Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 87

Complete issue


International nuclear law in the 25 years between Chernobyl and Fukushimaand beyond, by Selma Kuş 6
Regulatory and institutional framework in Japan against the background of Fukushima, by the Legal Affairs Section of the OECD/NEA 27
Legal and regulatory aspects of long-term operation of nuclear power plants in OECD member countries, by Sam Emmerechts, Christian Raetzkeand Benjamin Okra 45
Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage (CSC) and harmonisation of nuclear liability law within the European Union, by Ben McRae 73

Case law


Decision of the Administrative Court in Strasbourg on the permanent shutdown of the Fessenheim nuclear power plant 87

United States

Judgment of a US Court of Appeals on public access to sensitive securityinformation and consideration of the environmental impacts of terroristattacks on nuclear facilities 88
Judgment of a US District Court on an exemption from fire safety regulations 90

National legislative and regulatory activities


Amendment of the Act on classification and security clearances, certifications and security notifications 93

Czech Republic

Resolution of the government of the Czech Republic on the time schedule ofpreparatory works for enlarging the nuclear power plant TemelĂ­n 94


Temporary Amendment to the Nuclear Liability Act 97


Merchant Shipping Act 97


Emergency Ordinance on the identification, designation and protection ofcritical infrastructures 98
Emergency Ordinance on the control regime of dual-use items 98
Amendment to the Act on the safe conduct of nuclear activities 99
Nuclear safety norms on design and construction of nuclear power plants andnuclear safety norms on siting of nuclear power plants 99

United Kingdom

Establishment of the Office for Nuclear Regulation 100

United States

Waste Confidence Decision and Rule Update 100
Response to recent events in Japan 101

News briefs

European Atomic Energy Community

EU response to the nuclear accident in Japan 103
14th and 15th plenary meetings of ENSREG 103
International Symposium on Standards, Applications and Quality Assurance in Medical Radiation Dosimetry 104

International Atomic Energy Agency

Fifth review meeting of the Convention on Nuclear Safety 104
International Expert Group on Nuclear Liability 106
Open-ended meeting of technical and legal experts on the Code of Conducton the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources 107
Ministerial conference on nuclear safety 108

International Nuclear Law Association

20th Nuclear Inter Jura 109

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

50th anniversary 109

OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

G8-G20 extended meeting on nuclear energy 109
New education programme in international nuclear law 110
NEA membership 111


List of correspondents

Last reviewed: 6 May 2013