-Phenomenological Spherical Optical Mode Potential for Elastic Scattering of Nucleons up to 200 MeV, E. Bauge

Total reaction Cross Sections and Isovector/Isoscalar Ratio of the Imaginary Optical Model Potential for Intermediate-Energy Nucleon-Nuclear Reactions, S. Chiba

Energy Dependence of the Complex Symmetry Term in the Empirical Nucleon-Nucleus Optical Model Potential, J.P. Delaroche

Microscopic Optical Potentials for Elastic Nucleon-Nucleus Scattering, C. Elster

Tests of Nucleon-Nucleus Interaction Models for Spherical Nuclei (20 MeV < En < 600 MeV), R.W. Finlay

Microscopic level Densities, S. Hilaire

Neutron-Incident Phenomenological Dirac Optical Model Potential, K. Ishibashi, et al

Multistep Direct reactions: A Microscopic two-Component Approach, A. Koning

ECISVIEW: A Graphical Interface for ECIS95, A. Koning

Nuclear Data Acquisition for Proton-Nucleus reactions above 20 MeV: Requirements and Conceivable Experiments, I. Lhenry

Progress in the Development of Global Medium-Energy Nucleon-Nucleus Optical Model Potentials, D. Madland

Neutron Scattering Measurements at Intermediate Energies, N. Olsson

ECIS 96, J. Raynal

A Dispersive Coupled Channels Analysis of Nucleon Scattering from 181Ta and 182,184W up to 200 MeV, P. Romain

Effect of Optical Potential Parameters and Nuclear Structure in Reaction cross Section Calculations, Y. Shubin

Effective interactions, Medium Modifications and Newest NN Interactions, H. Von Geramb

Analyzing Power Measurements and the Nucleon-Nucleus Optical Model at Low and Medium Energies, R. Walter

The following are abstracts of papers which could not be presented.

Full Folding Model for Optical Potentials, F. Brieva
See the following IAEA reference describing the work:
H.F Arellano and F.A. Brieva, Rapport INDC(CHL)-004,Distr.L0(November 1996).

Nuclear Isovector Excitations, J. Rapaport

Status of Multiple Scattering Calculations of the Nucleon-Nucleus System, J.A. Tostevin

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