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NEA-1863 IFPE/BN-MOX-M501/D10
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NEA-1863 IFPE/BN-MOX-M501/D10

IFPE/BN-MOX-M501/D10, Belgonucleaire Beznau-1 PWR irradiated MOX Fuel Rod M501/D10

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Program name Package id Status Status date
IFPE/BN-MOX-M501/D10 NEA-1863/01 Arrived 12-OCT-2011

Machines used:

Package ID Orig. computer Test computer
NEA-1863/01 Many Computers
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M501 is a MOX fuel assembly manufactured by BNFL and irradiated for three annual cycles in NOK's Beznau-1 PWR during the period 1994 to 1997. A subset of rods from the assembly were specially pre-characterised prior to loading, then taken for detailed PIE at the ITU hotcells after irradiation. One of these rods is Rod D10, a high plutonium content rod which achieved a burnup of around 35 MWd/kgHM. This data package contains all relevant details of the pre-characterisation, irradiation, and PIE of Rod D10, with a focus on providing the information required for analysis by a fuel rod performance code.

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Package ID Status date Status
NEA-1863/01 12-OCT-2011 Masterfiled restricted
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- P M A Cook, I D Palmer, C T Walker and R Stratton: PIE of BNFL’s first commercially irradiated SBR MOX fuel, IAEA-SM-358/16, IAEA symposium on MOX fuel cycle technologies, Vienna (May 1999).

- P M A Cook, R Stratton and C T Walker: Post-irradiation examination of BNFL MOX fuel, ANS international topical meeting on LWR fuel performance, Park City (April 2000).

- R J White, S B Fisher, P M A Cook, R Stratton, C T Walker and I D Palmer: Measurement and analysis of fission gas release from BNFL?s SBR MOX fuel, Journal of Nuclear Materials 288 (2001) 43-56 (February 2001).

- S B Fisher, R J White, P Cook, S Bremier, R C Corcoran, R Stratton, C T Walker, P K Ivison and I D Palmer: Microstructure of irradiated SBR MOX fuel and its relationship to fission gas release, Journal of Nuclear Materials 306 (2002) 153-172 (September 2002).

- C Brown, P M A Cook, J Edwards, S B Fisher, G A Gates, I D Palmer and R J White: Performance of SBR MOX for the next decade, TopFuel 1999, Avignon (September 1999).

- P K Ivison, P M A Cook, S Bremier and C T Walker: Quantification of the homogeneity of BNFL?s SBR MOX fuel using compositional X-ray mapping, TECDOC-1233/18 IAEA TCM on water reactor fuel performance modelling, Windermere (June 2000).

- R Weston, I D Palmer, J M Wright, G D Rossiter, R C Corcoran, T C Gilmour, C T Walker and S Bremier: Progress on SBR MOX fuel development, TopFuel 2001, Stockholm (May 2001).

NEA-1863/01, included references:
- Ian Palmer: Beznau M501 Rod D10, Compilation of information for fuel
performance analysis (October 2010)
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Avenue Ariane, 4

B-1200, Bressels



Revision: Ian Palmer and Glyn Rossiter

National Nuclear Laboratory

Salwick, Preston

Lancashire PR4 0XJ

United Kingdrom


These data have been released within the FUMEX-III project.

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M501-D10-history.txt   32-zone irradiation history (time, rating, temperature)
M501-D10-oxide.txt     Axial profile of clad waterside oxide thickness at EOL
M501-D10-diameter.txt   Axial profile of clad outer diameter at EOL
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Keywords: MOX, experimental data, fuels, pressurized water reactor.