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2nd International Workshop On Nuclear Data Evaluation for Reactor applications


Organised by CEA and NEA
29th September – 2nd October, 2009
CEA Cadarache Château, France









The main objective of the workshop is to review the current modelling and evaluation methods of nuclear data at low energy (thermal, resolved and unresolved ranges)) and to discuss possible areas of improvements.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Nuclear data measurements: new techniques and facilities to cover reactor nuclear data needs
  • Theory, modeling and evaluation of nuclear data
  • Evaluation in the resonance range, in particular the Unresolved Resonance Region format and formalism, in connection with the NEA/NSC/WPEC SG 32 'Unresolved resonance treatment for cross section and covariance representation'
  • Uncertainties and covariance matrices
  • Status and development of evaluation codes
  • Gamma production data for reactor physics
It is planned to have sessions with presentations of about forty minutes (including ten minutes discussions), and shorter talks of twenty-five minutes (including five minutes discussions), as well as space for posters during the workshop.