Nuclear Development Committee

The Committee for Technical and Economic Studies on Nuclear Energy Development and the Fuel Cycle, known as the Nuclear Development Committee (NDC), was established in 1977, initially with the aim of analysing the resources that would be needed for future exploitation of nuclear energy. The NDC mandate currently defines the following areas of interest:

Participation in the NDC is restricted to Members of the NEA. In recent years, however, the ad hoc groups that undertake most of the Programme of Work have included experts from Russia and other non-OECD member countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia.


The NDC aims at all times to have up-to-date publications on all aspects of the costs of nuclear energy, including comparisons of generating costs between nuclear and other sources, waste management, decommissioning, fuel cycle, operating and maintenance, and capital costs. The macro-economic impacts of nuclear energy are also studied as are the externalities and economic risks associated with nuclear energy. The value of plutonium as a fuel has also been analyzed. The resource base of nuclear energy has been a long-term interest, commencing with studies on uranium resources. The biennial publication, "Uranium Resources, Supply and Demand", prepared by the Joint NEA/IAEA Uranium Group, assembles official information on these topics and has come to be regarded as authoritative. More recently studies have been undertaken on the human and institutional resources and the more general infrastructure required to back up the nuclear generation of electricity. Experience with and prospects for particular aspects of nuclear technology are studied. Partitioning and transmutation of actinides and fission products has been the subject of several meetings. Experience with the use of plutonium on the industrial scale has been reviewed. The role of and conditions for deploying small and medium sized reactors have been analysed. The NDC publishes compilations of member countries forecasts of the use of nuclear energy annually in OECD Nuclear Data. These forecasts provide a starting point for reviewing the nuclear component of long-term scenarios for energy supply and demand, with the results of this work provided to governments and to bodies such as the IPCC.

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