Vendor Inspection Co-operation Working Group (VICWG)

The MDEP Vendor Inspection Co-operation Working Group (VICWG) was approved by the MDEP Policy Group in March 2008. All MDEP countries and the IAEA are invited to participate in this working group's activities.

The VICWG's main objectives are:

Thus, the VICWG interacts with several Standards Development Organisations (ISO, AFCEN, etc.) and the World Nuclear Association's (WNA) working group on Cooperation in Reactor Design Evaluation and Licensing (CORDEL).

The VICWG reports its status to the MDEP Steering Technical Committee (STC) at the latter's thrice annual meetings.


For more information, see the MDEP Annual Report: 2015-2016.

Programme plan

2014-2015 Programme Plan (Update of 16 March 2015)



Last reviewed: 24 August 2016