Seventh Information Exchange Meeting on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation

14-16 October 2002, Jeju (Korea)

Session I: Fuel Cycle Strategy and Future Reactors

Role of P&T on Permanent Disposal of HLW in Korea
Y-S. Hwang and J-H. Park

Long-term Issues Associated with Spent Nuclear Power Fuel Management Options
J-S. Lee, K. Fukuda, R. Burcl and M. Bell

Current Status of Czech R&D Programme in Partitioning and Transmutation
J. Uhlír, M. Hron, V. Priman and Z. Valvoda

Overview of the P&T Activities at Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
J.U. Knebel

Transmutation Capability of Once-through Critical or Sub-critical Molten-salt Reactors
E. Rodriguez-Vieitez, M. Lowenthal, E. Greenspan and J. Ahn .

Detailed Phase-out TRU Transmutation Scenarios Studies based on Fast Neutron ADS Systems
E. González and M. Embid-Segura

"ORIENT-CYCLE" - Evolutional Recycle Concept with Fast Reactor for Minimising High-level Waste
N. Takaki, Y. Shinoda, M. Watanabe and K. Yoshida

Analysis of Mass Flow and Cost for Double-strata Fuel Cycle
K. Nishihara and H. Takano

An Investigation of TRU Recycling with Various Neutron Spectrums
Y-N. Kim, H-C. Kim, C-Y. Han, J-K. Kim and W-S. Park

Saturation Condition and Evolution of the Nuclides for Sub-critical System Driven by Accelerator
S. Fan, H. Zhang and Z. Zhao

Transmutation of Long-lived Fission Products in a Sodium-cooled ATW System
Y. Kim, R.N. Hill, W-S. Yang and H. Khalil

Partitioning and Transmutation of Spent Nuclear Fuel by PEACER
B-G. Park, S-H. Jeong and I-S. Hwang

PWR to Accelerator driven System (ADS) Fuel Cycle Employing Dry Process
M. Iqbal, C-J. Jeong and G-H. Roh

Assessment of the Equilibrium State in Reactor-based Plutonium or Transuranics Multi-recycling
T.K. Kim, T.A. Taiwo, J.A. Stillmann, R.N. Hill and P.J. Finck

Use of Thorium for Transmutation of Plutonium and Minor Actinides in PWRs
E. Shwageraus, P. Hejzlar and M.S. Kazimi

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