Nuclear Data Services

The primary goal of the NEA in this area is to disseminate nuclear data and associated documentation to member country users. In order to accomplish this goal, the NEA is currently:

To this end, the NEA maintains and offers internet access to a number of databases containing:

The same databases are accessible using the standalone JANIS application (about JANIS).

The data offered may be broadly separated into two main types;

Main projects and activities

The JEFF Project (including EFF and EAF)

The production, distribution and testing of the Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion (JEFF) Nuclear Data Library is a collaborative project between the countries participating in the NEA Data Bank.

The Working Party on Evaluation Co-operation (WPEC)

The Working Party is established to promote the exchange of information on nuclear data evaluations, measurements, nuclear model calculations, validation, and related topics, and to provide a framework for co-operative activities between the participating projects.

High Priority Nuclear Data Request List (HPRL)

One of the subgroups of WPEC is responsible for drawing up the High Priority Nuclear Data Request List. This list is designed to provide guidance to those managing the measurement and evaluation programmes on the requirements for improved nuclear data for applications, primarily (but not exclusively) in nuclear power technology.

The Nuclear Reaction Data Centres (NRDC) Network

The NRDC is a world-wide co-operation of nuclear data centres, under the auspices of the International Atomic Energy Authority.

JANIS (Java-based nuclear information software)

JANIS is a display program for nuclear data. It offers flexibility for the comparison of different nuclear data sets and offers a powerful and user-friendly interface. Janis is free of charge.

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Last reviewed: 10 March 2016