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RASPLAV, Refine accident management strategies during a reactor core meltdown

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Program name Package id Status Status date
RASPLAV CSNI2300/01 Arrived 02-MAR-2006

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CSNI2300/01 Many Computers
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The RASPLAV project aimed to refine accident management strategies during a reactor core meltdown; it was completed in June 2000. Little is known about the complex interactions that take place during a core meltdown, so one of the RASPLAV project's primary goals was to develop an understanding of this process. The information gathered during tests at the Kurchatov Institute have allowed scientists to develop models of a core meltdown. These models can be used in the design of new reactors and in refining the accident procedures for existing ones.


Two aspects of the issue were considered. First, for existing reactors, where external cooling may not be practicable, the process and time sequence before melt-through were studied. This was to help devlop management strategies for severe accidents. Secondly, for future and some existing reactor designs, the project aimed to determine the heat transfer conditions under which cavity flooding can be a viable accident management option.


The project was run in two successive phases. The RASPLAV Phase-2 project investigated the progression of a severe accident and in particular the thermal loading imposed by a corium pool on the lower head of a light water reactor (LWR) vessel. It followed an earlier Phase-1 project dedicated mainly to the build-up of the experimental and analytical infrastructure.


The project objectives were to obtain relevant data on the physical and thermal behavior of the corium in large-scale tests, to derive thermal-physical property data for various molten core materials, and to investigate the effects of stratification of molten materials. The programme of work involved the use of the large facilities available at the Kurtchatov Institute in Russia. Four large-scale tests were carried out and were complemented by a series of smaller-scale experiments, all involving the use of materials representative of power reactor cores. Experiments with these test materials in molten condition required temperatures of approximately 3000 deg.C - a very challenging task, especially for large-scale tests. The analytical work was done at the Russian Academy of Science's Institute of Nuclear Safety (IBRAE).


The project was successfully concluded in 2000.The results are set out in the Project final report which was presented and reviewed in November 2000 at the last RASPLAV seminar, sponsored by the OECD and hosted by the German Gesellschaft fur Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS), Munich. The project data remained proprietary until 2003.


Participating countries:
Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.


Programme status: Completed in June 2000


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Package ID Status date Status
CSNI2300/01 02-MAR-2006 Masterfiled restricted
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CSNI2300/01, included references:
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Attachment C
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Modelling of Convection/Diffusion Processes with regard for Melting (May 1997)
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(June, 1997)
- Behaviour of Corium Melt Pool under External Cooling.
Final Report of the first phase of RASPLAV project (January, 1998)
- Yu. Degaltsev, V. Zagryazkin, Yu. Utkin, V. Vlasov: Diffusion of Carbon to
the Molten Corium through the Tantalum - Tungsten Wall Research Note (February,
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Complex. Engineering System Description (Jan.1995) (RP-TR-1)
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Interactions with Vessel Steel of WWER Type Reactor (January 1995) (RP-TR-2)
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RASPLAV-B Experimental Section. Feasibility Study Main Results (Topical Report)
(January 1995)(RP-TR-3)
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Property Experimental Investigation (up to 2500 deg.C) (Topical Report) (January
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Method and Devices for Measuring Parameters in Experiment on RASPLAV Facility
(September 1995)(RP-TR-10)
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(September 1995)(RP-TR-11)
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Short-Term Mechanical Properties of 15X2HMFA Vessel Steel in the Temperature
Range 20-1400 deg.C (April 1996) (RP-TR-19)
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Thermal Hydraulic Results (April 1996) (RP-TR-20)
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Experiments on Simulation of Heat Transfer in the Corium Melt at the
RASPLAV-A-Salt Facility (May 1997) (RP-TR-28)
- Yu.Degaltsev, O.Karlov, V.Vasiliev, E.Ostapov: Investigation of
High-Temperature Strength of 15X2HMFA Vessel Steel in Temperature Range of 1000
- 1300oC (May-June 1997) (RP-TR-29)
- RASPLAV-AW-200-2  Pretest Information Package (May 1997) (RP-TR-30)
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Experiments Performed during Phase I of RASPLAV Project (January,
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V.Vishnevskiy, V. Zagryazkin: Preliminary Study of Interaction between
Iron-Containing Corium and Tungsten (January, 1998)(RP-TR-34)
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Study on Iron and FP Additions to the C-100 Corium (April, 1998) (RP-TR-35)
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75 NaBF4 + 25 NaF Salt Composition (May, 1998) (RP-TR-36)
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Non-eutectic Salt Mixture and Proposal for the Next Test (May, 1999)(RP-TR-38)
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STF-46+ Post-Test Examinations (January, 2000) (RP-TR-39)
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Dyakov, V.N. Zagryazkin, Yu.M. Utkin, A.Yu. Kotov, V.M. Repnikov: Supporting
Corium Tests Volume 1: Studies of the Opportunity for the Stratification of the
U-Zr-O Carbon Free Corium in the Liquid State under the Conditions of the
RASPLAV Experiments (March, 2000)(RP-TR-40v1)
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Investigation of the Separation and Interaction of Suboxidised Carbon Free
Corium below Liquidus Temperature (March, 2000) (RP-TR-40v2)
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Utkin, A.S. Filippov, I.M. Khazanovich, V.O. Chernyshov: The TULPAN T-6
Post-Test Analysis (April, 2000) (RP-TR-41)
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Conductivity of Molten Salt 46.5LiF + 11.5NaF + 42KF(mol %) (February,
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Chudanov, A. Aksenova, Yu. Veselkin, V. Vishnevsky, V. Vlasov, Yu. Degaltsev,
A. Kiselev, A. Kovalev, T. Trushkina, Yu. Utkin, V. Chernyshov, V. Churin:
RASPLAV-AW-200-4 Post-Test Analysis (April, 2000) (RP-TR-43)
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Eighth Test Series with Non-Eutectic Salt (February, 2000) (RP-TR-44)
- V. Asmolov, S. Abalin, A. Merzlyakov: Corium Surface Tension Measurement
(April, 2000) (RP-TR-45)
- V.G.Asmolov, S.S.Abalin, A.I.Surenkov, I.P.Gnidoy, B.V.Barkovsky,
N.V.Komissarova, D.Yu.Chuvilin, Yu.V.Rybakov, V.F.Strizhov, V.N.Semenov:
Studies of Heat and Mass Transfer in Molten Salts (January, 2001) (RP-TR-46)
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Russian Research Centre
Kurchatov Institute
Kurchatov sq., 1
Moscow 123182
Russian Federation

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