Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 91

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The post-Fukushima Daiichi response: The role of the Convention on Nuclear Safety in strengthening the legal framework for nuclear safety by Peri Lynne Johnson 7
Adequate protection after the Fukushima Daiichi accident: A constant in a world of change by Commissioner William C. Ostendorff and Kimberly A. Sexton 23
Safer nuclear energy through a higher degree of internationalisation? International involvement versus national sovereignty by Norbert Pelzer 43
Special report on the Second Annual Meeting of the Nuclear Law Association, "India's nuclear energy sector: Business opportunities and legal challenges", 2 March 2013, Mumbai, India 89

Case law


Judicial review of Ontario Power Generation's Darlington new nuclear power plant project licence to prepare site 105


Court of Appeal of Toulouse, 3 December 2012, Judgement No. 1200867, Golfech – Prosecution for accidental spillage of radioactive effluents 106
Court of Cassation, Criminal Chamber, 20 November 2012, Decision No. 11-87531 106


Ruling from India's Supreme Court in a public interest litigation regarding Kundankulam 107


Unlimited-duration operating licence granted to the Mühleberg nuclear power plant 108

United States

Judgment of the Court of Appeals for the first circuit upholding NRC's consideration of wind power as alternative to relicensing under NEPA 108
Judgment of the Court of Appeals for the second circuit upholding NRC's authority to issue exemptions and remanding for consideration of public participation in preparation of environmental assessment and finding of no significant impact 109
Judgment of the Court of Appeals for the first circuit upholding NRC's decision not to reopen or suspend Pilgrim relicensing proceeding 110
Judgment of the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit Vacating the NRC's Transfer of Authority to State of New Jersey over Cleanup of Manufacturing Site 111
Judgment of the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit Upholding the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)'s Issuance of Combined Operating Licence and Amended Design Certification 112

National legislative and regulatory activities


Licensing and regulatory infrastructure 115


Licensing and regulatory infrastructure 115
Nuclear security 116
Nuclear safety and radiological protection 116
International co-operation 117


General legislation 118
Radiation protection 120
Nuclear Safety 120
Transport of radioactive material 121
Regulations on nuclear trade (including non-proliferation) 121


International co-operation 121
Nuclear safety and radiological protection 122


General legislation 123

United States

Issuance of the "Strategy for the Management and Disposal of Used Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste" 123
Ongoing activities 126
Physical protection of byproduct material final rulemaking 127
Update on the NRC's response to the events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear site regarding filtered vents and consideration of economic consequences 128

Intergovernmental organisation activities

European Atomic Energy Community

Non-legislative instruments 131
Other activities 132

International Atomic Energy Agency

Convention on Nuclear Safety 133
Joint Convention 133
Working Group of Experienced Officers of the CNS and the Joint Convention 133
International Expert Group on Nuclear Liability 134
Legislative assistance activities 134
Handbook on Nuclear Law – Volume III 134
Workshops for diplomats on nuclear law 134

OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

Russian Federation joins the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency 135

Documents and legal texts

United Arab Emirates

Federal Law by Decree No. 4 of 2012 concerning civil liability for nuclear damage 137


The Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act 2010 145

Republic of Moldova

Law No. 132 of 08.06.2012 on the safe conduct of nuclear and radiological activities 161

News briefs

The 2013 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference, 8-9 April 2013, Washington DC


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