Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation

11th Information Exchange Meeting

San Francisco, United States
1-4 November 2010


Poster sessions

Session I: Fuel cycle strategies and transition scenarios

I-1 M.A. Brown, A.V. Gelis, A. Paulenova, G.F. Vandegrift
Aqueous complexation and interactions of selected trivalent lanthanides with citric acid at varying ionic strengths
I-2 E.A. Hoffman, T.A. Taiwo
Understanding the trade-offs between centralised and distributed recycle facilities
I-3 J. Lapka, E. Wade, A. Paulenova
Effect of gamma-radiolysis on the synergistic extraction behaviour of diamides of dipicolinic acid and chlorinated cobalt dicarbollide
I-4 S.J. Piet, N.R. Soelberg, S.E. Bays, R.S. Cherry, L.F. Pincock, E.L. Shaber,
M.C. Teague, G.M. Teske, K.G. Vedros, C. Pereira, D. Djoki
Analysing losses: Transuranics into waste and fission products into recycled fuel
I-5 S.J. Piet, E.A. Hoffman, S.E. Bays
Implications of fast reactor transuranic conversion ratio
I-6 S.J. Piet, S.E. Bays, M.A. Pope, G.J. Youinou, E.A. Hoffman
Sustained recycle in light water and sodium-cooled reactors
I-7 G. Van den Eynde, H. Aït Abderrahim, P. Baeten, D. De Bruyn
The ADS programme in Belgium – MYRRHA and the associated fuel cycle research (Abstract only)
I-8 B. Vezzoni, M. Salvatores, F. Gabrielli, V. Romanello,
A. Schwenk-Ferrero, W. Maschek, G. Forasassi

Analysis of a perspective Italian fuel cycle: LWR introduction and advanced fuel cycles
I-9 B. Vezzoni, F. Gabrielli, A. Schwenk-Ferrero, V. Romanello, W. Maschek, M. Salvatores
Impact of MA content on breeding gain definition for innovative fast reactor fuel
I-10 D. Yun, T.K. Kim, T.A. Taiwo
Th/233U multi-recycle in pressurised water reactors: Feasibility study of multiple homogeneous/heterogeneous assembly designs

Session II: Waste forms and geological disposal

II-1 C.D. Di Sanzo, J-H. Ahn
Environmental impact analysis for fusion-fission transmutation systems
II-2 R.T. Jubin, W.S. Aaron, C. Ausmus, E.D. Collins, V.F. de Almeida,
G.D. Del Cul, J.A. Johnson, B.D. Patton, R.J. Vedder, S.L. Voit, C.F. Weber

Development of advanced cermet waste forms
II-3 S. Kanome, H. Mimura, Y. Niibori
Selective uptake of caesium by mordenite enclosing AMP microcapsules
II-4 A. Murao, H. Mimura, Y. Niibori, I. Yamagishi, M. Ozawa
Selective adsorption of caesium by hybrid microcapsules enclosing AWP
II-5 T. Burchell, P. Pappano
Recycle and reuse of HTGR graphite (Abstract only)
II-6 N. Soelberg, S. Piet
Radioactive waste streams from various potential nuclear fuel cycle options
II-7 S. Tomiyama, H. Mimura, Y. Niibori, I. Yamagishi, Y. Morita
Immobilisation of caesium by zeolites and characterisation of ceramic solid forms
II-8 B.P. van den Akker, J-H. Ahn
The performance of Deep Burn TRISO spent fuel in a geological repository
II-9 H-S. Jung, S-Y. Choi, S-Y. Kim, K-J. Lee, I-S. Hwang
Deep geological repository performance of low- and intermediate-level wastes from PyroGreen-PEACER system

Session III: Transmutation fuels and targets

III-1 S. Béjaoui, J. Lamontagne, E. Esbelin, J-M. Bonnerot, M. Masson, L. Loubet, E. Brunon, P. Bourdot
ECRIX-H experiment: Post-irradiation examinations and simulations
III-2 R. Calabrese, F. Vettraino, C. Artioli, V. Sobolev, R. Thetford
Under irradiation issues of a heterogeneous fuel bearing minor actinides:
Fuel codes results
III-3 W.J. Carmack, D.L. Porter, S.L. Hayes
The EBR-II X447 high-temperature U-10Zr metal alloy experiment
III-4 V. Ignatiev, O. Feynberg
Molten salt reactor: Overview and perspectives
III-5 S. Picart, E. Remy, H. Mokhtari, A. Jankowiak, J-P. Bayle, I. Jobelin, J. Dauby, S. Grandjean
Uranium/minor actinide co-conversion to fuel starting materials for transmutation in Gen‑IV sodium fast reactor
III-6 J.R. Kennedy, M.K. Fig, D. Hurley, J.I. Cole, D.E. Janney
Advanced measurement techniques for highly radioactive fuels and materials
III-7 L. Popa-Simil
Quasi-nano-clustered fuel for enhanced transmutation products separation
III-8 L. Popa-Simil
Engineered-micro-hetro-structured self-separative fuel
III-9 O. Runevall, N. Sandberg, J. Wallenius
Modelling temperature and radiation-induced diffusion in transmutation targets
III-10 G. Skarnemark, C. Ekberg, M. Jolkkonen, J. Wallenius
The new laboratory for development of advanced nuclear fuels at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
III-11 M. Wohlmuther (on behalf of the MEGAPIE collaboration)
The dismantling of the MEGAPIE target

Session IV: Pyro and aqueous processes

IV-1 A. Geist, U. Müllich, G. Modolo, A. Wilden
Selective aqueous complexation of actinides with hydrophilic BTP and BTBP: Towards improved i-SANEX processes
IV-2 S-J. Lee, Y-H. Kang, S-B. Park, S-C. Hwang, J-G. Kim
Study on electrorefining of uranium focusing on anodic dissolution
IV-3 S-H. Kim, S. Paek, T-J. Kim, D-S. Yoon, J-B. Shim, D-H. Ahn, K-R. Kim, J-H. Jung, H. Lee
Deposition behaviours of uranium and rare-earth element depending on the electrolytic deposition technique
IV-4 Y. Koma, Y. Sano, K. Nomura, S. Watanabe, T. Matsumura, Y. Morita
Development of the extraction chromatography system for separation of americium and curium
IV-5 J. Li, M-S. Yim, D. McNelis
Computational fluid dynamics modelling of an electrorefiner for spent fuel partitioning
IV-6 L.R. Martin, B.J. Mincher, S.P. Mezyk
Radiolysis effects on TALSPEAK chemistry (Abstract only)
IV-7 T. Matsumura, Y. Morita, K. Matsumura, Y. Sano, Y. Koma, K. Nomura
Americium and curium separation from simulated acidic raffinate from the reprocessing process by extraction chromatography
IV-8 M. Nilsson, O. Jan, W. Luc, A.J. Shaka, G.E. Miller
Alternative method for degradation studies by alpha radiolysis
IV-9 C. Nourry, L. Cassayre, R. Malmbeck, E. Mendes, P. Souček, J-P. Glatz
Chlorination route for recovery of actinides from actinide-aluminium alloys
IV-10 S-B. Park, S-C. Hwang, S-J. Lee, S-Y. Choi, Y-H. Kang, J-G. Kim, H-S. Lee
Study on the upper current limit according to the anode dissolution in a high throughput electrorefiner
IV-11 P. Paviet-Hartmann, W. Kerlin, S. Bakhtiar
Treatment of gaseous effluents issued from recycling: A review of the current practices and prospective improvements
IV-12 D.R. Peterman, B.J. Mincher, C.L. Riddle, R.D. Tillotson, J.D. Law
Continuing studies of the effects of gamma irradiation on a TBP process solvent
IV-13 M. Precek, A. Paulenova
Studies of the interactions of nitrous acid in the redox system of neptunium in nitric acid solutions
IV-14 T. Satoh, K. Nishihara, H. Hayashi, M. Kurata, Y. Arai
Development of the process flow diagram of the pyrochemical reprocessing of spent nitride fuel for ADS
IV-15 H. Tanaka, T. Kawamoto, M. Asai, Y. Kimura, M. Kurihara, M. Watanabe, M. Arisaka, T. Nankawa
Electrochemical cation adsorption/desorption control of nanoparticle film of Prussian blue type complexes
IV-16 P. Zalupski, L. Martin
TALSPEAK curve: An illustration of a see-saw effect in separations
IV-17 J-Y. Park, S-Y. Choi, K-R. Kim, I-S. Hwang
Benchmark of Mark-IV electrorefiner using 3-D computational electrochemo-
hydrodynamic model
(Abstracvt only)

Session V: Transmutation physics and materials

V-1 P. Hosemann, Y. Dai, E. Stergar, S.A. Maloy
Small-scale materials testing on irradiated materials for nuclear applications and the investigation of new materials concepts
V-2L. Popa-Simil
Nano-micro-hetro-structured spallation thin target
V-3 T. Stummer, M. Blanc, B. Pouchin
Study of uranium americium oxide behaviour under high helium production conditions at the Jules Horowitz reactor
V-4 G. Mueller, A. Weisenburger, A. Jianu, A. Heinzel
FeCrAl-based corrosion barriers for HLM-cooled systems

Session VI: Transmutation systems: Design, performance and safety

VI-1 N. Aizawa, T. Iwasaki, F. Kubo
Analysis of fuel failure on beam transient of accelerator-driven system
VI-2 G. Bandini, P. Meloni, M. Polidori
Analysis of the heat exchanger tube rupture accident in the XT-ADS reactor with the SIMMER-III code
VI-3 S. Bays, S. Piet
The effect of burn-up and separation efficiency on uranium utilisation and radiotoxicity
VI-4 E.D. Collins, C.W. Alexander, D.E. Benker, J.P. Renier
Analogies of experience in the United States Transuranium Element Production Program with partitioning and transmutation of transuranic actinides in commercial used fuels
VI-5 G. Glinatsis
Fast reactors in minor actinide management
VI-6 K. Biß, K. Bongardt, P. Bourauel, H. Cura, F. Esser, W. Greiner, S. Hamzic, J. Kettler,
N. Kolev, R. Maier, I. Mishustin, G. Modolo, R. Nabbi, R. Nies, I. Pshenichnov,
M. Rossbach, N. Shetty, B. Thomauske, A. Wank, J. Wolters

Advanced Gas-cooled Accelerator-driven Transmutation Experiment – AGATE
VI-7 S.J. Piet, S.E. Bays, N.R. Soelberg
HTGR technology family assessment for a range of fuel cycle missions
VI-8 W.M. Stacey, C.M. Sommer, T.S. Sumner, B. Petrovic, S.M. Ghiaasiaan, C.L. Stewart
SABR fusion-fission hybrid fast burner reactor based on ITER
VI-9 M.D. DeHart, H. Zhang, E. Shaber, M.A. Jessee
A study of fast reactor fuel transmutation in a candidate dispersion fuel design

Last reviewed: 31 May 2012