Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 80 - Volume 2007/2
English, 120 pages, published: 12/31/07
NEA#6264, ISSN: 0304-341X
Available online at:

Other language(s):
- Français: Bulletin de droit nucléaire n° 80 - Volume 2007/2 
- Judicial Progress in Germany?s Nuclear Waste Disposal Policy, The Konrad Repository Decisions of 26 March 2007, by Gunther Kuhne
- Critical Reflections on the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, by Quentin Michel
- The ?Incentive? Concept as Developed in the Nuclear Safety Conventions and its Possible Extension to Other Sectors, by Tammy de Wright

- The International System of Radiological Protection: Key Structures and Current Challenges, by Edward Nicholas Lazo