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The Accelerator Utilisation and Reliability Subgroup (AURS) of the NEA Working Party on Partitioning and Transmutation (WPPT) is one of four Subgroups tasked with supporting the WPPT study to determine the potential viability of nuclear waste partitioning and transmutation as part of a waste management strategy.  The other subgroups are focused on fuels and materials, chemical separations, and physics and safety.

In support of the full NEA WPPT, the Accelerator Subgroup will:


Under the guidance of the WPPT, the AURS will provide Member Countries with up to date information on:

Method of Work

Meetings will be held in conjunction with major international meetings, and/or meetings of the full WPPT.  The first meeting of the subgroup will be in Reno Nevada, USA, on Thursday afternoon Nov 15, 2001.

The Third International Workshop of Utilisation and Reliability of High Power Accelerators is being planned in Santa Fe, New Mexico during May of 2002.  The second meeting of the AURS will be held in conjunction with the Santa Fe Workshop.  The schedule would allow for a follow-on meeting involving several of the workshop participants, if needed, to evaluate specific issues.

The principal product of the AURS will be a final report to the full WPPT due during 2004.  It will include an evaluation by the full AURS of the findings of the Santa Fe Workshop and include a technical summary of that Workshop and all follow-on meetings. 


Key Interfaces

Primary interface is with the Physics and Safety Subgroup, regarding requirements on beam and spallation target reliability

List of Activities

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