Seventh Information Exchange Meeting on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation

14-16 October 2002, Jeju (Korea)

Session II: Progress in Partitioning and Waste Forms

Burning of Minor Actinides in Fuel Cycle of the Fast Reactor: DOVITA Programme - Results of the 10 Year Activities
A.V. Bychkov, O.V. Skiba, A.A. Mayorshin, M.V. Kormilitsyn, O.V. Shishalov, I.Y. Zhemkov, V.A. Kisly and L.G. Babikov

Status of Pyro-process Fuel Cycle Technology Development at CRIEPI
T. Yokoo and T. Inoue

Development of Separations Technologies in the U.S. Partitioning and Transmutation Programme
J.J. Laidler

Towards a DIAMEX Process Flowsheet using High Active Concentrate (HAC)
D. Serrano-Purroy, S. Birck, B. Christiansen, J-P. Glatz, S. Hollas, R. Malmbeck, K. Römer, C. Sheppler, E. Teixeira, W. de Weerd and S. van Winckel

Waste Minimisation in Actinides (III)/Lanthanides (III) Separation Process from High-level Liquid Waste
H. Hirano, Y. Koma and T. Koyama

Electrochemical Behaviours of Lanthanide Fluorides in the Electrolysis System with LiF-NaF-KF Salt
J-B. Shim, S-C. Hwang, E-H. Kim, Y-H. Kang, B-J. Lee and J-H. Yoo

Electrochemical Reduction of Uranium Oxides in Li2O-LiCl Molten-salt
J-M. Hur, C-S. Seo, S-S. Hong, D-S. Kang and S-W. Park

Removal of Uranium from Simulated Fly Ash by Chloride Volatilisation Method
N. Sato, Y. Tochigi, T. Fukui and T. Fujino

Development of Electrochemical Separations of Uranium and RE Elements from Fluoride Melts
R. Zvejskova, F. Lisy and P. Soucek

A Study on the Development of Fluorination Process
S-W. Kwon, E-H. Kim, J-B. Shim, J-H. Yoo and B-H. Kim

Separation of Zirconium from LiF-BeF2-ZrF4 Molten-salt by Pyrohydrolysis
M-S. Woo, S-C. Hwang, J-B. Shim, Y-H. Kang and J-H Yoo

Electrochemical Behaviour of Plutonium Ion in LiCl-KCl Eutectic Melts
J. Serp, R.J.M. Konings, R. Malmbeck, J. Rebizant, C. Scheppler and J-P. Glatz

Kinetics of Novel Extraction Systems used in the Partitioning of Nuclear Waste
M. Weigl, A. Geist, U. Müllich and K. Gompper

Electrochemical Separation of Rare Metal Fission Products from High-level Liquid Waste of Spent Nuclear Fuel
M. Ozawa and T. Ikegami

Effective Actinide(III)-Lanthanide(III) Separation in Miniature Hollow Fibre Modules
A. Geist, M. Weigl and K. Gompper

Host Phases for Actinides and Long-lived Fission Products Transmutation Immobilisation
Y-N. Jang, S-C. Chae, I-K. Bae and S.V. Yudintsev

Recent Progress of Partitioning Process in JAERI: Development of Amide-based ARTIST Process
S. Tachimori, Y. Sasaki, Y. Morita and S. Suzuki

Decontamination Study of some Noticeable Fission Products in the Actinides Recovery by TRUEX Process
T. Fujii, H. Yamana and H. Moriyama

SANEX-BTP Process Development Studies
C. Hill, L. Berthon, P. Bros, J-P. Dancausse and D. Guillaneux

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