Workshop on Radiological Characterisation for Decommissioning

Nyköping, Sweden

17-19 April 2012

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Compilation of abstracts, papers, presentations and posters (88 MB)

Rapporteur’s Report
by Stefan Thierfeldt, Brenk Systemplanung GmbH, Germany


Tuesday 17 April 2012

Studsvik Group Opening address
by Anders Jackson, CEO

Opening session
Session Chair: Ivan Rehak, NEA

1. NEA Opening address
Chairman: Ivan Rehak (NEA)
2. IAEA perspectives on radiological characterisation
by Patrick O'Sullivan (IAEA)
(abstract), (presentation)
3. Generic overview of the status of characterisation and guidance for decommissioning
by Rateb (Boby) Abu-Eid (U.S. NRC)
(abstract), (presentation)
4. NEA Radiological characterisation - A WPDD Task Group
by Arne Larsson (Studsvik Nuclear AB, Sweden)
5. NEA Radiological characterisation in decommissioning - Evaluation of questionnaire
by Stefan Thierfeldt (presenter) , K. Haneke (Brenk Systemplanung GmbH, Germany)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)

Session A - Decommissioning, general issues
Session Chair: Arne Larsson (Studsvik, Sweden) and Frédéric Tardy (EDF, France)


History of radiological characterisation in Studsvik
by Robert Hedvall (AB SVAFO, Sweden)

(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
A.2 Radiological characterisation experience with Magnox reactors
by Bill A. Westall (presenter), Barbara Towton (presenter),(Magnox Ltd, U.K.)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)

Radiological characterisation and decommissioning in Denmark
by Thomas Nellemenn, (Danish Decommissioning, Denmark)

(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
A.4 Radiological characterisation - the Greifswald NPP approach
by Ronald Zimmer, Eberhard Thurow (presenter) (Energiewerke Nord GmbH, Germany)

(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
A.5 Decommissioning survey and site characterisation issues and lessons learned
by Rateb (boby) Abu-Eid (U.S. NRC)
(abstract), (presentation)

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Session B - Characterisation of materials and systems
Session Chair: Henrik Efraimsson (SSM)


Characterisation of metal in support of decommissioning a reactor site
by Christopher Hope (Sellafield Ltd., U.K.)

(abstract), (paper), (presentation)


Radiological characterisation of V1 NPP technological systems and buildings - Activation
by Kristina Kristofova (presenter), Tibor Rapant (AMEC Nuclear Sloviakia s.r.o., Slovakia), Jaroslav Svitek (JAVYS a.s., Slovakia)

(abstract), (paper), (presentation)


Sampling of reactor pressure vessel and core internals
by Ralf Oberhaeuser (Areva NP GmbH, Germany)

(abstract), (paper), (presentation)


Validation of activity determination codes and nuclide vectors by using results from processing of retired components and operational waste
by Klas Lundgren (presenter), Arne Larsson (presenter); (Studsvik Nuclear AB, Sweden)

(abstract), (paper), (presentation)

Session C - Characterisation of land and groundwater
Session Chair: Katherin Eilbeck (Sellafield Ltd.)


Approaches used for clearance of land from nuclear facilities among several countries; evaluation for regulatory input
by Robert A. Meck (Science and Technology Systems, LLC, U.S.)

(abstract), (paper), (presentation)


The Sellafield contaminated land and groundwater management project: Characterisation of a complex nuclear facility
by Julian Cruickshak (Sellafield Ltd., U.K.)

(abstract), (paper), (presentation)


Comparison between ex situ and in situ measurement methods for the assessment of radioactively contaminated land
by Peter Rostron (presenter), M.H. Ramsey (University of Sussex, U.K.)

(abstract), (paper), (presentation)


Soil radiological characterisation and remediation at CIEMAT
by Cristina Correa, Esther Garcia Tapias and José Leganés (Enresa, Spain)

(abstract), (paper), (presentation)

Session D - Characterisation of rooms and buildings
Session Chair: Yvon Desnoyers (Geovariances)


Radiological characterisation on V1 NPP technological systems and buildings - Contamination
by Richard Hanzel (presenter), Tibor Rapant (AMEC Nuclear Slovakia s.r.o. , Slovakia), Jaroslav Svitek (JAVYS a.s., Slovakia)

(abstract), (paper), (presentation)


Radiological mapping and characterisation at the Barsebäck nuclear power plant
by Leif Spanier (Scandpower AB), Lars Hakansson (Barsebäck Kraft AB, Sweden)

(abstract), (presentation)


Radiological characterisation by means of 3D-laser modelling and positioning of measurements
by Robert Hedvall (presenter), Patrik Johansson, Peter Erixon, Fredrik Ekenborg (AB SVAFO, Sweden), Feng Quanhong (presenter, MultiInfo 3D Laser Scan Solution AB, Sweden)

(abstract), (paper), (presentation)


Radiological characterisation of buildings at the Ranstad Uranium Works
by Jonatan Jiselmark (presenter); Klas Lundgren, (Studsvik Nuclear AB, Sweden); Tommy Nordberg (presenter), (Chalmers University of Technology Ola Värnild, OVKonsult I Västeras AB, Sweden)

(abstract), (paper), (presentation)

Session E - Sofware support, record keeping, quality assurance and logistics
Session Chair: Nieves Martin Palomo (Enresa)


Radiological characterisation - Know your objective
by Veronica Lindow (presenter) and Jennifer Möller (Vattenfall research & Development, Sweden)

(abstract), (paper), (presentation)


New software tool for dynamic radiological characterisation and monitoring in nuclear sites
by István Szöke [Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Hungary]

(abstract), (paper), (presentation)


Data analysis for radiological characterisation: Geostatistical and statistical complementarity
by Yvon Desnoyers (Geovariances, France) and Didier Dubot (CEA DSV, France)

(abstract), (paper), (presentation)

Poster session


A new iPad ‘App’ for 2012
by Rob Watts and Louise Carter (D3 Consulting Ltd., U.K.)



Bolero - Flexible decontamination system for walls and ceilings with subsequent contamination measurement
by  Jan van Wickeren (Studsvik GmbH & Co, KG, Sweden)

(abstract), (poster)


Clearance measurements as a tool for waste minimization during decommissioning
by Patrick Konnéus, Veronica Andersson and Maria Lindberg (Studsvik Nuclear AB, Sweden)

(abstract), (poster)


Freeze-dredging of radioactive waste - Dose savings and dewatering potential
by Susanne Rostmark, Jens Eriksson (Frigeo AB, Sweden) and Maria Lindberg (Studsvik Nuclear AB, Sweden)



Systematic handling of requirements and conditions
by Peter Keyser and Anita Helander (FAVEO Projektledning AB, Sweden)

(abstract), (poster)


Optimized determination of the radiological inventory during different phases of decommissioning
by Matthias Hillberg, Detlef Beltz (TÜV NORD EnSys,Germany) Oliver Karschnick (Ministerium für Justiz, Gleichstellung und Integration des Landes Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)

(abstract), (poster)


Characterisation of buildings concrete surfaces for decontamination and free-release at NPP A-1, Slovakia
by Alojz Slaninka and Ondrej Slávik (VUJE a.s., Slovakia)

(abstract), (paper), (poster), (presentation)


The Swedish nuclear industry way to approach higher demands on characterisation prior to clearance  
by Arne Larsson, Erik Hellsten, Malin Berglund (Studsvik Nuclear AB, Sweden) and Lars Larsson [Kärnkraftsäkerhet och Utbildning AB (KSU), Sweden]

(abstract), (poster)


Radiological characterisation and its role in the efficient management of low-level radioactive material supporting concurrent reuse, recycling and disposal  
by Jamie Townes, World Nuclear Association (WNA)

(abstract), (paper), (poster)


Characterisation of SVAFO's legacy, low level waste using non-destructive gamma assay and X-ray examination techniques
by Fredrik Ekenborg (AB SVAFO, Sweden)



New Swedish regulations for clearance of materials, rooms, buildings and land
by Henrik Efraimsson [Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM)]


Last reviewed: 3 October 2012