Upcoming training courses


Access to our services for NEA Data Bank participating countries

How to request a package?

Once you have found the package you wish to obtain, you can request it by clicking on the package ID (in blue). Then, follow the instructions.
Please be cautious when entering your personal details, in particular:
  • Please enter ALL your citizenships if you hold several.
  • Please select carefully your liaison officer, they should be affiliated to your institution at your given working location.
  • If you do not belong to a nominated establishment (the list is availabe here), please read the guidelines for becoming a nominated establishment.
Please keep in mind that the package will be sent to your liaison officer once your request is processed and validated by the CPS Team. Depending on the option you have chosen, your liaison officer will receive either a download link (valid for 15 days) or a physical media (CD or DVD) via mail. They must then make it available to you.

How to attend a training course?

All upcoming training courses are listed here. Unless the training course is full, registrations are open up to one month before the start of the training course.

To attend a training course, you must hold the corresponding computer program licence.

For your registration to be complete, you must provide a proof of licence and a proof of payment of the registration fees.

For participants working in France: the NEA is not a training centre ("centre de formation"), no training agreement ("convention de formation") will be established.

Last modified: 31 January 2024