Seventh Information Exchange Meeting on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation

14-16 October 2002, Jeju (Korea)

Session IV: Progress In Materials: Spallation Targets and Advanced Coolants

The MEGAPIE Project - an Update (only abstract available)
F. Gröschel, A. Cadiou, G. Benamati, Th. Kirchner, J.C. Klein, J. Knebel, G. Laffont, L. Ni, B. Smith, A. Zucchini

Experimental Studies Supporting the Design of a 1 MW LBE Target
X. Cheng, C. Pettan, J.U. Knebel and H-Y. Chen

Stagnant Pb-Bi Corrosion Experiment for HYPER Materials
T-Y. Song, W-S. Park, G. Mueller, A. Heinzel and J. Konys

Forecasts of Void Swelling, Irradiation Creep and Tensile Properties of Ferritic-martensitic Steels Envisioned for Service in Accelerator-driven Devices (only abstract available)
F.A. Garner, M.B. Toloczko, Y.V. Konobeev and S. Maloy

The CIRCE Test Facility for Verification and Validation of the LBE-cooled XADS Concept Design Choices
L. Barucca, G. Gherardi and L. Mansani

Liquid Metal Target for a 5 MW Spallation Neutron Source (ESS) (only abstract available)
G.S. Bauer

Activities of UPV/EHU Concerning the TS-1 Target System Experiments
A. Peńa, A. Abánades, G. Esteban, F. Legarda and J. Sancho

Design of a LBE Spallation Target for Fast-thermal Accelerator-driven Sub-critical System (ADS)
P. Satyamurthy and K. Biswas

VICE: R&D Support for a Windowless Liquid Metal Spallation Target in MYRRHA
P. Schuurmans, P. Kupschus, A. Verstrepen, S. Coenen and H. Ait Abderrahim

The High Temperature Tensile Properties of Ferritic-martensitic and Austenitic Steels After Irradiation in an 800 MeV Proton Beam
S.A. Maloy, M.R. James and M.B. Toloczko

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