Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning & Transmutation

Eighth Information Exchange Meeting

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States 9-11 November 2004

Poster Session II: Transmutation

Chaired by Enrique Gonzalez (CIEMAT) and Stefano Monti (ENEA)

Session Summary

Current Status of Czech R&D Programme in Partitioning and Transmutation
J. Uhlir, M. Hron, V. Priman and Z. Frejtich

Transmutation of Americium in Critical Reactors
J. Wallenius

Sustainable Actinide Management Strategies using LWRs with CONFU Assemblies
M. Visosky, P. Hejzlar, E. Shwageraus, T. Boscher and M.S. Kazimi

Transmutation of DUPIC Spent Fuel in the HYPER System
Y-H. Kim and T-Y. Song

Analysis of the Minor Actinides Recycle in Thermal Reactors
E. Calderaro and A. Parlato

Concept of an Electron Accelerator-driven Molten Salt Sub-critical Reactor
Á. Brolly and P. Vértes

The Impact of Criticality Level on the Safety of Accelerator-driven Systems with Conventional MOX and Advanced Fertile-free Fuels
A. Rineiski, X-N. Chen, T. Suzuki and W. Maschek

Criticality Calculations in Reactor Accelerator-coupling Experiment (RACE)
M.A. Reda, D.E. Beller, R. Spaulding, A. Hunt and J.F. Harmon

Research Activities on HLM Thermal-hydraulics and its Application to ADS Design
X. Cheng, R. Stieglitz and J.U. Knebel

Physics Study of Lead-Magnesium-Eutectic-cooled Fast Reactor for TRU Transmutation
Y. Kim, S-J. Kim and T-Y. Song

Neutron Data Measurements for Transmutation at JRC-IRMM
A.J.M. Plompen

Measurements of (n,xn) Cross Sections for Hybrid Systems
M. Kerveno, P. Baumann, A. Nachab, G. Rudolf, A. Pavlik, E. Jericha, S. Jokic, S. Lukic, L.C. Mihailescu, A. Plompen, R. Nolte, M. Reginatto, P. Meulders, J. Jeknic, S. Hilaire, A.J. Koning and the n-TOF collaboration

Investigation of RELAP Capability to Simulate the LBE cooling System Thermal-hydraulic
P. Meloni, A.D. Wagner, F. Castiglia, M. Casamirra, P. Agostini and G. Bertacci

Experimental Investigation of Oxygen Activity in Liquid Lead-Bismuth Eutectic
J-E. Cha, V.S. Yughay and T-Y. Song

Study of Steel Tests of Static Corrosion Experiments in Liquid Metal Pb-Bi
C-H. Cho, J-E. Cha, W-S. Park and T-Y. Song

Activation of Gold and Thorium Samples to Spallation Neutrons at JINR Nuclotron
V. Kumar, M. Sharma, S. Gupta, H.S. Palsania, S. Kailas, S. Ganesan, V.S. Barashenkov and H. Kumawat

MYRRHA ADS-Candidate Materials Compatibility with Lead Bismuth before and after Neutron Irradiation
D. Sapundjiev, E. Lucon, S. van Dyck and A. Almazouzi

Design and Modelling of Oxide Fuel for Incineration of Americium and Plutonium in an Experimental
ADS H. Ait Abderrahim, S. Lemehov and V. Sobolev

The UNLV Neutron Multiplicity Detector System
T. Beller, D. Curtis, D. Beller, A. Rimsky-Korsakov and T. Ward

Initial Results from the AFCI Reactor-accelerator Coupling Experiments (RACE) Project
D. Beller, A. Hunt, J. Bennion, M. Reda, K. Sabourov, R. Spaulding and K. Folkman

The MEGAPIE Target and the Results of the Research Activities Supporting the Target Development
F. Groeschel, C. Fazio, T. Kirchner, Ch. Latge and K. Thomsen

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