International WPNE Workshop on the

Role of Electricity Price Stability and Long-Term Financing for Nuclear New Build

The one-day workshop held at the OECD Headquarters in Paris on 19 September 2013, brought together some of the leading experts in the economics and financing of energy infrastructures and new nuclear plants. It served to take stock of new analytical work as well as of current practical experiences and gathered nearly 75 invited experts from academic, industry, international organisations and government. This workshop was part of a wider project on the “Review of Nuclear New Build in Relation to Project Structure, Supply Chain and Financing”, being undertaken by the NEA’s Nuclear Development Committee.

The workshop was organised into the following five sessions:

  1. The NPP Financing Challenge (Modelling Results)
  2. Perspectives on Nuclear New Build from the Financial Community
  3. Strategies for Managing Financial Risk in Nuclear New Build
  4. Cases studies on Financing and Electricity Price Arrangements: Financing the Ukkuyu NPP (Turkey), Financing the Barakah NPP (United Arab Emirates), The Alvin W. Vogtle Electric Generating Plant (the United States)
  5. Roundtable on Lessons for Future Nuclear New Build Projects

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Last reviewed: 14 October 2013