Seventh Information Exchange Meeting on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation

14-16 October 2002, Jeju (Korea)

Summary and Panel Discussion Sessions

Summary Session

Summary of Session I: Fuel Cycle Strategy and Future Reactors
Peter Wydler (Switzerland) and Joo-Ho Whang (Kyung-Hee University, Korea)

Summary of Session II: Progress in Partitioning and Waste Forms
James Laidler (ANL, United States) and Jean-Paul Glatz (ITU, Germany)

Summary of Session III: Progress in Fuels and Targets
Yasuo Arai (JAERI, Japan) and Sylvie Pillon (CEA, France)

Summary of Session IV: Progress In Materials: Spallation Targets and Advanced Coolants
Guenter Bauer (FZJ, Germany) and Joachim Knebel (FZK, Germany)

Summary of Session V: Progress In Physics And Nuclear Data
Toshitaka Osugi (JAERI, Japan) and Enrique Gonzalez (CIEMAT, Spain)

Summary of Session VI: Transmutation Systems (Critical And Sub-Critical): Design and Safety
Luciano Cinotti (Ansaldo, Italy) and Stuart Maloy (LANL, United States)

Panel Discussions

Summary of Panel Discussion: Perspectives for the future development of P&T
Chairs: T. Mukaiyama (JAIF, Japan) and J. Laidler (ANL, United States)


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