Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation

12th Information Exchange Meeting

Prague, Czech Republic | 24-27 September 2012

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Preliminary programme

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24 Sept. 2012

16:00 Registration
18:00 Welcome cocktail
19:00 End of registration and cocktail

25 Sept. 2012

9:00 Opening session Opening of the meeting (J. Uhlir) Welcome address (I. Jukl General Director of Economical Section, Ministry of Foreign Affaires of the Czech Republic) Welcome address (Th. Dujardin Acting Deputy Director General of NEA)

Session I: International and National programmes

9:10 United States P. Lyons
9:40 NEA
Th. Dujardin
10:00 EC D. Haas
10:20 France
D. Warin
10:40 --- Coffee break ---
11:10 Japan Kazufumi Tsujimoto
11:30 Russia M. Kormilitsyn
11:50 Korea S-W. Kwon
12:10 United Kingdom
R. Taylor
12:30 Czech Republic
J. Uhlir
12:50 Address of P. Solc Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
13:00 --- Time for lunch (13:00 – 14:30) ---

Session II: Fuel cycle strategies and transition scenarios

14:30 Scenarios for MA transmutation
C. Coquelet (France)
14:55 Westinghouse’s Fuel Cycle Strategy
F. Franceschini (United States)
15:20 Scenario for Closing Nuclear Power Generation
K. Nishihara (Japan)
15:45 --- Coffee break ---
16:15 Systematic Comparison of Fuel Cycle Options
T. Kim (United States)
16:40 17:05 17:30 Multinat. approach to the back-end fuel cycle
H. Noh (Korea) Impact of data uncertaint. on closed fuel cycle
V. Romanello (Germany) The INPRO GAINS Collaborative Project
B. Dixon (United States)
18:00 --- Meeting adjourned ---
19:00 Dinner (Ambassador - restaurant “Halali“)

26 Sept. 2012

Session III: Impact of P&T on geological disposal

8:30 Impact of MA transm. options on storage
C. Chabert (France)
8:55 Infl. of alternat. fuel cycles on disposal uncert.
M. Nutt (United States)

Session IV: Transm. Syst.: design, perform. and safety

9:20 Progress of the MYRRHA project
D. De Bruyn (Belgium)
9:45 Analysis of minor actinide incineration
B. Vezzoni (Germany)
10:10 --- Coffee break ---

Session V: Pyro and aqueous separation processes

10:40 P&T related activities in CRIEPI
M. Iizuka (Japan)
11:05 Co-processing of actinides in fuel cycles
J-P. Glatz (EC)
11:30 The EURATOM collaborative ACSEPT project
S. Bourg (France)
11:55 Reprocessing of spent nitride fuel
T. Satoh (Japan)
12:30 --- Time for lunch (12:30 – 14:00) ---

Session VI: Transmutation fuels and targets

14:00 MARIOS exp. on MA Bearing Blanket concept
E. D'Agata (EC)
14:25 Qualification of MA fuels for fast reactor
N. Chauvin (France)
17:00 Poster session with cocktail (Ambassador – Embassy room and Halali restaurant)

27 Sept. 2012

Session VI: Transmutation fuels and targets (cont.)

8:30 Metallic fuels for actinide transmutation
R. Kennedy (United States)
8:55 New process for dense U-Am-ox fuel fabr.
F. Lebreton (France)
9:20 Microwave gelation
C. Cozzo (Switzerland)
9:45 --- Coffee break ---

Session VII: Transm. physics, experim. and nuclear data

10:15 Material compat. and salt chemistry control
V. Ignatiev (Russia)
10:40 NEA group on integr. exp. for MA management
S. Okajima (Japan)
11:05 Impact of Thorium recovery fraction
B. Petrovic (United States)
11:30 J-Parc transmutation exp. Facility
T. Sasa (Japan)
12:30 --- Time for lunch (12:30 – 14:00) ---

Session VIII: Economics of P&T

14:00 Status of the EC project ARCAS
V. Romanello (Germany)
14:30 Nuclear Energy System Cost Modeling
B. Dixon (United States)
15:00 --- Coffee break ---

Summary session

15:30 Session chair summaries
16:15 General discussion, Invitation to 13th IEMPT (2014)
17:00 --- Meeting adjourned ---

Last reviewed: 14 September 2012