Seventh Information Exchange Meeting on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation

14-16 October 2002, Jeju (Korea)

Session III: Progress in Fuels and Targets

Requirements and Long-term Development Plan for Fast-spectrum Transmutation Fuels in the U.S.
D.C. Crawford, M.K. Meyer, S.L. Hayes and J.J. Laidler

Status of the CEA Programme on Fuels for Transmutation
G. Gaillard-Groleas and S. Pillon

Irradiation Test of U-free Nitride Fuel and Progress of Pyrochemistry in JAERI
Y. Arai, T. Iwai, K. Nakajima, O. Shirai, H. Kikuchi, H. Amezawa, H. Hayashi and K. Minato

The Preparation of the EFTTRA-T5 Americium Transmutation Experiment
D. Warin, R.J.M. Konings, D. Haas, P. Martin, J-M. Bonnerot, G. Vambenepe, R.P.C. Schram, J.C. Kuijper, K. Bakker and R. Conrad

Fabrication and Property Measurements of MA Nitride Fuels and LLFP Targets
M. Akabori, Y. Shirasu, M. Takano and K. Minato

A Study on Dispersion Type (U-10wt%Zr)-Zr Fuels and Alloy Type U-Zr Fuels
B-S. Lee, C-H. Cho, W-S. Park and C-T. Lee

The Comparison of the Performance for the Alloy Fuel and the Inter-metallic Dispersion Fuel by the MACSIS-H and the DIMAC
B-O. Lee, B-S. Lee and W-S. Park

Impact of the Curium Management on the Fabrication of MA-bearing Targets at an Industrial Scale in the Frame of a Mixed PWR and FR P&T Scenario
S. Pillon, S. Grandjean, F. Drain, N. Schmidt, J-M. Escleine, A. Ravenet, B. Valentin and C. de Saint Jean

Spinel Inert Matrix Fuel Testing at the HFR Petten
F.C. Klaassen, R.P.C. Schram, K. Bakker, E.A.C. Neeft, R. Conrad and R.J.M. Konings

Conception and Fabrication of Innovative Am-based Targets: The CAMIX/COCHIX Experiment
N. Schmidt, Y. Croixmarie, E. Abonneau, J-P. Ottaviani, L. Donnet, F. DesmouliŤre, R.J.M. Konings and A. FernŠndez

Experimental Transmutation of Neptunium in the BOR-60 Reactor in the Form of Vibropac UNpO2 Fuel
A.A. Mayorshin, A.V. Bychkov, M.V. Kormilitsyn, V.A. Kisly, O.V. Shishalov, V.N. Yefimov, I.Y. Zhemkov, A.A. Teykovtsev, V.G. Dvoretsky and A.E. Novoselov

Transport Properties of Molten-salt Reactor Fuel Mixtures: The Case of Na,Li,Be/F and Li,Be,Th/F Salts
V. Ignatiev, A. Merzlyakov, V. Afonichkin, V. Khokhlov and A. Salyulev

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