International WPNE Workshop on the

Role of Electricity Price Stability and Long-Term Financing for Nuclear New Build

General documents


Session 1 – The NPP Financing Challenge (Modelling Results)

1.1. What Price Stability? The Value of Price Stability for Different Power Generation Technologies, (presentation) Jan Horst Keppler NEA Nuclear Development Division

1.2. The Impact of Different Financing Structures on Investor Risk, (presentation) Marco Cometto, NEA Nuclear Development Division

1.3. Management of Financial Risks in Nuclear Power Plants, (presentation) Paul Warren, International Atomic Energy Agency

1.4. An Extended Evaluation Framework for Nuclear Power Plants – A Dynamic DCF and Real Options Approach, (presentation) Michael Samis, Ernst and Young

Session 2 – Perspectives on Nuclear New Build from the Financial Community

2.1. A Dynamic Approach to Financial Risks in Nuclear New Build, (presentation) John Parsons, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

2.2. Nuclear Generation’s Effect on Credit Quality – Moody’s Perspective on Operating Risks and New Build, (presentation) Paul Lund, Moody’s Investor Service

2.3. Under Which Conditions Are Pension Funds and other Infrastructure Investors Interested in Nuclear New Build? (presentation) Dominic Holt, KPMG Infrastructure

2.4. Financing an NPP: Thoughts on Reputational Risk: (presentation) Discussion moderated by Paul Murphy, Milbank

Session 3 – Strategies for Managing Financial Risk in Nuclear New Build

3.1. The Role of Export Credits in NPP Financing, (presentation) Satoru Koyama, Nippon Export and Investment Insurance

3.2. The Role of Long-Term Electricity Price Guarantees in NPP Economics, (presentation) Yves Giraud, électricité de France

3.3. What Are Vendors Looking for in NPP Finance? (presentation) Didier Beutier and Jean-Hugues Perréard, Areva

3.4. The Role of Development Banks and Government in NPP Finance: Discussion moderated by Istvan Szabo, European Investment Bank

Session 4 – Case Studies on Financing and Electricity Price Arrangements

4.1. Financing the Akkuyu NPP in Turkey, (presentation) Marco Cometto, NEA Nuclear Development Division

4.2. Financing the Barakah NPP in the United Arab Emirates, (presentation) Sang Baïk Kim, NEA Nuclear Development Division

4.3. The Alvin W. Vogtle Electric Generating Plant, Georgia, United States, (presentation) Matt Crozat, Department of Energy, United States

Session 5 – Roundtable on Lessons for Future Nuclear New Build Projects

Participants: Ron Cameron, NEA Nuclear Development Division; François Lévêque, école des Mines, France, John Parsons (MIT), Xavier Rollat (Senior Energy Advisor); Geoffrey Rothwell, NEA Nuclear Development Division; Paul Warren, International Atomic Energy Agency.


Last reviewed: 19 December 2013