JEFF Stakeholder Workshop

The NEA Data Bank held its first JEFF Stakeholder Workshop at the NEA conference centre in Boulogne-Billancourt on 6 and 7 June 2019.

Scope of the workshop:

The Data Bank wishes to engage at a strategy or decision-making level, with those institutional stakeholders that represent the end-users of nuclear data in different nuclear sectors.

It is under this context that the Management Board of the Data Bank (MBDAV) has endorsed the organization of a JEFF Stakeholders workshop with the objective to engage and re-strengthen the link of JEFF to the end-users of nuclear data, in particular within the industry or safety authorities, and to better engage with them from the start of the development of the future JEFF-4 release.

Objectives :

  • Review and state the needs and motivation that exists today to drive the development of new nuclear data libraries;
  • Communicate, at the highest level and for the benefit of a broad range of stakeholders, on the nuclear data activities that are co-ordinated by the NEA Data Bank in order to sustain the safe and effective use of nuclear technologies;
  • Launch discussions to explore potential new orientations or partnerships within JEFF and the NEA Data Bank that may facilitate the above expectations to be met;



JSW_1 Vision and motivation for JEFF-4 library A. Plompen EC/JRC Geel
JSW_2 Do computation codes dream of nuclear data? G. Grassi Orano (France)
JSW_3 Shearing and dissolving irradiated fuel elements down to nuclear data A. Launay Orano (France)
JSW_4 Changing nuclear data libraries: impact on the calculation chain in industry Ch. Schneidesch Tractebel Engie (Belgium)
JSW_5 Requirements on decay heat and source term calculations for dry storage cask loading M. Seidl PreussenElektra (Germany)
JSW_6 The role of nuclear data on spent fuel characterisation from the perspective of geological disposal S. Caruso NAGRA (Switzerland)
JSW_7 Need for nuclear data management for the characterisation of spent nuclear fuel A. Sjoland SKB (Sweden)
JSW_8 French Nuclear data development priorities for JEFF-4 C. de Saint Jean CEA (France)
JSW_9 Nuclear data needs for MYRRHA and MINERVA P. Baeten SCK-CEN (Belgium)
JSW_10 Expectations of nuclear data from Spanish end-users F. Alvarez CIEMAT (Spain)
JSW_11 Nuclear data needs for fusion research in UK L. Packer CCFE (UK)
JSW_12 Nuclear data needs of astrophysical interest for JEFF-4 R. Reifarth Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany)
JSW_13 Are Nuclear Data Important to the Swiss Regulator? M. Zimmermann ENSI (Switzerland)
JSW_14 Nuclear Data at IRSN: from safety assessment to research  S. Evo IRSN (France)
JSW_15 ASN's involvement in the nuclear safety and radioprotection research strategy K. Tack ASN (France)
JSW_16 Delivering ENDF libraries to end-users : the Nuclear Data pipeline D. Brown BNL (USA)
JSW_17 Current and future development of JENDL O. Iwamoto JAEA (Japan)
JSW_18 Future of BROND and nuclear data activities in Russia O. Gruzdevich IPPE (Russia)
JSW_19 Nuclear Data Usage at Studsvik Scandpower: Past Present and Future Ch. Wemple Studsvik Scandpower (USA)
JSW_20 Enhancing the Data Bank’s role in supporting the nuclear data V&V process F. Michel-Sendis NEA Data Bank
JSW_21 Novel approach towards nuclear data with the ARIEL project R. Nolte PTB (Germany)

Meeting Secretariat

For more information about this meeting please contact at NEA.

Organising Committee

  • C. De Saint Jean (CEA, France)
  • O. Grudzevich (IPPE, Russia)
  • O. Iwamoto (JAEA, Japan)
  • R. Jacqmin(CEA, France)
  • A. Plompen (EC/JRC)
  • D. Rochman (PSI, Switzerland)
  • G. Van den Eynde (SCK-CEN, Belgium)
  • A. Zaetta (CEA, France)