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Benchmark and databases for data and code validation

Maintained by the NEA division of Nuclear Science (Nuclear Science Committee)

ICSBEP: International Criticality Safety Benchmark Evaluation Project

The primary purpose of this project is to compile critical and subcritical benchmark experiment data into a standardised format that allows criticality safety analysts to easily use the data to validate calculation tools and cross-section libraries.

The work of the ICSBEP is documented in the International Handbook of Evaluated Criticality Safety Benchmark Experiments (ICSBEP Handbook).

IFPE: International Fuel Performance Experiments database

The aim of this project is to provide a comprehensive and well-qualified database on fuels, mostly Zr clad UO2 fuel but not exclusively, for model development and code validation. The data encompasses both normal and off-normal operation and include prototypic commercial irradiations as well as experiments performed in Material Testing Reactors.

To request this database, please read the guidelines here.

IRPhE: International Reactor Physics Experiments Project

This project aims to provide the nuclear community with qualified benchmark data sets by collecting reactor physics experimental data from nuclear facilities, worldwide.

The work of the IRPhE is documented in the International Handbook of Reactor Physics Experiment Evaluation (IRPhE Handbook).

SINBAD: Radiation shielding and dosimetry experiments database

This database is aiming to collect a unique set of experiments for the validation and benchmarking of computer codes and nuclear data used for radiation transport and shielding problems; for the needs of today and tomorrow.

Last modified: 06 December 2018