Evaluation and Analysis of Nuclear Resonance Data
JEFF Report 18
English, 126 pages, published: 01/01/00
NEA#2748, ISBN: 92-64-18272-1
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- Français: Evaluation et analyse des données relatives aux résonances nucléaires 
Nuclear Data are fundamental to the development and application of all nuclear sciences and technologies. Preserving nuclear data knowledge in a field from which a large number of specialists have recently retired is also important, and this report aims to help the preservation effort.

The report provides a comprehensive presentation of the nuclear data evaluation process in the resonance energy range. The mathematical basis and the physical theories necessary for the experimental data analysis are presented in detail.

This report will be useful for experimentalists and evaluators involved in the preparation of nuclear data. It will also be of value for nuclear data users who are interested in understanding the process of preparation of these data.