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SATIF/CYCLO-RADSAFE, Health Physics and Radiological Safety of Cyclotrons 10-250 MeV

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SATIF/CYCLO-RADSAFE NEA-1694/04 Arrived 03-DEC-2008

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The database contains reports on health physics and radiological safety aspects of cyclotron within the energy range 10-250 MeV:
- Styen G. F., van Rooyen T. J., Binns P. J., Hough J. H., Nortier F. M., Mills S. J., Shield Design Calculations for a Radioisotope Production Target Bombardment Station, 1991
- Phillips A. B., Prull D. E., Ristinen R.A., Kraushaar, Residual Radioactivity in a Cyclotron and its Surroundings, 1986
- Vega-Carrillo H. R., Neutron energy spectra inside a PET cyclotron vault room, 2001
- Mukherjee B., Operational Health Physics Service during the Maintenance of the Australian National Medical Cyclotron, 1994
- Mukherjee B., Parcell S., Transmission of Neutron and Gamma Radiation Fields along the Maze of a Cyclotron Vault, 1997
- Mukherjee B., Decay characteristics of the induced radioactivity in the target cave of a Medical Cyclotron, 1997
- Mukherjee B., A real-time positron monitor for the estimation of stack effluent releases from PET Medical Cyclotron facilities, 2002
- Azharul Islam S. M., Akramuzzaman M.M., Awal M.A., Nurul Islam M., A study of Neutron Shielding Properties of Some Multilayers containing Polyethylene, 1993
- Sun R. K. S., Estimation of neutron dose equivalent at the mezannine of the advances light source and the laboratory boundary using the ORNL Program MORSE, 1990
- Olsher R. H., Hsu H.H., Harvey W.F., Benchmarking the MCNP Monte Carlo Code with a Photon Skyshine Experiment, 1993
- Borak T. B., Awschalom, Fairman W., Iwami F., Sedlet J., The underground migration of radionuclides produced in soil near high energy proton accelerator, 1972
- Moritz L. E. , Review of Proton Accelerator Shielding Problems, 1994
- Hayashi, K., Sakamoto Y.,
Working Group of Accelerator Shielding, Survey of thick target neutron yield data and accelerator shelding experiments, 1995
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- Sun R. K. S., Neutron skyshine from end stations of the continuous electron beam accelerator facility, 1992
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- Szlavik F. F., Activation of a 42 MeV Cyclotron, 1987
- K. Kitao, T. Ohata, Gamma-ray Analysis on Radioactive Aerosol and Dust in the Machine Hall of a Cyclotron, 1971
- Moritz L. E. , Activation of a 500 MeV Cyclotron, 1987
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- Nakamura T., Kosako T., A Systematic Study on the Neutron Skyshine from Nuclear Facilities-Part I. Monte Carlo Analysis of Neutron Propagation in Air-over-Ground Environment from a Monoenergetic Source, 1981
- D.R. Johnson, W.F. Ohnesorge, Yield, Energy and Angular Distributions of Neutrons Produced in Graphite, Copper and Tantalum Targets Irradiated with 63 MeV Protons, 1968
- Hayashi  K., Nakamura T., Evaluation of the Neutron Skyshine from a Cyclotron, 1984
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- Mazal A., Gall K., Bottollier-Depois J.F., Michaud S., Delacroix D., Fracas P., Clapier F., Delacroix S., Nauraye C., Ferrand R., Louis M., Habrand J.L., Shielding Measurements for a Protontherapy Beam of 200 MeV: Preliminary Results, 1997
- Rindi A., Thomas R.H., Skyshine- A paper tiger, 1975
- Almond P. R., Marbach J. R., Otte V. A., Installation and Testing of a Hospital based Cyclotron for Radiation Therapy and Isotope Production, 1983
- Stephens L. D., Miller A. J., Radiation studies at a medium energy accelerator, 1969
- Barral R. C., Merendino K. A., Nizar Feteih, A medical cyclotron facilities and program at the King Faisal specialist hospital and research centre Ryadh, Saudi Arabia, 1983
- Conard E. M., Arnott D. W., Operational experience and recent developments at the National Medical Cyclotron, Sydney, 1996
- Thomas R. H., Shaw K. B., Simpson P., MacEwan J. F., Neutron surveys around the Rutherford Laboratory 50 MeV proton linear accelerator, 1962
- Dickie W. J., Stevenson N. R., Szlavik F.F., A cyclotron isotope production facility designed to maximize production and minimize radiation dose, 1993
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- Gujrathi S. C., d Auria J.M., The attenuation of fast neutrons in shielding materials, 1972
- Stevenson G. R., Thomas R. H., Shielding of Accelerator Facilities (Part 1 & 2), 1996
- Wadman  W. W., Use of local shielding in experimental caves at a cyclotron,
- Knieper J., Komnick K., Aquivalentdosisleistungsmessungen der Neutronen- und Gammastarhlung ausserhalb des Babyzyklotron-Beschleunigerraumes, 1991
- Weise H. P., Radiation protection at high energy heavy ion accelerators, 1988
- Sauermann P. F., Friedrich W., Knieper J., Komnick K., Printz H., Shielding of fast neutrons from cyclotron targets, 1977
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- Calloway M. J., Ashworth M.J., Decommissioning and disposal of reduntant radioactive facilities at Manchester University, 1999
- Preusche St., Fuchtner F., Steinbach J., Zessin J., Krug H., Neumann W., Long-distance transport of radionuclides between PET cyclotron and radiochemistry, 1999
- Bhuiyan S. I., Ahmed F. U., Mollah A. S., Rahman M. A., Studies of the neutron transport and shielding properties of locally developed shielding material: Poly-Boron, 1989
- Boothe T. E., McLeod T.F., Plitnikas M., Kinney D., Tavano E., Feijoo Y., Smith P., Szelecsenyi F., Commercial and PET radioisotope manufacturing with a medical cyclotron, 1993
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- Yamaguchi C., Energy Dependence of the Dose Equivalent on the Primary Proton Energy- Comparison of CASIM and Moyer model calculations, 1986
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- Mukherjee B., Optimisation of the radiation shielding of medical cyclotrons using a genetic algorithm, 2000
Coutrakon G., Slater J. M., Ghebremedhin A., Design considerations for medical proton accelerators, 1999
- Mukherjee B., Estimation of the 41-Argon production rate during the operation of the National Medical Cyclotron , 1994
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Kimura K.I., Ishikawa T., Kinno M., Yamadera A., Nakamura T., Residual long-lived radioactivity distribution in the inner concrete wall of a cyclotron vault, 1994
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Database developed by:

Dr Bhaskar Mukherjee
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY)
Notkestrasse 85
D-22607 Hamburg

Tel: +49(040) 8998 2509

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Cyclotron database in PDF format
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  • Y. Integral Experiments Data, Databases, Benchmarks

Keywords: cyclotron radiation, doses, shielding.