Third International Conference

Fatigue of Reactor Components

Seville, Spain 3-6 October 2004



SESSION 1: General program overview

SESSION 2a : Load determination in thermal fatigue

SESSION 2b : Laboratory experiments for thermal fatigue / Panel discussion on thermal fatigue

SESSION 3 : Environmental effects / Panel discussion on environmental effect

SESSION 4 : Codes rules and guidelines

SESSION 5 : Engineering Consideration/Industrial applications

SESSION 6: Conference Conclusions


Sunday October 3, 2004

18:00 Registration at the hotel of the Conference
19:30 to 21:00 Cocktail party

Monday October 4, 2004

08:30 Registration (Cont'd)
09:00 Welcome CSN Commissioner Mr Barcelo
09:10 Welcome OECD,  Eric Mathet 
09:20 Welcome NRC, Bill Cullen
09:30 Welcome  EPRI, John Carey

SESSION 1 : General program overview

Chairs: Mr Castelao (CSN, SPN), Dr Bartonicek (EnBW Kernkraft, GER)
09:40 French program overview     (C. Faidy, FR)
09:50 Japanese program Overview (M. Higuchi, JPN)
10:00 Fatigue degradation in piping system of german nuclear power plants  (J. Bartonicek, F. Schockle, GER, and al. )
10:15 Overview of EPRI material reliability project fatigue activities  (L.L. Spain, USA, and al.)
10:30 Coffee break

SESSION 2a : Load determination in thermal fatigue

Chairs: Mr Deardorff (SIA, USA), Dr Curtit (EdF, FR)
10:45 Hydro - thermal - mechanical analysis of thermal fatigue in mixing Tee  (S. Chapuliot and al., FR)
11:00 Numerical simulation study of high cycle thermal fatigue caused by thermal stripping (Lin-Wen Hu and al., USA)
11:20 Load determination in thermal fatigue using Computation Fluid Dynamics analysis    (M. Schippers and al., GER)
11:40 Case study on thermal fatigue potential in a T-Joint    (K. Calonius, J. Solin and al., FIN)
12:00 Investigation of flow structure and temperature fluctuation in a closed branch pipe connected to main pipe (A. Nakamura, JPN)
12:20 Fatigue damage analysis of unexpected thermal transients in mixing zone of T-junction on surge piping system (L. Junek, CR)
12:40 Lunchtime 

SESSION 2b : Laboratory experiments for thermal fatigue

Chairs: Dr Chapuliot (CEA, FR), Dr Jeong (KEPCO, KR)
14:00 OECD benchmark on thermal fatigue problem (S. Chapuliot and al., FR)
14:20 INTHERPOL thermal fatigue test  (F. Curtit, FR)
14:40 Advances in thermal fatigue investigations performed by CEA for French PWR pipings (A. Fissolo and al., FR)
15:00 Measurement of shallow crack growth during thermal fatigue of 316L tubular test pieces (E. Paffumi, EC, N. Taylor, EC, M. Bache)
15:20 Fatigue-induced Martensite in Different Qualities of the Austenitic Stainless Steel AISI 321  (D. Kalkhof, SWT)
15:40 Non destructive characterisation of early fatigue damage in the austenitic stainless steels AISI 304L, AISI321 ans AISI 347 by use of micro magnetic NDT (G. Dobmann and al, GER)

Panel discussion on thermal fatigue chaired by Mr Faidy (EdF, FR)

17:00 End of the first day 

Tuesday October 5, 2004


SESSION 3 : Environmental effects

Chairs: Dr Hickling (EPRI, USA), Mr Lapena (CIEMAT, SPN)
09:00 Effects of LWR coolant environments on fatigue crack initiation in carbon and low-alloy steels, austenitic stainless steels and alloy 600 (O.K Chopra and W.J. Shack, USA - Presented by W. Cullen, USNRC)
09:20 Effect  of water flow rate on fatigue life of carbon and stainless steels in simulated LWR environment (A. Hirano and al., JPN)
09:20 Environmental Effects On Fatigue Life Of Type 316 Stainless Steel In High Temperature Water    (H. Cho and al., KR)
09:40 Environmental fatigue testing of stainless steel pipe bends in flowing, simulated PWR primary water at 240°C (R. Kilian, GER, and al.)
10:00 Environmental fatigue test on cast stainless steels under PWR conditions    (I. Jeong and al., KR)
10:20 Coffee break
10:40 Low cycle fatigue behaviour of 316 NG alloy in PWR environment   (J. Solin and al., FIN)
11:00 Corrosion fatigue crack growth of austenitic stainless steel in PWR primary coolant at low frequency (D. Tice, UK, and al.)
11:20 Strain controlled fatigue of 304L SS in air and PWR water   (H. D. Solomon, USA, and al.)
Chairs: Dr Kalkhof (PSI, SWT), TBD
11:40 Development of a corrosion fatigue crack growth relationship for alloy steel pressure vessels in BWR environment (S. Ranganath, USA, and al.)
12:00 Crack growth rate of low alloy steels under BWR conditions. Effect of temperature and hold time (J. Lapena, SPN, et al.)
12:20 Low alloy steel EAC corrosion fatigue relationships for BWR environment (H.S.Mehta, USA)
12:40 Corrosion fatigue crack growth behaviour of low alloy RPV and piping steels under BWR conditions (H.P. Seifert, GER, and al.)
13:00 Lunchtime 

Panel discussion on environmental effect chaired by Dr Nickell (USA)

15:40 End of the Second day 
17:00 Tour of Seville, Visit of Casa Pilatos and of the barrio de Santa Cruz (The visit of Los Reales Alcazares had to be canceled because the Royal Family will stay there from the 5th)
20:00 Dinner hosted by the CSN

Wednesday October 6, 2004


SESSION 4 : Codes rules and guidelines

Chairs: Dr K. Nilsson (JRC, EC), TBD
09:00 Development of evaluation method of fatigue damage on operating plant components in considering environmental effect of LWR coolant (M. Higuchi, JPN)
09:20 Experimental dadabase to evaluate different parameters influencing the S/N curve  (E. Roos, GER, and al.)
09:40 Thermal Fatigue Management Guideline For Normally Stagnant Non-Isolable RCS Branch Lines (A.F. Deardorff, USA, and al.)
10:00 Thermal cycling Screening criteria and evaluation methodology and application to pressurized water reactor branch line piping (J. D. Keller, USA, and al.- Presented by A.F. Deardorff, USA)
10:20 Thermal fatigue due to stratification and thermal shock loading in piping (E. Roos, GER, and al.)
10:40 Current status of develoment on codes for fatigue evaluation in JSME (T. Nakamura, JPN, and al. - Presented by M. Higuchi)
11:00 Coffee break

SESSION 5 : Engineering Consideration/Industrial applications

Chairs: Dr Kilian (FRA-anp, GER), Dr Solin (VTT, FIN)
11:40 A survey of current US nuclear plant fatigue issues (A. Deardorff, USA, and al.)
12:00 Thermal Fatigue In Mixing Areas: Status And Justification Of French Assessment Method (C. Faidy, FR)
12:20 Stratification phenomenon in the pressurizer surge line and its influence on low cycle fatigue  (I. Lopos, SK, and al.)
12:40 Lunchtime 
14:20 Fatigue analyses as aids for the monitoring. Possibilities and limitations(S. Dittmar, GER, , C. Hüttner and al.)
14:40 Fatigue evaluation for the socket weld in nuclear power plants   (H.D. Chung, KR, and al.) (Paper will be available but will not be presented)
15:00 Fatigue monitoring and evaluation. Programmes and results for several German NPPs (W. Kohlpaintner, GER)

SESSION 6: Conference Conclusions

16:20 Closure


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