Seventh Information Exchange Meeting on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation

14-16 October 2002, Jeju (Korea)

Session V: Progress In Physics And Nuclear Data

First Measurements of the Kinetic Response of the MUSE-4 Fast ADS Mock-up to Fast Neutron Pulse
D. Villamarín, G. Perret, E. González, R. Soule, C. Jammes, G. Imel, C. Destouches,
P. Chaussonnet, J.M. Laurens, G.M. Thomas, P. Fougeras and G. Bignan

Calculation and Experimental Studies on Minor Actinides Samples Irradiation in Fast Reactors
A. Kotchetkov, Y. Khomiakov, N. Nerozin, E. Smetanin, A. Tsiboulia, A. Bychkov and I. Zhemkov

Experimental Studies of MA Nuclear Data Correction on Critical Assemblies
V. Doulin, I. Matveenko, A. Kochetkov, A. Poplavskii, Y. Khomiakov and A. Tsiboulia

The Physics Problem of the Spallation Neutron Production Source Related to Accelerator-driven Systems
S. Fan, H. Zhang, Y. Ye and Z. Zhao

HINDAS - a European Nuclear Data Programme for Accelerator-driven Systems
A. Koning, H. Beijers, J. Benlliure, O. Bersillon, J. Blomgren, J. Cugnon, L. Donadille,
M. Duijvestijn, P. Eudes, D. Filges, F. Goldenbaum, F. Haddad, S. Hilaire, A. Kelic, C. Lebrun,
F.R. Lecolley, S. Leray, M.L. Jiménez, J-P. Meulders, R. Michel, R. Neef, R. Nolte, N. Olsson,
R. Ostendorf, S. Pomp, E. Ramstroem, K-H. Schmidt, H. Schumacher, I. Slypen, H-A. Synal and
R. Weinreich

Neutron Cross-section for P&T and ADS at the n-TOF facility at CERN
E. González on behalf of the n-TOF collaboration

Minor Actinides Transmutation Scenario Studies with PWRs, FRs and Moderated Targets
J-P. Grouiller, S. Pillon, C. de Saint Jean, F. Varaine, L. Leyval, G. Vambenepe and B. Carlier

MUSE-4 Benchmark Calculations Using MCNP-4C and Different Nuclear Data Libraries
N. Messaoudi and E. Mbala Malambu

Investigation of local Spectral Differences Between Critical and Driven Sub-critical Configurations in MUSE-4
M. Plaschy, O.P. Joneja, R. Chawla, G. Rimpault and C. Destouches

Determination of Reactivity by a Revised Rod-drop Technique in the MUSE-4 Programme - Comparison with Dynamic Measurements
G. Perret, C. Jammes, G. Imel, C. Destouches, P. Chaussonnet, J.M. Laurens, R. Soule,
G.M. Thomas, W. Assal, P. Fougeras, P. Blaise, J-P. Hudelot, H. Philibert and G. Bignan

New Methods for the Monte Carlo Simulation of Neutron Noise Experiments in ADS
M. Szieberth and J-L. Kloosterman

Reactor Physics Calculations on MOX Fuel in Boiling Water Reactors (BWRs)
C. Demazière

Light Charged Particle Production Induced by Fast Neutrons (En = 25-65 MeV) on 59Co and NatFe
E. Raeymackers, N. Nica, I. Slypen, S. Benck, J-P. Meulders and V. Corcalciuc

The Use of Ge Detectors for (n,xn) Cross-section Measurements at Intense and Low Frequency Pulsed Neutron Beams
S. Lukic, P. Baumann, C. Borcea, E. Jericha, S. Jokic, A. Kelic, N. Kornilov, J-P. Meulders, L. Olah, A. Pavlik, A. Plompen and G. Rudolf

Nuclear Data for ADS: Code System and Theoretical Data Library (only abstract available)
S. Yavshits, O. Grudzevich, V. Ippolitov and G. Boykov

Feasibility Study of new Microscopic Fission Chambers Dedicated for ADS
M. Fadil, D. Ridikas, O. Déruelle, G. Fioni, M-L. Giacri, A. Letourneau, F. Marie, Ch. Blandin and S. Bréaud

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