NEA Mandates and Structures

Expert Group on Legacy Management (EGLM)

Chair(s): Malgorzata K. SNEVE, Norway
Secretary:  Edward LAZO
Vice-Chair(s): Graham SMITH, United Kingdom
Member(s):All NEA member countries
Full participant(s): European Commission
Under the NEA Statute
Observer(s)(International Organisation): International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
By agreement
Date of creation:15 April 2016
End of mandate:30 April 2019

Mandate (Document reference):

Mandate (Document extract):

Extract from document [NEA/CRPPH/EGLM(2018)1]


The EGLM has a mandate to:


The EGLM shall develop a practical and harmonised approach for the regulation of nuclear legacy sites and installations, taking into account the results of other relevant activities of: NEA (e.g. EGFWMD, etc.); IAEA (e.g. Safety Fundamentals, the International Basic Safety Standards, relevant guidance documents, etc.); ICRP (e.g. Pub 103, TG98 on Existing Situations, TG76 on NORM, Pub 126 on Radon, etc.); and good practice at different types of legacy sites as illustrated by specific examples.