Monitoring and Data Management Strategies for Nuclear Emergencies
English, 96 pages, published: 01/01/00
NEA#2108, ISBN: 92-64-17168-1
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- Français: Stratégies de surveillance et de gestion de données dans les urgences nucléaires 
Since the accident of Chernobyl in 1986, many countries have intensified their efforts in nuclear emergency planning, preparedness and management. Experience from the NEA nuclear emergency exercises (INEX 1 and INEX 2) indicated a need to improve the international system of communication and information in case of a radiological emergency. To address this need, research was carried out by three NEA working groups, the findings of which are synthesised in the present report.

This report defines emergency monitoring and modelling needs, and proposes strategies which will assist decision makers by improving the selection of data that is transmitted, and the way in which data and information are transmitted and received. Modern communications methods, such as the Internet, are a key part of the strategies described.