The International Conference on Nuclear Criticality


19-22 September 2011
Edinburgh, Scotland

Technical programme and presentations

Opening Plenary Session | Download Presentations

Closing Plenary Session | Download Presentations

1. Development of Standards and Assessment Methodology | Download Track 1 Presentations

  • guides, standards, handbooks,
  • general methodology developments for fuel fabrication, storage, reprocessing, transport, decommissioning etc.
  • 'special' methodology developments, e.g. for fuel fabrication & transport of advanced reactor fuels >5w/o enrichment, risk informed methods,
  • optioneering studies/methods
  • consistency of safety margins, integration with overall facility safety cases, 'fit-for purpose' safety cases

2. Operational Practise | Download Track 2 Presentations

  • practical considerations in the implementation of criticality control
  • selection of methods of control, measurement techniques, compliance issues
  • operator training, human factors, criticality audits and inspections
  • lessons learnt from operating experience, incidents

3. Criticality Codes and Nuclear Data | Download Track 3 Presentations

  • improved user interface/checking tools
  • testing of new codes & data
  • improvements to nuclear data
  • identification of experimental needs

4. Criticality Experiments | Download Track 4 Presentations

  • new evaluations of existing experiments
  • new experiments
  • future programmes

5. Uncertainty Analysis | Download Track 5 Presentations

  • derivation of code/nuclear data bias and its uncertainty
  • sensitivity analysis, selection of representative validation benchmarks
  • assessment of manufacturing/operational uncertainties

6. Analysis of Criticality Accidents and Incidents | Download Track 6 Presentations

  • modelling of criticality excursions
  • analysis of causes of accidents/incidents, lessons learnt for
  • emergency response planning
  • accident detection and alarm systems: adequacy/omission studies

7. Burnup Credit | Download Track 7 Presentations

  • modelling issues, code development, validation
  • application & implementation, bounding assumptions, burn-up measurements, compliance issue
  • future uses, e.g. disposal, new build

8. Waste Management Issues | Download Track 8 Presentations

  • waste inventories, variability, characterisation requirements, special issues
  • design of waste packaging, design of waste packaging processes,
  • assessment of retrieval/conditioning/packaging/surface storage operations
  • design of disposal facilities, assessment of disposal operations, assessment of post-closure phase

9. Professional Development Issues | Download Track 9 Presentations

  • maintaining/building capability, national programmes, core competencies, training programmes
  • international coordination/collaboration
  • meeting future challenges, e.g. new build

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