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Submitting a computer program to the NEA Data Bank

You developed a code with an application in nuclear science and technology and you are willing to share it worldwide through the NEA Data Bank? First, thank you!

Here are a few steps to guide you through the submission process:

  1. Make sure your institution agrees with an NEA Data Bank distribution. If your code is of possible "double-use", please contact your national export control to first obtain the clearance for an NEA Data Bank distribution
  2. Broad distribution means that complete beginners will attempt to use your code. Thus, you are kindly asked to prepare the relevant support material:
    • User's manual
    • Installation guide
    • Test problem input and output files
    Report on the validation procedure used and information on validation/benchmarking and the reference peer-reviewed publication(s) are also valuable support material.
    If you know of any document relevant to your code (such as reports describing benchmarking, experience, applications) but not available from you, please provide details of its reference.
  3. Read the NEA Data Bank restrictions, which apply to all NEA Data Bank distributed programs. One non-disputable rule is that all NEA Data Bank participating must be treated equally. Please contact us if you have any question on the distribution rules
  4. Fill an abstract in. You can download the template here
  5. Upon reception of your package, the CPS team will test your code, i.e. try to install it and verify it runs smoothly on modern computers. The code will then be made available online.

If you have any question at any step of the process, please feel free to for clarifications.

Creating a user community around your computer program

The NEA Data Bank offers code authors the possibility to host a forum. Code authors will be in charge of answering the technical question and the moderation. The development of a private code-repository for the automated update and collaborative code-development is on-going.

If you are willing to organise a training course and/or a user-workshop, the NEA Data Bank might offer support for the organisation. You can also visit our training courses page.

Please if you are interested.

Last modified: 23 July 2024